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Final assignment almost acomplished!

Today I woke early and went straight to my university. It was quite not early, I supposed to depart from home at 8am, but then because I woke just by 8-ish, I got to my campus at almost 10am.

Not straight to the library, I went to grab some meal with Apsy and few of her friends, few chit chat and finally, I started my thesis at 1pm.

Waiting alone in that crowded place, I typed, typed, typed, ignoring anykinds of distraction and finaly, after 2 hours working on that shit, I finished it!

I went straight to get it printed and because it was to late in the afternoon, I couldn't find any of the lecturers to get their signature on my thesis.

Well, at least I got nothing to do anymore. I can freely enjoying my days! haha

well, this week was a though and a fast fast week. I didn't got a chance to meet jason, even thou we live in the same roof. He suddenly disappeared from the house and haven't seen him since. Some people said he went to this Advance Campus Activity camp till Saturday or so.

Tonight was a ... not so enjoyable night. well, we had fun, but not that fun.
I was forced to finally decided to go crash in Audi's place because no one is home, and I don't feel like to sleep alone in that house right now.

This is late. I shall go to sleep now, got a travel to catch early tomorrow, duty calls.

See y'all in Jakarta.
Bon nuit mon amies

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