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4th Homerecording

Today, again, I had nothing to do so I chose to start taking another recording track for another cover song. This time ClockWise with the so called album Home made, recorded for covering Sheryl Crow ft. Sting - Always on Your Side song.

Chek it out here Sheryl Crow ft. Sting - Always on Your Side cover

Always on Your Side

My yesterdays are all boxed up and neatly put away 
But every now and then you come to mind 
Cause you were always waiting to be picked to play the game 
But when your name was called, you found a place to hide 
When you knew that I was always on your side 

Well everything was easy then, so sweet and innocent 
But my demons and my angels reappeared 
Leavin' all the traces of the man you thought I'd be 
Too afraid to hear the words I've always feared 
Leavin' you so many questions all these years 

But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear 
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear 
Or are you left to wonder, all alone, eternally 
This isn't how it's really meant to be 
No it isn't how it's really meant to be 

Well they say that love is in the air, but never is it clear, 
How to pull it close and make it stay 
Butterflies are free to fly, and so they fly away 
And I'm left to carry on and wonder why 
Even through it all, I'm always on your side 

But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear 
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear 
Or are you left to wonder, all alone, eternally 
But this isn't how it's really meant to be 
No it isn't how it's really meant to be 

Well if they say that love is in the air, never is it clear 
How to pull it close and make it stay 
If butterflies are free to fly, why do they fly away 
Leavin' me to carry on and wonder why 
Was it you that kept me wondering through this life 
When you know that I was always on your side


a Little so-called-Exhibition Night

It was Friday 21st, was just got back from work and went to Kemang as I already made a date with Nurjan to go to this event called Park(ing) Day at Kemang89. First I had to picked her up at her office, at Grand Kemang, where actually *i just got notice* is opposite of Belyn's apartment. So she did came along too. We went to the events, we really didn't have a clue where was Kemang89 was. And there we were.
 This event was actually Nurjan's time to show her work at the photo exhibition. This one below is her creation.
 While I was looking around , I meet this guy, my senior in Highschool which I was actually kind of having crush on that time. HAHA
I greet him and he didn't know me, not a clue, even I have said about who my sister is, which he was in the same class year, but he buy my warmness and he took my picture, a lot, I don't know will he use it for his report on his work for some journalistic thing he was doing back there. ehehe *flattered

After we finished our coffee on the so-called park, we went to BirdCage to meet up with Andita. There was a live band, two girls singing beautifully, one of them playing violin, I envy her. I want to be brave like that. Wish I had a great voice, not just this so-so voice I can use for singing in the bath room. huhu

So, there it goes, the 21st September , Friday Night , hanging out time with my Bandung Best Friend. Hopefully we could do this a lot more further in the future.

Bonjour! Jusqu'à ce qu'un autre chance!


29th Anniversary of marriage

Sunday, is my orchestra day. Yesterday I started my routinity like as i always do, I woke up early at 8, hit the shower, and get prepared for leaving to Kebon Jeruk, where the rehearsal always held on.

I didn't put much attention that yesterday was September 23rd, which is my parents wedding anniversary, until I read whatsapp family chat. My mom typed 'Today mom and dad want to gather our children and go to the church together to celebrate our anniversary..(and so on and so on)"

And I was like, F*ck! I forgot the date again.

I tried to set a reminder on my on brain that this month , on the 29th, is my parents anniversary. I kept reminding my self don't forget to say congratulation, even just saying a greetings, not for buying presents or whatsoever. Still , I forget about that. Stupid me.

So after I got finished my rehearsal, my plan was going to this skin clinic to do some treatment near my house, but I thought I had to change my plan. So I called Audi and set a date to did some afternoon coffee while waiting for the church, St. John the Evangelist, schedule which at 6.30pm.

Zara was came along too, and we spent a little time chatting for yea, standard conversation and this and that and then when the time came, I dismissed my self and went straight to the church. We do the ritual as usual, I prayed a lot about my stupidity and forgiveness of my sin and everything else (this is the first time I actually came by the church since like more than a month ago).

After church, we celebrate at Pisa Kafe near the church, the one at Mahakam road. We shared our prayer, the grateful of our lives over this 29years or their marriage. Their children, who had a lot of situations, my mom strength keeping us together each and every day from the very first year till now, and so on , and so on.. * I think I started want to cry but I keep it to my self -haha*

After our great prayer, we had our diner, enjoying conversation, which really rare for us now to have it like that, and finally, went home.

