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Divertion, Ethnic, Family

I was just got to Xtrans, I'm going back to Jakarta this noon because I have work to do this afternoon.

On my way here, I used city transporation from Jason's house. I actually have to change car for about 3 times in order to get to Xtrans. The third ride was actually kinda creepy first time I got in. There was this guy, Ambon as we said to these ethnic people, He was talking to a girl opposite his seat but I didn't feel like the girl knows this person. It was like a flirting or some affection I captire from the man towards the girl. I tried to be cool and started to listen to their congersation.

She was awkward, she was trying to be polite answering every questions he asked. And finally he stoped talking. I didn't realize what he was doing but the moment afterward, he actually gave some money to the girl, she refused at once but he insited so strong will that she has to take them all. He said it was "sangu" in our language.

So nice, or creepy?

Then I started to look at the girl's face,  she is one of his etnics, no wonder he was so excited to talk to the girl. I bet it feels like meeting family member from a very far hometown they have.
She was more relax after ,I guess, knowing his intention to make a connection with her was a good intention. I do still feel that it is weird, a total stranger giving you money on a public trqnsportation, which I will , and I actually did think of this might be some psyco or a perfert (I'm too insecure for strangers) but anyhow, I was happy that soke culture did alive with their own way.

Javanesse people are to individual these days, we are too much and to selfcentered that we don't want to make a good connection with our own race. But, hell, it is not safe anyway. There are too much ceinal out there, guess we can not be careless cant we?

Be safe, hipe this will be a quick ride.
A tout a l'heure mes amies

a Little Makes Huge Difference

Remember how I said these moment are something you want to regret and forget?

Tonight, I would say differently.

A little facts makes a big understanding between what you have learnt a while back on your life.
I say some people makes none sense , insanity, unbelievable things, but if you may understand it from every single perspective, you would eventually take it as whatever reason, it does exist.

Few friend of mine, having different ways of relationship. Some of them happily as they seemed to get along so well with no problem instead clouding their path, but fortunately, they do fight all the time.

Some people having their relationship with fight all over their days but actually, they cope with each other so well.

Relationship, is a relationship. No mater hard they have in it , they bond in their own way, and actually so fine to see, so beautiful to understand. People and their manner, people with their activities, people with their affection, such a complicated ways to describe how they build their happiness.

The beauty of partnership will be own as they drive along with their capability to show each others love , affection, care, and everything they have to give to each other.

Love, is it real?

Well, in their picture of having someone as their partner is very difficult to understand, but they do stand on their own. How brave they are, thats what I think.

Sadness, joy, and what ever they feel, it is how life works.
I can only listen to their problem, try to make them comfort as they have to share it to someone, as natural as possible we have to stand to them to courage them, to say "I will be here, to be your friend, to tell you it's all right, to tell you how happy they are, how it will works eventually when the time has arrived."

But , it is true?

We do hope so. So, I will stay here, listen to every story they gave me. I will be though to understand every problem human have, and make it as my own lesson to face life as it appear , and will appear whenever you grow, and whenever you go to the path you chose to walk in.

Hoping that this could be good for my life.
Friendship is everything. I wouldn't dare to forget how powerful it is to my life.

Night falling so quickly when I wish it would stay forever. I care for what ever I stand for, so, no mater what goes a head, I will stick to what I believe. When you love someone, you will never forget them,

Sleep tight little man, we won't go anywhere as I believe we are meant to be best friend for life.

Night universe, I owe you a lot.

This is a song from The calling - Our lives, could send me to a beautiful sleep tonight.

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Of a better life
In this world
Divided by fear
We've got to believe that
There's a reason we're here
Yeah, there's a reason we're here...

Oh, yeah...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

See the truth, all around
Ohh, our faith can be broken
Yea, our hands can be bound
Ohh, but open our hearts
And fill up the emptiness
With nothing to stop us
Is it not worth the risk?
Yeah, is it not worth the risk?...

No, yeah...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

We can't go on
Thinking it's wrong to speak our minds
I've got to let out what's inside...

Is there love, tonight
When everyone's dreaming
Well can we get it right?
Yeah, well can we get it right?...

Cause these are the days worth living
These are the years we're given
And these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

And even if hope was shattered
I know it wouldn't matter
Cause these are the moments
These are the times
Let's make the best out of our lives...

