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Waiting for New Chapter

So here it goes.

I have quitted my job at Metro TV, and decided to spend a few moments to stay unemployed and just relaxing around for a while.

I did not let go my teaching job because I think it will make a good support, since I still need to get some money in order to have a splendid holiday for the end of the year.

And so here I am. Spending my weekdays sleeping around, not wanting to go and hang out because I realize my friends are not available to play, or just not available to play with me, I don't know. Yea but I don't feel sad, I feel comfortable with this.

Staying around at my own house, watching my family do their activities, makes me realize how much I have missed knowing anything about my family. Even like the smallest thing. I missed them all, while I was too busy with what I called 'doing obligation' and 'working my as*-off'. I find it annoying, yet relieving.

But, hey... I do need to find another job soon. I started to make a list of activities, like wanting to go to another course, for violin, or even for new thing; saxophone. Yes, I want to learn new thing ahead.

But those things cost a lot. I do know that I need to find a job by the beginning of 2014. So I think I will start looking for available job.

Oh but I've been very grateful having my parents and their business, because by helping them selling our products, gave me a few cash, just to provide me enough entertainment to fill my days for this 3 months, or so.

Well, I think it's enough for this time mumbling, I will find something else to do now.
See you next time.


Chicken First and the Monkey next

It's been awhile since the scene behind my eyes has been this blissful, as ever. Two days in a row, been spending every second with spontaneous idea, formed into words such as jokes, and filled the air with laughter harmonized with our breath.

Two incomparable element, fused continuously. That has never been as thoughtful while you believed there is no such thing to be blended on this kind of a track.

Things ahead in our life, principals, always been a barrier between our dream, hopes, and real life. But it never stops us human from enjoying what we have, in the present times. The situation surround you guides you to a new level of experience, it provides us a chance to be developed in any kinds of our character.

Short sound from the silence one can provide the noise comfortableness, yet the noise, in spite of feeling unbalance, felt the happiness and the ambience they may have.

Exhausted, we may felt, but the joy will never ends. A perfect priceless memory till words can not describe any of that part, sticks and followed forever as we still inhale and exhale the very air.

The warmth of the sun was filling up the air while we were driving around the afternoon, lift up the mood of being so stupid and careless of what happens in our daily life.

The sensitivity of seeing any kinds of scene happened on the streets, realizing how chaotic yet entertaining every single movement of human kinds, on the side of the street, standing, walking, making reckless thing. The swing of monkey's mind like a drop of a bomb, exploding the ticklishness of every sense and stop the chicken from the silence.

We lost our breath, yet we still felt so amazed.

March 16-17th, a lovable memory that could make one thank to the universe. Deep from the heart.

Thank you.