Because I brought my own car, me and mba Upi split with Mom dad and Ichyl. I took different route with them, I took Antasari road. By the time we reached Ciputat, heavy rain started to poured and the street started to flooded. But because my driving skill *hahaha* we got home safely, and fast.

The rest hasn't arrived yet. They got stuck by the flood and thought we were way behind them and started to worried the BMW will get jammed and would be troubled. But after I said we were already home, they got relieved.

So thats the story of my family life. A little, just a cover of my Jakarta life.

Anyway, again. Joyeux vingt-neuvième anniversaire de mariage ma mère, mon père. Je vous aime, je te souhaite toutes les années a venir vont aller plus fort ensemble !


Self Serviced Broken Guitar Tuner Machine

So, it was Thursday, September 20th. I was planning to go to campus again to checked if I can submit my Thesis or not (read my previous previous post revering to this), but because of I slept to late, I overslept, so did Monang whom actually had class to attended to but didn't bother to move his big body from his comfy bed.

So I called him and asked him if he wanted to accompany me fixing my broken guitar, which has been like almost more than a year hasn't been fixed by the one who suppose to fix it, well anyway, also the electricity of our house started to beeping, which means in a minute, we would lose power.

So he said yes, he was willing to drove me around to do my thing. But yes, first we stopped by to grab some food. We were starving. So we went to this place called Kambing Soen, it was located near Pertamina Dago atas, near Sheraton too, well not an accurate position to tell, but somewhere near them.
The favorite food in that place was something I don't know what was the name of it. but it was Lamb chop. Is it lamb, or should I say goat, I don't know, either of them, which I don't eat. * X(

I ordered Beef fried rice, and Monang ordered something extraordinary. Goat(or Lamb) fried rice. I don't remember the name that described it as a gigantic size of food. And when it came, turned out to be It was so big for one person to eat by him self.

Look at that, as big as his body. (WTH - way to hype)
He said he was going to finished it, but he gave up after eating only like a quarter of the plate. haha 
So after we finished our late late breakfast, we went to picked Addo up, I asked him to accompany me to go to where I want to get my guitar serviced. Somewhere called Tiga Negeri Music House. We went there and I bought new set of Guitar acoustic tuner machine It was not that expensive as I thought compared to how much I have to pay if I have to service my violin. uu

So this is the kind of guitar I have, Yamaha classic, I have the old one, Indonesian made, It sounded so nice and played smoothly, I did sad that I have to change the setting of what it has before. Damn you Valdo, why you have to torn him up ? you broke my lovers, huh.

 Besides the tuner machines, I bought the string replacement too. As you can see above, it called Ernesto Palla. Addo chose it for me, he said it has the same sound as the previous string I had. I didn't realize the black and silver font on the front of the package was the color of the string, I thought it was the brand of the strings. But anyway, I asked to people of the music store to get it serviced, asked them to change it for me , and it would cost me quite something. So I decided to take them all back home and going to do them all by my self. Addo didn't trust me that I can do it, even he didn't want to help at the first place.

But after we got back to Addo's place, I had to go there because we didn't have electricity back home and also, we don't have phillips head set back home, and I remember Addo has it. So I did my job in his room. I struggle so hard to open the old screws because it blemished. I got wound in both of my thumbs, but I did finish it both the tuner set and string replacement. Finally!

I can play my guitar again! no more giving it to anyone irresponsible !

really, 3rd home made recording

Hello, I'm back in Jakarta tonight, with a lot of things to do first from morning till before my travel time.

Anyway, this is my third Home made recording,my band, Clockwise, but it was only me and runde who made this recording because of Je was out somewhere I don't actually know.

 So here it is, check it out Distance (cover Christina Perry ft Jason Mraz)

Distance - Christina Perry ft Jason Mraz

The sun is filling up the room

And I can hear you dreaming
Do you feel the way I do right now?
I wish we would just give up
Cause the best part is falling
Call it anything but love

And I will make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long can we keep this up, up, up?

And please don't stand so close to me
I'm having trouble breathing
I'm afraid of what you'll see right now
I give you everything I am
All my broken heart beats
Until I know you understand

And I will make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long can we keep this up, up, up?

And I keep waiting
For you to take me
You keep waiting
To save what we have

So I'll make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long can we keep this up, up, up?

Make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long til we call this love, love, love?



