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A tune of Contemporer Jazzy style

Yesterday I went to this event called Grammy Award Winner Oran Etkin that was held at @amerika, it's in Pacific Place Mall. I went there, of course, with Dita. I bet she doesn't really know who Oran Etkin is as I do not know about him at all too. haha

Oran Etkin is a jazz musician, I thought he only plays saxophone, but after I went there, I learnt that he plays clarinet, an instrument that still rare to be played here in Indonesia. Of course I do know about it because in TYO -orchestra I involve in present days- has two clarinet players.

I noticed this event from my orchestra, which got an invitation but the only person who excited to go there was just me. Therefor I invite Dita to came along companying me.

This Oran Etkin, I think he was a European musician. But the more I learnt about him, I knew that he came from US, New york. He introduced his music as a New Orleans wave, Afro jazz, and combine it with traditional instrument of Indonesia, Kendang (sundaness instrument)

Etkin teaches children music classes, he taught that the instrument we played talks our heart out. One of the song he played that day, was a song origin from Indonesia, and played by his style perfectly cool and jazzy groove.
The song called Gambang Suling - I think, if I'm not mistaken the title of the song - and what he told us about this song, that the Suling was represent our voice, our brain, the Gambang, represent our heart beat, our feelings, so the Gambang and Suling conjoined together, with the heart and the brain conjoined together, making such a good out put, a great music from deep inside our heart and spoken out loud so freely as the groove , the hear took the place it self on the beat.

It was a cool perspective I believe. He is a cool guy.

After watching Oran Etkin, we went to BeerGarden near the mall, and waited for the traffic jam to got off the street, and then went home. Still, even thou I went home at 7, I arrived at 9 - such a long traffic way to go to my house. This is tiring.

#AMNGIGS twelve at Pisa Kafe Menteng

It was Saturday night, I was gathered with some friends and invited to this event which I don't know for sure what was my intention went to this event, was it for the gigs, was it for the sake of my friend , or finding love as I was hoping some one I am truly crush on will be there doing his work, photographing and doing the gigs' report.

The #AMNGIGS was a short term for Amild Music Nation Gigs. A place for , I think Indie labeled musicians to show how they grow and how awesome they are.

It was Tuesday the 9th of October, I went there with Dita, but before we went to the cafe, I finally watched Premium Rush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt you are so awesome. And yes, I went there only the two of us, me and Dita, the girls who has no activity this week, who will go to any event that available as long as it cheap, actually free, and not demanding much from us, we will be there. Haha pathetic.

We came late as the event supposed to be started at 9 pm. We arrived at 10. But turns out it just started not long before we arrived. There was 5 bands performed that night. This one band, was a band from our college, UNPAR. It was called Teman Sebangku.

I don't actually recall the names of the bands, but I can try to remember it hard and tell you what are their names. I think the third band was Semak Belukar, I thought this was a heavy metal band. But they were playing so nicely in this awkward attitude and the genre was actually .. hmm what should I call it, it was like Kasidahan songs, but they have this wonderful color because they use Accordion which makes the band unique.
I forgot the two earlier bands' name, but the last band played, was totally nailed it. Luky Annash, he played the piano so groovy, soulful and the guitar played so, so .. well I don't know how to praised it.
They are good. Awesome.

The night closed successfully,  and then me and Dita went home straight after the event finished.

Thank you for the night, it was something new for us.
Experience Experiment.