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29th Anniversary of marriage

Sunday, is my orchestra day. Yesterday I started my routinity like as i always do, I woke up early at 8, hit the shower, and get prepared for leaving to Kebon Jeruk, where the rehearsal always held on.

I didn't put much attention that yesterday was September 23rd, which is my parents wedding anniversary, until I read whatsapp family chat. My mom typed 'Today mom and dad want to gather our children and go to the church together to celebrate our anniversary..(and so on and so on)"

And I was like, F*ck! I forgot the date again.

I tried to set a reminder on my on brain that this month , on the 29th, is my parents anniversary. I kept reminding my self don't forget to say congratulation, even just saying a greetings, not for buying presents or whatsoever. Still , I forget about that. Stupid me.

So after I got finished my rehearsal, my plan was going to this skin clinic to do some treatment near my house, but I thought I had to change my plan. So I called Audi and set a date to did some afternoon coffee while waiting for the church, St. John the Evangelist, schedule which at 6.30pm.

Zara was came along too, and we spent a little time chatting for yea, standard conversation and this and that and then when the time came, I dismissed my self and went straight to the church. We do the ritual as usual, I prayed a lot about my stupidity and forgiveness of my sin and everything else (this is the first time I actually came by the church since like more than a month ago).

After church, we celebrate at Pisa Kafe near the church, the one at Mahakam road. We shared our prayer, the grateful of our lives over this 29years or their marriage. Their children, who had a lot of situations, my mom strength keeping us together each and every day from the very first year till now, and so on , and so on.. * I think I started want to cry but I keep it to my self -haha*

After our great prayer, we had our diner, enjoying conversation, which really rare for us now to have it like that, and finally, went home.

Because I brought my own car, me and mba Upi split with Mom dad and Ichyl. I took different route with them, I took Antasari road. By the time we reached Ciputat, heavy rain started to poured and the street started to flooded. But because my driving skill *hahaha* we got home safely, and fast.

The rest hasn't arrived yet. They got stuck by the flood and thought we were way behind them and started to worried the BMW will get jammed and would be troubled. But after I said we were already home, they got relieved.

So thats the story of my family life. A little, just a cover of my Jakarta life.

Anyway, again. Joyeux vingt-neuvième anniversaire de mariage ma mère, mon père. Je vous aime, je te souhaite toutes les années a venir vont aller plus fort ensemble !

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