3rd home made cover song

this night, finally i have done the song that on my previous post was actually failed because of my mac capability.

tonight, it finished! me and runde worked that out for about 2 hours and with low creativity tried to master mix it, but turns out yeahh, not that "wow" ing. but at least , another song to post. but nit tonight, I'll post it later. now, I'm just trying to get some sleep. with no internet connection. damn it you wi fi


Finally, Finished

Well, it has been 2 months since I actually graduate, finished my study at UNPAR, but I haven't actually touching my thesis revision. After 2months.. 2months! when my other friend finished it only by  weeks, or even days. haha

 This photos were taken when I was on my way collecting signatures that required as I was going to register for the Graduation Ceremony , which will be held on October 20th.

Anyway, after doing this extra hard super fast work finishing my final thesis to be submitted, finally I got it hard covered! for some expensive money I have to re printed some of the pages because of the typo of one of the lecturer's grade diploma -_-. Anyway, I chose express hard covering, and here it is. My White SH*T BOOK of 4 years burden.

 After it got covered, I actually got two signatures for the confirmation that I have finally revised my Thesis and it may go to the Library as the prove that I HAVE PASSED my study in UNPAR.
Two signatures has been achieved so lightly. But the last one , as you can see below , he was not available at the time, because he has to manage his expired driving license. Because of him, I have to go back the day after to finish the requirement. It was just only one step left. But makes a lot of difference. I have to wait now till next week to submit my Thesis, because of this campus activity, BAKDES, many lecturers, and Administration workers , which I need to see to, were not available as well till next week.

F you BAKDES, you make me have to go back to this city next week, which I have planned not to, I want to spend some whole week in Jakarta, just this one. For toefl test in UI . But, what ever. Maybe it has been destined . ahahha
 I can't believe that I have passed 4 years study in Bandung. I can't imagine that I'm actually going back to Jakarta for good in a second. huuff,, that makes me, literally, sad.
That LULUS word, is my pride to my Mom and Dad. Here, I have achieved something that I don't actually willing to do. I finished something that I don't interest in. But I manage well, and thank you, for your support as this is not some cheap thing to spend on me.

But next step , I WILL CHOOSE MY OWN PATH! I will be a success musician, I will get out from this country, and I will build my own life out there. I still need your support now, but I will make it as little as possible. You may just feel like I don't live in Jakarta. I wont bother you. I will talk to you. but I wont say to much word if it wasn't that necessary.

Let me enjoy my life. I will work as hard as I can to make you happy. But not here, not in this country.

Bonne Nuit!


My first Sudden Wedding Gig

It was started on Friday morning, when I was preparing my self to go back to Jakarta. Someone texted me, I didn't know who that is. Her name is Nora. She said she got my number from my sister. She needed a violist for a wedding gig, which will held on Sunday. 2 more days. Well, I feel like I will do any job right now, I will take any chances in order to gather the money for Sigur Ros concert in November.

So I took it. I took the offering. I was willing to do anything they want me to. Practicing in the middle of the night the day before the even start. Doing anything i can't with no professionally in order, *I didn't quite comfortable with this kind of rehearsing because I always do score reading and not much of a spontaneous creativity play*.

I thought this girl have already prepared the list of the songs, or whatever so I can rehears my self to do my violin part. That rehearsing night, was such a waste. I became cranky but well, I tried to be calm and permit my self to go home as soon as possible. And it was 2 in the morning.

The Wedding day.

It was Sunday so I had my own orchestra rehearsal in the morning before I had to go to the wedding, which located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. The Place called Damai Indah Golf and Country Club.

After my rehearsal done, Nora had appeared in front of my rehearsal building. We packed our equipment, my violin and her keyboard, and went straight to P.I.K by the freeway , I guess it called kebon jeruk tol or something. Wow, this was the few early time I drove my self in free way road. It was exciting, yet so nervous.

We arrived safely. Made a few wrong turn inside the complex before because we really had no clue where Damai Indah Golf and Country Club is. We asked to about 4 people for the direction. Our google map technology quite not helping since this place really have bad signal provider.

It was 2 pm, and the event said will be started at 4. But as we went inside the country club, there was no decoration yet, they still make it and I was like 'what the hell, is this going to be on time?'

But what ever, it wasnt my job to think about the decoration, I had to concentrate about what am I going to do for the play. I was feeling unprepared, but whatsoever, I was there anyway, so I would do anything I can do to perform well.

