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New lesson

New lessons i got from a little chat i made today.

When i get drunk, i must not do :

1. Chatting.
2. Blogging.
3. Tweet-ing.
4. Driving.
5. Eating.
6. Writing.
7. Thinking.
8. Texting.

At least i don't talk much to people so it wont matter. But don't give me electronics because its the only media i would use to be annoying.

Pff i guess i need to be sober for days.

My reasons are
-If i chat with any people, i wont remember it, so it's dangerous , i may talk about anything, even people's secret. Ffufufufu
-If i blogging, i wont realized what i wrote, it may be very-very *pfff floccinaucinihilipilification (means unimportant haha)
-tweet - i'll write down my feelings right away without considering who will read all of those words - use to be pfff can't describe it.
-driving , definitely can't, i'll crushed anything around. But it's cool to drive fast when i'm drunk.haha
-Eating , definitely will throw up
-Writing, same case with blogging and tweeting
-thinking, it'll hurt my brain somehow.
-texting, still, i wont remember what i write and send to the person, once end up with anger. hahaha

Well, it depends on my mood, but better i avoid all of those routine.

This is a junk post anyway. Sorry :p