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Tragedy tradegy

I started this day going quite early to my University but when I was actually planning my thesis revision in the library, but.. because I met a few friends on my way to the library, I got caught up and turned to spent the day with them in this rendezvous place called Wind Tunnel. We talked and joking around till lost track of time, and finally I have to force my head finishing *almost* the revision there. Distracted, but whatsoever, I did it anyway.

So, 80, almost 90 % of the revision has been done nicely , I hope, and tomorrow I need to finish it up and print it, also hunt for many lecturers hand signature so I can finally make it as the hard cover I needed to collect for my graduation requirement.

After spending that almost wasted time around at the campus, me, Runde, went back to Runde's hause and spent some time there.
On our way there, I had this accident. We were riding motorcycle, near Runde's house, we were going to take right turn , as in he already gave the signal that we were going to take a right turn in a second. Suddenly, another bikers crash our bike from the right side.

He fell, hard. He got me on my right arm. It was hurt, but the bikers didn't actually care. He assumed that we were the one who made the mistake. Fortunately, the people around actually helped us and not blaming us as the accident happened so fast. There was some drama because the bikers fell so hard and acted as he injured so bad and the bike was quite broken.

Thank God he finally confess that it was his fault that he didn't even use his brain to ride the bike. Huh, my arm, my precious arm was injured. Thank God its not that bad. Its itch but it was okay.

No shock moment, we went straight to Runde's house.

Second tragedy:

I was doing this recording, another covering song that I have already planned for a while. I have record the guitar track, double it, edited it, and finally cord the vocal part.

It was fine, actually almost finished when suddenly, MY APPLICATION GONE CRASHED and relaunched.


hfff, that was devastating. I felt sooo sooooo disappointed with the hard work I made for that long hours.

Well, there always be another time, but ... still, It was so F*cking frustrating.

Hate it, but well.. it might have some reasons that it happened like that.

So, lets see that I can do another recording with a good output and I wont, I WONT forget to save every track I made so I won't lose any big job like that again.


well, good night. Tomorrow need to be started so early so I can nail my plan this week. Finishing my thesis and be gone with no burden anymore.

Good night mon amies, adios

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