We were changing our clothes and did some make up before 4 oclock, and as we were still preparing, the event had started.
1st : The wedding ceremony. The ritual of Christians having blessing from the priest for their marriage and stuff. It was located near the lake of Hole (I didn't know what the number is). It was beautiful thou, the scenery, the atmosphere, to bad I didn't take a picture of it.
And so we rushed to our stage, preparing for our turn , which we didn't know yet when.

2nd: The coming guests and what so ever they called the session

We started to play, and it was 6pm. We were so bored from 4-6, doing nothing. But when we start to play, we did draw their attention, oh yeah, I forgot, there was one more personnel, saxophonist named, I forgot. haha
We did the this and that  as the even flow and just wait for the cue from the MC. We played we played we played for the Wedding cake session, Kissing ceremonial session (this is weird), Champagne session, Diner session, and  Door prize session.

We actually was told that when there were Fire work session, we had to play Firework by Katy Perry, but I don't think they would pay attention to us anyway, so we didn't play it.

After the session has came to past, the last session was arrived. We have finished our job, and doing some research for the booze, snacks, food , anything that comes around.

Booze, yes. The last session was a DJ mix house party kind. They provided beers, champagne, Whisky and stuff. And so I stole a few sip of it (a glass I mean). hahaha
Well, it ended at 9 Pm, but the party still going on until I don't know, I just want to get back home.

Another Google map problem, it got me lost for almost one and a half hours. We took the wrong turn, we made a turn that showed up on the map but not in reality. We went round and round and finally, I chose to go to the very first name I recognize . Kota.

well, It was quite far away from where we suppose to be by the nearest track but, anything .. I just want to go home.

I got home at almost 12 midnight, I went straight to my bed room. I want to play the sims, but my eyes can't support me anymore. I think I dropped my phone like 4 times already because of the sleepiness while I was playing game on my phone. Im sorry Phoenix, I didn't mean to hurt you. huhu

Well, thats it. Thats my story of my first wedding gig.

Hoping I could have some more.

A tout a l'heure


food and food

Well, because I have this saladfreak habit, This caesar salad was quite good for a choice if you like to eat vegetables, salad, and stuffs.

This is one of the menu at The Commune cafe Bistro. It's located on Suryo rd. number 25th, second floor. Kebayoran Baru- Jakarta Selatan

This place kinda cozy, quite expensive but commonly as the other cafe around this street range cost is like wise.

Spending evening, or having dinner with friends, this place may be said as the 'hip' place these days. haha

well, just for an information if you want to try to come here.

until next post.. ☺


a little shocking day

It was started with early alarm clock that should be wake us up before 8 oclock, but somehow, because we were went to sleep to late, we missed our plan schedule this morning. No one actually wake up on time.
Audi missed her class, I missed my travel.

But, well, we kept it cool. somehow this isn't so much problem for us. just relax and enjoy the life.

Unfortunately, when i went to my travel, it was full with bunch of family, traveling together and I didn't get any seat, I started to panic. It was 11 oclock, and I need to be in Jakarta befor 3 oclock. Where should I go next, which travel I have to try to look if they had any space available for me. And the way from Audi's house to 1st travel has cost me 15 thousand rupiah. Finally I grab a taxi, and spent another 15 to go to Dipatiukur, cititrans.
I was really hoping that I could make it on time and got any seat for that 11.15 departure schedule.
When I arrived, bad feeling occur. There was tooo many people there, I assumed, I wont get seat, again.

But then I tried to call another travel, Umbara , Baraya, else and else. I started to panic, I got a new job *sudden new job* that actually quite inappropriate for someone like me who live in 2 cities, I should have been warned before, not the exact same day that I had a new class started an hour before my regular student on Friday. HMMMMMM'

Finally, I tried to booked the 11,15 departure but I only get to the waiting list, which I believe I won't get a chance to get a seat by it, Then I decided to take dipatiukur-bintaro way, say that I don't even know how Im I going to go back home by that route, and I have used almost all of my money .

Then I decided again, to took public transportation , destenation to Bus station near Pont square, leabk bulus. But because i have to teach in about an hour after I get to the station, I took OJEG, a bike taxi I saw the first person I meet on the street.

It cost me 35thousan to went home, and when I got home, no one is there. well i have got used by it since I was alittle.
After working, I went to warning, grab some breakfast, at 2 pm *what kind of a break fast it was?* then I waited for Athe, because she needed to be companied today, so I volunteer to hang out with her.

After doing some stuff, we went to DIVA Karaoke, in pejaten village, I don't even know that there was such thing like that.