Oh, yeah, let's make the best out of our lives...

Oh, yeah, let's make the best out of our lives...


Stars - by Coins (me-Valdo)

So there was some night that I actually kind of bored with everything around me that time. So , I was making this song , with my friend Valdo.

I don't actually made the song, but I tried to be the vocalist, If you are curious with how it went, just click to where will it drive you straight to who ever responsible. haha kidding

enjoy Stars by Coins

A Cover Song

This was some night that i spent a totally wasting some activity around. We did some research and comes to this beautiful songs, and we strated to set our guitar on and start to sing along, then me, Randy, and Jessica start to make this recording, and with a help from a talent named Addo, we made this simple home recording , which I know, far from perfection, but we actually enjoy it, so ... we are hoping you could enjoy the song we cover too.  Let's listen to it. hahaha Thanks for your attention, if you willing to open it. Love y'all.

To Be With You (cover)

I climbed this hill watching so still
I took to the fears of all I held dear
But up on this height, a majestic sight
Flooded the skies
And how I could feel you near

Oh I could sail the world
Search through the darkest waters but
I'd never find
These golden eyes

I held the stars to light where you are
When your unfeigned heart called to me through the dark
Soaked in the sound that rose from the ground
There I could feel
I felt, I felt you near

Oh I could sail the world
Search through the darkest waters but
I'd never find
These golden eyes

Oh I'd wait for the seas to part
To be with you

Oh I could sail the world
Search through the darkest waters

Oh I could sail the world
Search through the darkest waters but
I'd never find
These golden eyes

(Thanks to Em for these lyrics)

[ These are To Be With You Lyrics on ] 


No Longer a Comfortable Environment

So, this is how I feel after I graduated from my 4years study in Bandung.

Feels like an ALIEN.

Yeah, an alien apart from my routinity in this city. This 4 years totally has done something for me and for my life, but in spite of what I have expected that I may want to spend more time here in this city, I'm actually want to move out from this city as soon as possible. But getting home in Jakarta, not being the other choice as well. So , where will I go after I move from this so-all-sudden-boring city?

A friend, I thought the idea of leaving them will actually makes me sad and want to go back to this city as soon as my work time's done by every Monday each week, turns out now I feel so not have anything to do here. The thought of having holiday every week (Tuesday to Thursday) will actually make me feel great having this kind of  -having work but not so much to stress about- life. It doesn't seems like what I have interpreted. I need something more, something new, something exciting to do with this new phase of life.

I can't be still, stuck in this environment where the other still moving so slow and not walking side by side with me. I'm totally driving to some different ways from anyone I know.

It sucks but I know I'll live. This is what I felt 4 years ago, when I just moved in this city, having new exciting way of life, living alone, having stranger passing your life, new firsts experience, and else and else. Yeah, changes, that is what I need to cope with.

Time, is all I need. Adapted to new kinds of thing, understanding the way of changes, be proud of who I am, and living free as I wanted to be.

The path is rough but there is life a head so, I won't hesitate to move on faster than anyone I love back there. They will eventually be there, even slowly, they will catch up if they really meant to be in your life. If they aren't, there is nothing to be sad about, new experience will trade the lost memories and be my new focus in the future.

Hoping for sure.

We grow and start to forget

Last Friday, there was a gathering from my Junior High School. I wasn't too excited to go there but because it held before Cynthia leave the country , again, I was sure I needed to attend it. So I did.

Before I went there, I wasted some times at the Pacific Place Mall because it near the venue where the reunion held, Pad 28 as i recall, i don't actually know the exact name , I only know the 'Pad' thing, not the 28 or what number that is. So , I went to PP mall after work and met with my friend Audi there. We talked much about simple thing and end up with hair style, which actually end up with Audi getting a hair cut the exact same night. We were talking about some edgy short girly style but the hairstylist did some 'I-don't-care-what-you-ask-I-want-to-cut-your-hair-the-way-I-want-it' cut to Audi's hair. So, I guess Audi still doing some adaptation to her new cut.


After companying Audi, I went straight to the cafe, and start to do some socializing with the old friends. Some of them I often seeing but lots of them I really , rarely, met. They were all change, some people turning fat, somepeople turning so slim i just can't realize who they were before they call out their names. And, me.. They really seems to overwhelm with my curly hair, still not so care that much wardrobe and the way I talk, look, and observe seemed not that comfortable for them, but I don't care. There still a few of them attracted to talk to me thou.

