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one step

i took one step out of my box, i came out nowhere and face a new strange stage of life
i bend my knee to find the right strength to survive, and i did

one step further

out of the former box, i faced a really random situation which pull out all of my nerve and i didn't gave all of my guts up. i survived

one step even further

i hit the wall, i back of a little bit, but things change extremely amazing
people who i didn't recognized help me beat that wall down, and i see more abstract prospect out there, yet i haven't build my plan to face them all

you, i saw you more than anything
i stand with too much pressure and yet i believe i can handle.

dreams, lead me to something
dreams, give me hope
you, will be something
you, will be anything
you, will have your dream
you, will be helped by people around you
you, will be loved by you
you, won't recognize anything
you, something else

and you, will get you through anything

just believe, that someone here, there, everywhere, already give you anything you need

open your eyes, open your mind
and you will live in heaven