I arrived at home with no balance at all at my wallet, but. WHAT EVER. they said they were always disturbed by me. Wait till I move and live abroad. you wont even think about my life anymore.

So we , athe and a few friends of her karokeing in Diva. IT was quite fun.

Not Im really sleepy. Work to do since i9 oclock. hahhhh
well, so hectic I am today, but I  live. Im homow bow


Final assignment almost acomplished!

Today I woke early and went straight to my university. It was quite not early, I supposed to depart from home at 8am, but then because I woke just by 8-ish, I got to my campus at almost 10am.

Not straight to the library, I went to grab some meal with Apsy and few of her friends, few chit chat and finally, I started my thesis at 1pm.

Waiting alone in that crowded place, I typed, typed, typed, ignoring anykinds of distraction and finaly, after 2 hours working on that shit, I finished it!

I went straight to get it printed and because it was to late in the afternoon, I couldn't find any of the lecturers to get their signature on my thesis.

Well, at least I got nothing to do anymore. I can freely enjoying my days! haha

well, this week was a though and a fast fast week. I didn't got a chance to meet jason, even thou we live in the same roof. He suddenly disappeared from the house and haven't seen him since. Some people said he went to this Advance Campus Activity camp till Saturday or so.

Tonight was a ... not so enjoyable night. well, we had fun, but not that fun.
I was forced to finally decided to go crash in Audi's place because no one is home, and I don't feel like to sleep alone in that house right now.

This is late. I shall go to sleep now, got a travel to catch early tomorrow, duty calls.

See y'all in Jakarta.
Bon nuit mon amies


Tragedy tradegy

I started this day going quite early to my University but when I was actually planning my thesis revision in the library, but.. because I met a few friends on my way to the library, I got caught up and turned to spent the day with them in this rendezvous place called Wind Tunnel. We talked and joking around till lost track of time, and finally I have to force my head finishing *almost* the revision there. Distracted, but whatsoever, I did it anyway.

So, 80, almost 90 % of the revision has been done nicely , I hope, and tomorrow I need to finish it up and print it, also hunt for many lecturers hand signature so I can finally make it as the hard cover I needed to collect for my graduation requirement.

After spending that almost wasted time around at the campus, me, Runde, went back to Runde's hause and spent some time there.
On our way there, I had this accident. We were riding motorcycle, near Runde's house, we were going to take right turn , as in he already gave the signal that we were going to take a right turn in a second. Suddenly, another bikers crash our bike from the right side.

He fell, hard. He got me on my right arm. It was hurt, but the bikers didn't actually care. He assumed that we were the one who made the mistake. Fortunately, the people around actually helped us and not blaming us as the accident happened so fast. There was some drama because the bikers fell so hard and acted as he injured so bad and the bike was quite broken.

Thank God he finally confess that it was his fault that he didn't even use his brain to ride the bike. Huh, my arm, my precious arm was injured. Thank God its not that bad. Its itch but it was okay.

No shock moment, we went straight to Runde's house.

Second tragedy:

I was doing this recording, another covering song that I have already planned for a while. I have record the guitar track, double it, edited it, and finally cord the vocal part.

It was fine, actually almost finished when suddenly, MY APPLICATION GONE CRASHED and relaunched.


hfff, that was devastating. I felt sooo sooooo disappointed with the hard work I made for that long hours.

Well, there always be another time, but ... still, It was so F*cking frustrating.

Hate it, but well.. it might have some reasons that it happened like that.

So, lets see that I can do another recording with a good output and I wont, I WONT forget to save every track I made so I won't lose any big job like that again.


well, good night. Tomorrow need to be started so early so I can nail my plan this week. Finishing my thesis and be gone with no burden anymore.

Good night mon amies, adios


family business for our living

So after my dad retired from his company like about 3 years or less ago, we started to do this home business. A home made Fruit and Vegetable chips that my dad him self made the recipe and done all the production until we actually came with a few worker to hire with, so his work lighten as he suppose to be enjoying his retirement day, but what can we say, we, his daughters still need a lot money as we demand too much of useless things. 


so in this opportunity, I would like to advertise the product it self

We call it MetroKripp
cek it here 

healthy chip snacks of fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals instead of flour and sugar snacks that are not healthy. Can be used for day-to-day snack at home and in the office, while traveling as well as special events and meetings in the office. 