Still, I really felt so weird to be among them. So much of things that I don't actually remember were being the topic for our conversation. They can laugh so laud to each other, and I feel like a total stranger, sitting on the corner of the table, eating alone and only listening to their conversation. I really try to join them, but I just can't.

It was sad to feel that way, to people you actually grow old with, but , I know that was my fault, I don't really wanted to remembering my old friends. That is totally my bad.

I realized how precious a memory can be. And it is to late for me to bury some.
We are getting older and getting so much experience in live, but the past was not a thing to be forgotten, it is something to be remember so we know how we build our path to what we are today.

There's a lot of thing I regret in my past, but doesn't mean I don't wan't to know about it. I treasure it. And I will keep my memories alive for now on.


new HAIR style

Yesterday I wasn't planning to do hair-doing at all, but then my sister invited me to join her to go for some creambath and else , I got carried away with my -curly hair-mission thingy. So I did, I got my hair curled at some hair stylist near my house.

When I got there, the people were actually talking with weird language, their language of hair style. They asked me "Mba mau kretong?" , and I was like What? But then I tried to get along with the conversation and made a long description of what I want to get for my hair to be done.

They called my name, they asked me to wash my hair and I follow the person to the chamber. This was the time I got so nervous, once they do it, I have to keep it calm and take what ever it would turns to. A big change! It has been awhile since I got my extreme look, I have been in this safe casual natural ordinary style for 2 years.

What makes me so damn wanted to have another extraordinary style was when there was this my so best senior friend amazed by my ordinary style and said "I can't stand to look at you so ordinary, I was missing you as the miring and so different you." And so I did think of it.

Is this different? Is this me?

It took me over almost 2 hours sitting on the chair with this rolls in my head covering by every piece of my hair and was washed with the curly chemical , which so hard to explain how hurt it taste in my skin, and reading to second book- Fifty Shade Darker- and waiting.. and waiting .. and waiting.

Till it's done!
Here it is, my new hair

I love it. Do you ?



Another not so fun day .. ?

This was the third attempt for me to get out in public with new style around.. well, still. Haven't find to perfect place to say "i had fun tonight".

It was tiring, unaccomplished plan, and else and else.

But how do we expect, it was a muslim holiday, and many hang out place are actually closed during the muslim celebration. YES WHAT EVER

I need to get out from this country, as soon as possible.

But hey, i actually took a picture of my self, wearing red lipstick, like youth this day does. haha
inside joke
actually, i mean no joke at all. haha peace man, liberty to write

In picture above, its Jessica ( we usually call her Je), and Andita (dita) on my right.

Just some trashy post.. waiting to be sleepy. Anyway, this was taken in Social House in Grand Indonesia Shopping Centre..
Not very fond of it, but well .. mainstream style, it was a hip place you should try for dining and for booze and stuff.

Night all


Fashion Started!

Hey there..

Yesterday night was a fun night to get actually. I went to this mall with my friend, we first only aiming to go for some chit chat in a coffee shop, but when we arrived, just arrived, we walked pass a shoe store.

I took a glance of the products and here there was, a pump shoes. I always wanted to buy a pump shoes but I just can't pull out my eagerness to actually buy one.

We went to the store, and actually trying this and that. Posing and walking around trying the hight of the shoes, this making me feel nuts. I wasn't that kind of person, who actually care about what I put on my body. But here I am now, a person who always want to try this thing and that thing because of wanting to look nice.

Well, it might be the time. The time has arrived for me to be girly and all.

I was actually have something more with blue color, but this time, i bought a rough red pump shoes. And it's Gorgeous! I. Love. It.

Not just buying, we actually put them on right away and have so much time walking around, hanging around and spending the night off.

1st day of Ied celebration.. I was hoping the traffic would be lighter than ever.. buuuut, unfortunately i still caught on a heavy traffic on my way to meeting my friend this night.

maybe there's just not so many people actually going out of town.

but , anyways.. I spent this night with some quite actually fun night. I went to Gandaria City, but before that i had to pick up my friend, then we went to the Mall.

