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a Little so-called-Exhibition Night

It was Friday 21st, was just got back from work and went to Kemang as I already made a date with Nurjan to go to this event called Park(ing) Day at Kemang89. First I had to picked her up at her office, at Grand Kemang, where actually *i just got notice* is opposite of Belyn's apartment. So she did came along too. We went to the events, we really didn't have a clue where was Kemang89 was. And there we were.
 This event was actually Nurjan's time to show her work at the photo exhibition. This one below is her creation.
 While I was looking around , I meet this guy, my senior in Highschool which I was actually kind of having crush on that time. HAHA
I greet him and he didn't know me, not a clue, even I have said about who my sister is, which he was in the same class year, but he buy my warmness and he took my picture, a lot, I don't know will he use it for his report on his work for some journalistic thing he was doing back there. ehehe *flattered

After we finished our coffee on the so-called park, we went to BirdCage to meet up with Andita. There was a live band, two girls singing beautifully, one of them playing violin, I envy her. I want to be brave like that. Wish I had a great voice, not just this so-so voice I can use for singing in the bath room. huhu

So, there it goes, the 21st September , Friday Night , hanging out time with my Bandung Best Friend. Hopefully we could do this a lot more further in the future.

Bonjour! Jusqu'à ce qu'un autre chance!

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