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plastic skin with burning desire

careless expression made without willing to show about
dragging all the way down to nowhere
leaving different meaning to people who sees with their perfection of society
harmful to people who care a lot these days
harmless to what felt inside when they told you about the lies

plastic made you find so hard to express what lies inside
love, care, laugh, anger, seemed never appeal because there is no way to define
perfection is all they seen, which never been there from the first place
laugh the sound out, never felt the way it should be

eyes, they could speak. eyes they tell the truth
sadness anger laughter, shared with tears and colours
but somehow it speaks only for your self
you hide your face when your eyes start to talk

heart hurts to see the real world
where you desire to be the most
of anything you face every second of every minute
skip all the thing that doesn't come to the mind
broken inside you start to think of lies
could it ever survive?

times flies so hard that you can't even try to look what you've left behind
see the world in new side, and take the dirty glasses off your eyes

hope will cope with your desire
it wont fade till your time has come