It was.. hmm not somany visitors around. Still, we, people who actually didn't celebrate this day needs a lot more entertainment then ever. What's the point of having holiday when there's no place to stick around because they were closing up too early in the evening.

WHERE IS Jakarta's night life?

Holiday... i was hoping i could have some fun trip to anywhere i wanted to be, but the result... i have to stick at my home , guarding this empty house.. and should find some fun stuff to play around to waste the time, which so much of time to be wasted..

Hope i could be sane till holiday over..

Night folks.. will update sooner then ever



so hard to make on a living

So much on my mind of looking for a job, finding a good career that actually fit my will to do and not on pressure. But until now, I still can't imagine what to look for.

For the past several night, i just got so eager to produce some living , besides my teaching job, so i click on every possible internet online job.

lame , are I ?

but then, after all the blablabla but then i should pay for the program, i start to close them all one by one. Only one site that i actually still open, till now actuall., an advertisement page that you only have to click every each of the Ad, and you will gain $0.005 per Ad,so small ? but well, its good to fill up my boring day.

If you guys actually want to try on, this would do me good,

My account

click and add me as your referral, let's see how that works
best regards,
a little bit bored almost not unemployment

Malam takbiran

Ya, hari ini merupakan hari terakhir sebelum hari raya idul fitri di tahun 2012,, jalanan.. sepi , hanya di day light. when the night comes, i don't feel like jakarta has a life. I can't go anywhere, cafes , restaurants, hang out places was closed about at 8 pm, because everyone doing the takbiran night, lalala This is not a muslim country, isn't ? kita yang bukan muslim ga bisa melakukan kehidupan normal ? -only my point of view- .. it feels like a new years eve on the road, people do this fire works here and there, making a huge heavy traffic jam, when we suppose to feel freely from traffic hours that usually occurs in jakarta's night life. pffff, toleransi beragama ? well, this is not necessary to be so much all out and disturbing other religion activity. ... only some concern , I'm just blabbering Good night universe, see you tomorrow, when the road is officially freed from traffic. AMEN



hey there. Here I am, a 22 years old girl, who never actually spend to much money on shopping for beauty make up, good dresses, fancy shoes, and other thing that actually this age suppose to be doing, or some of them, i guess. And now, I am actually starting to put some interest on that kinds of thing, having good dress, a good and expensive high heels, but still not for that unreasonable bags. What I'm interested on now is about make over. For plenty years, I've been rolling around with a very boyish kind of style, I don't really care what i was wearing, basically , i have nothing but natural color. Unconfident ? Yes. i think i was. But starting this year, I've tried much of colorful wardrobe. Such as New look skinny jeans.
This jeans (above) changes my confidence and i started to mix and match few more colorful thing i have in my closet. haha a little start, ey, hope i could actually change and turn into some ugly duck to a swan .. yea yea what ever. hahaha if you guys have any comment and respond about style and how do casual edgy styling with a friendly budget, i would like to hear some of yours. sincerely, soon to be new person


Another stage of life to be ride on

I'm 22 years old. I just past my final university assignment and i graduated well, with an 'A' grade and 3.34 GPA. Four years was a really short term to be wasted around. Remembering my journey since 2008, living alone in a strangers city apart from my family, with only few acquaintance to hope they can be my family there, and yes, i live with it. So much pain, so many joy and happiness happened and will never be forgotten. Time fly so fast yet you don't wont it to be gone, still hoping for so much pleasure for this early stage of growing old but duty calls so hard till i can't imagine how fast i will give this youth up. Age is just an age, it's just marking how long we have live in this world, but maturity tells something, and really, i'm not ready yet for it. After this graduating thingy , i will have to choose the path for my career, for a professionalism path to be meant. I have to do something, be something and be successful in my future job so that i can actually give a living to my mom and dad. Such a dream for me for this present day, i really want them to stop working and enjoying live, for sure. It's sad, watching us growing old, but saddest moment is when i realize my parents is older than ever, but still working so hard, still keeping us, their children in their care, never let go of any fortune to make us happy, to fill us every day, yet in this time of moment, many old people should be relaxing at home, playing around with their old friends, having a really good time spending their days with what ever they wanted to do, not based on have to taking care of us, three mature enough girls. Its just something i really wanted to achieve, but am i ready to loose my music path?