Her category 

Kripp Mushroom (Mushroom Crisps) 
Jackfruit Kripp (Jackfruit chips) 
Kripp Banana (Banana chips) 
Long Bean Kripp Talas Kripp 
Sweet Potato Kripp Lady Finger Kripp 
Products consist of two types, namely volume: 700 ml and 1000 ml, 
with a price: volume of 700 ml: Rp45.000 per jar 
volume of 1000 ml: Rp75.000 per jar 

Fruity Mix Mix Veggie

Products consist of two types, namely volume: 700 ml and 1000 ml, with a price: 
 The volume of 700 ml: Rp. 40,000 per jar • 
The volume of 1000 ml: Rp. 70,000 per jar 
*has been changed due condition

Minimum order is 5 jars (small, large or mixed large and small jars). 
For reservations call my contact: 
HP: 087884965018 Between 
orders will be sent through JNE

Check this from Kaskus site

Please do try this chip because I guarantee, even thou you don't like vegetable or fruits, this chip is so easy to enjoy and also digest. hahaha

will be waiting for your respond, please do contact me as I had put the number above.

bonne nuit et dormez bien! avoir un beau rêve mes amies!


A little serious recording I'm being part of

I have played violin since I was 14 years old and since then, I don't actually have a portfolio or what so ever I should call it. But since last year, I started to taking part in serious professional recording or what so ever they should say what to call it.


so, I got only this 2 recording that I might share, because it has been published by the owner as well so I assumed I can do it as well.

First is a song titled Sarsaparilla Dream, by Puti Chitara Sekar Kusuma. This is her own song that I took the violin part just a few minutes, or even second at the end of the song, but it still heard anyway.
if you want to check it out here it is

And the second song, i done it for a person , which I don't even know at all before I got to the recording place. His name is Arja Wawo-Runtu

This part I collaborated with my sister, She was the one who made the arrangement of the score ( my violin part) and all I have to do was play my violo nicely. well, at first I don't actually satisfied with what I have done there, but since it was a quite a while ago, just this night, I re-hearing it and it seems nice. except for the finishing tone i made. It's quite ..unfinished. for me. hahaha

But overall, I love the song. I don't know should I call it Deap Sea Explorers, or Terra Incognita but anyway, I still don't know how to post the soundcloud here.

The song titled Like the Sun

I hope they don't mind that I post these songs on my blog. I feel proud of my self, and this might be some trigger for me too to make this music path as a serious path I have chosen for my future life.

Quite a big night

Yesterday I went to work , from early in the morning till after noon, as usual, and it felt soo.soooo exhausted. But then I did remember that the night before, I made an appointment with Athe, to do something, well hang around somewhere and did a little business we actually often done it, a lot. haha

Well, after meeting her in Cilandak Town Square, we went to her friend's Apartment. It should be some even, we called 'Arisan' but when we arrived, no one there. So I sat there, ordering some salad and coke , which like the first meal I head for the day. I surely enough I had lost some weight lately. I don't know why, loosing appetite is something I always came with days ago.

Anyway, we decided to leave the apartment early, and went to somewhere else. Actually, many college friend of mine already invited me to go to Beer Garden SCBD, well, it's not that often we get along and hanging out in Jakarta, so I decided I will go there.

And the night started.

We arrived at BeerGarden around 8, or 9-ish. Still not so much people around the place. We sat and talked about things we have missed quite abit since we have separated from our sharehouse back in Bandung (uuh, hix). And actually they just got finished from this PNS (Pegawai Negeri Swasta) Examination near the place. I think the test took place in Senayan or somewhere.

Talking talking talking and nothing. But even nothing felt so fun that night. I guess I carried away with my condition, so , I would say I might be the only one who felt the world turn up side down, wavy and shimmer all around (haha)

Anyway, I took some of our photos, and I would like to share it here.
This is Me, Caca (Ardwiza), James(Boncel) and Indri

To bad it was too bright, bad iphone flash, you made us blinded by your shining bolt

I miss you guys so much, why can't we live together forever in the same shape , same life, shame activities? uhuh. we grow and we hate it.!!

There you go, enjoy


We separated, then united, over and over again

Being old, walking another path, different path, doesn't mean that we forget what we were years before.
Changes, there will always be changes. But friendship would never die.

Tonight, I just met with Nurjana and her boyfriend Rangga. We had a little afternoon coffee in Plaza Senayan, we talked much about many missed information because we have separated for months, not knowing how we do days back. Catching up, gossiping, and many things to be talked about.

