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A little serious recording I'm being part of

I have played violin since I was 14 years old and since then, I don't actually have a portfolio or what so ever I should call it. But since last year, I started to taking part in serious professional recording or what so ever they should say what to call it.


so, I got only this 2 recording that I might share, because it has been published by the owner as well so I assumed I can do it as well.

First is a song titled Sarsaparilla Dream, by Puti Chitara Sekar Kusuma. This is her own song that I took the violin part just a few minutes, or even second at the end of the song, but it still heard anyway.
if you want to check it out here it is

And the second song, i done it for a person , which I don't even know at all before I got to the recording place. His name is Arja Wawo-Runtu

This part I collaborated with my sister, She was the one who made the arrangement of the score ( my violin part) and all I have to do was play my violo nicely. well, at first I don't actually satisfied with what I have done there, but since it was a quite a while ago, just this night, I re-hearing it and it seems nice. except for the finishing tone i made. It's quite ..unfinished. for me. hahaha

But overall, I love the song. I don't know should I call it Deap Sea Explorers, or Terra Incognita but anyway, I still don't know how to post the soundcloud here.

The song titled Like the Sun

I hope they don't mind that I post these songs on my blog. I feel proud of my self, and this might be some trigger for me too to make this music path as a serious path I have chosen for my future life.

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