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ticking so fast

its been a while since my last post. May was it ? gosh i've been lost of words for a few months. But anyway, there's a lot of changes since my dramatic unpleasant thing i wrote in the previous post. Maybe this time will do to tell what was that all about.

Yea, that time, May 2011, i got rejected by one of my crush. Actually, it was not a rejection. We were having a relationship, unfortunately, only for a day, then he broke up with me with some reason, which unacceptable for most people, but I did accept it gratefully, because if grieve about him, so unworthy to be cried on. He's such a childish but lovely person, so the hell with what happen, i was not taken granted for what he did, it was better that we did not having a relationship than being cheated if we force "us" to get along that time.

But yea, I was kinda desperately sad about that lost, just because I said I didn't want to be kind enough to forgive that easily, I was forced -by my self- not to meet, even think about the past person , whom not treating me that well as i expected. So I move on doing many things beside crying for nothing.

After that accident, something happen in my life. It changes the path that I imagined to have. A friend that used to be a place for me to throw away my sad stories became someone in time. I opened my eyes and i just realized something I had for a long time but didn't care to look about.

Yes. A person to stand with, share with, and ready to struggle with. No matter what I did or do, support will come and patient will do.

If I'm not miss count, almost 3 months for now I have this man, understanding every each things i've done, every words I say, every wishes I make, he make it good.

For now, i only may say thank you for this opportunity, I'm hoping i could do my best to give, and wishing for a good thing to happen.

Let's see how it last