To bad it didn't last long, they had some study to do because they are going to have an examination for this PNS thing tomorrow. Many people will do it tomorrow, BEST LUCK for you guys. You can nailed it and be what you want to be. AMEN.
This is Nurjan and Rangga, such a nice couple but with complicated funny stories. I love to hear about them.

 So long that I haven't catch up with Nurjan. and she just checked out my new hair, and I assumed, she love it thou. hahahaha I miss her so much. Thank God being parted by different activities, the one that already work hard, and me that still freely work and play in the same time, but we still the same person as we were back then. uu I miss college time. SO MUCH

After Nurjan and Rangga went back home, I continued my journey this night to meet James, someone from the past, a best friend, a crazy man, freak man, but funny humorous guy I would never forget.
He was in some bar called de hooi but then I contact Athe and finally instead going to that bar, we went to 7/11 that located in Pondok Indah, near BM400 -High School- we called it 'Pertok'.
  This is James. Chinese funny , or actually we called it 'jayus' man ever alive hahaha, he looked so old now, to bad.haha kidding dad.
And this is Athe, my newest girl friend I had , she is my best friend's girl friend

I had a very random fun night, and off the record, even on substance and some booze, I still enjoy this night in sober way.

After we chatted for about hours, finally they went home one by one, leaving me alone there, I have the responsibility to waited for my sister, mba Upie, and have to drive her home with me. So, Here I am. Home, safe and sound, with happy feeling.

Hopefully tomorrow I could have the same fun gathering with my friends, which I hope, someone will invite me soon. haha, still feel like an outsider with this new phase of life.

Anyway, got a work to do early in the morning. So I guess, I'll post another story of my life sooner tomorrow.

Good night Universe. I still missed a figure for this moment, but what ever, we have our own business, aren't we?



Shopping Time!

Yesterday, I went to this place called Cimol Gede Bage, located somewhere in Bandung , I think the area called Ujung Berung, but I can't tell you for sure where was it.

This market sells second handed stuffs, or maybe tripled and so on handed. Hahaha

So I went there with Jason, Monang, and Icha (Jason's GF). Actually me and Monang didn't plan to go there or joining Jason because this is his plan from the day before. But the more we realized we got nothing to do for the day, we decided to go along with them.

We picked up Icha at her house around 12 at noon, while waiting her appeared, Monang (the hungry bear) bought some meatball ( we call it bakso keliling ) and instead eating it from its bowl, he wrapped it in a plastic. I wonder how difficult it was to eat a full hot soup in a plastic. But I did bought that too. haha , but just for your information, I didn't use the soup, I just asked for the meatballs. It was quite delicious. Well.. can't lie, just so so.

After that we went straight to Cimol, we arrived around 1 and started the hunting position.

We parted as Jason went alone, so did Icha, I went with Monang because I'm scared of strangers, especially crowded places such a market. I won't live If you put me to those condition alone, I might hysterical.

So, I followed every steps Monang made. I follow to every part of the market, and actually I found a few good pieces of clothes. I bought 4 sweaters, which is 10.000 IDR each piece, and one mexican.. I don't know what was the name, the one that worn by Ted in How I met Your Mother, a sweater with a hood, with mexican pattern. What was the name ?

I think it called Baja Hoodie. (I did a little research for a second ago :D) It looks like this (not exact the same hoodie I bought, just to show what Baja Hoodie look like.)
 Beside those sweater, I bought I black mini dress, which quite proper to be used on my concert someday. But I do have to re-fit it, haha it was to big for my size, but what ever. 10.000IDR only!!

okay I am a cheap stuff freak. I don't really care about brand or high fashion. I just want something unique.


the word of promises

Have you made a promises to someone but definitely forgotten and you don't evel feel bad, at all?

why is word , which so meaningful taken so lightly?

we should take seriously every word we made. it is a weapon that actually could hurt or even make somebody fly by it.

When will you be serious? whem will you stand up for everything you said?

human. they wont grow up till they actually punished first.

just some thought
sincerely ,
no body

Ok, Sit and Write

So I have been avoiding doing my revision on my thesis, which I should have been doing it a month ago.
The deadline still 3weeks long, but I still don't have the excitement to write and revise what should be revised as my Professor said.


Start to write! Start to get serious! Start anything.. then I can go freely with no burden at all.

What should I do first?
Reading another literature for my past study? Nooo , I don't want to do that.
Open website, blog, or anything from the internet? It will drag me straight to facebook games..

oooohh.. such a pain.



