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A latent feeling so deeply for some reason that made me not recognize and continue to deny the truth.
hundreds of days elapsed with dreams, dreams, and excitement that continues to play in the loneliness that happen every day
opportunity, it's the one that became my expectations.
time passed, the belief in the existence of something that has no end and will never end, that's what our strengths

but it turns out

stupidity happens, the unused masks finally opened, we see ourselves against and realize their own stupidity. for the wonderful things about fun, a nice thing happened in the past, is merely a disguise. you think he was kind-hearted to be a partner in this new life.
I changed
some different things you do
i prepared a speech of what happen lately , that happen to my self
but this one act that you did destroyed what i've been preparing for this kind of a suicidal talk.
i take it all back, i erased what i've saved in my mind.
would it just be over with bad feeling , tortured me like for any seconds, keeping me down little by little, slowly but harm
or will there be some way and options to make us happy and again pass our day with light happy partner or what ever that is?

i want it, but what you want, doesn't mean the one that you need.
who will be the one i needed the most? i thought you, the only one in my list. i need the solitude of your companion. i dont ask more