Long Lost Cubic of SilentPeace

Too long missing this most comfort solace

Break a Vow

I said that I won't say any word to anyone anymore, but unfortunately, just a few minutes ago, I started to babbling about someone's story to another person.


I can't stand not to say a thing, a story, or anything that suppose not to be told.

How am I going to handle my big mouth?

I tried not to, but it has already done. Should I apologize? But to whom?

Apparently , this is something that can not be avoided by human being. I do need to talk, to share things, that actually clouding up my mind.

I was hoping I could fix this as soon as possible, so I won't hurt anyone else, anymore.

I still have problem in losing faith of my bestfriend, I don't wont this last longer than it's already has.

Not by this blog, not by writing, I do want to make it in a real action.

I misses the old us.

New Drawing

This my new drawing, still a sketch, but with a little editing with my phone, it turns out to this.

Okay, how to describe this picture?

First, I was thinking about me. Some feeling I had for several months backward, a loneliness that actually appears inside my soul..
Not actually lonely but, some kind of that feeling occur because the transition in my age life, from teenager, partying people activity, to some growing up girl, moving to a serious way of life.

Not there yet, but on going.

Nature, something that I was living in, "Pecinta Alam" if you said so.

Now, I'm being this city girl, hanging out and wasting so much money with friends that has this kind of life style.. doesn't really suit me well, but I did try to get along with it.

Dragging my self out from that routinity makes me an alien, as I said in my other post back then.
Alone, sad, lonely, but... I stand to live with it.

I miss being the part of nature, I miss being me, the carefree me.
Childish but responsible. Now, I'm talking mature, but not actually doing the same way.

FAKE. Yes, but this is what I can do now.
I still don't know how to act properly to be an adult, to be something , someone for my family.
My dream -> being an ARTIST. MUSICIAN. Will I achieve it?

I will. In my hardest will , strongest will, I will actually giving all of me to walk the path I want to walk in.

I love arts, and it is who I am.
I wont give it up.

I'm sorry to be this stubborn but I know, I will, and always will keep a good intention and a good work to be where I belong to be, successfully,  will make my parents happy. AMEN. God, hear me out, and make my wish come true.

Midnight talk.. but I wont forget my word

Welcoming New Play List On Itunes

So tonight I went back to Bandung, and straight ahead to my friend's crib in Ciumbuleuit (I don't know I just don't want to go back to Cigadung yet tonight.)

So, I traveled from Jakarta at 7.15pm, and arrived here around 9-ish. I called him, and no answer. It got me like several minutes to finally may entered the building, asking the guard if I was allowed to go there my self, with no escort.

No clue where the room is, I just went straight down stair hoping I could meet someone I knew to mingle for awhile , waiting to Handy to appear out from unknown.

I went to Suryo's room, and in a second, finally everything went so fun. He told me about many new albums of some band that actually never heard about. He told me he search it from some website, I dont recall the name, which contains so many bands, singer that actually already has a name internationally, but not in Indonesia community.

Few of them basically ambience band, woman vocals, and a lot of American singer, but also Indonesian band that if you don't recognize them, you would say it's native people.

Young Magic, Twiggy Frostbite, St. Vincent, Rumer, Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson, Paul Thomas Saunders, L'Aphalpha, and many many many more.

I took them all to my itunes new playlist.

Let's hope it will be great.

Good choices dude! Thanks a bunc


A little man inside my car

So, this story is about how shock I was while driving back home just this afternoon.

Everything was going so well , no weird sound, no bad engine, nothing . Just me and my lover Junkie driving along the road.
But suddenly, something touched my left leg.


Automatically, I raised up my left feet and try to clean the weird touch that left in my skin.
I was still wondering around, what the hell was below my seat. Is it something like cockroach, or a lizard, or what ever. I still can't believe that there was an animal inside my car. An ANIMAL!

But then after I put my feet back to where it belongs, I started to feel insecure so I lift and put it over and over again.. until.. finally the last time I put down my feet, I feel like i stepped on something chewy. And it made loud sound too. IT'S A MOUSE! INSIDE MY CAR!

Gosh, if I had a heart attack because of it, I might have caused accident because I started to panic and I pull both of my legs, but just in a second I remember I was driving so I put my right foot back to brake and surely trying not to put my feet on the ground.

O my gosh it was scary.

Is it that trashy? I know my car has been used for my family business, taking care of foods, supplies and stuffs, but, A MOUSE?

Totally unacceptable. PFFFFFFTTT