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Today, I suppose to have a date with Milatina Salma, who asked me the night before to join her and Bako on their plan , hunt for some photos in Senayan. She said, "9 am ya we" and i said, okay because i don't have any plan anyway, Cassey is leaving to Shanghai trip with her family, and i just had spent too much money days before, so i think, hunt for some photos would be nice.

And so , i woke up , actually , kinda late, about 9.10 or when-so-ever, and i didn't remember why i should wake early this morning. After yawning and stretching, i began to realized , MILA !

So i called her. (Still in sleepy voice)
"Mil, are you awake? Jadi ga ke senayan?"

mila :"ya wek, gw juga baru bangun hahaha. yauda i call Biki dulu ya"

And so after i hung up the phone, i went back to sleep for awhile till Bako's sms came and she said,
"Wek, kita sushi aja yu sushi tei senayan city. Mila ga jadi dibolein pergi, dia harus ngurus SIM"

hmm okay. Sushi sound good afterall.
I remembered that Dita wants to come to my house to install THE SIMS 3, so i told her that i have this sushi tei plan, and i asked her to join. She approved it, so then, its a date.

12 o'clock, but i actually still having a bit of reaction of something i did the day before, so i just didn't feel to move fast, i came a bit late, but Dita and Bako did so, so no one got there on time anyway.

We ate our lunch, with some "blunder"ing thing, i tried to stay focused on their conversation, it did well anyway, almost actually, i skipped a few of their conversation, i didn't feel to well.

And so, because in sushi tei we cant smoke, we moved to Plasa Senayan, to Starbucks - i need caffein so much - my very bad choice i have done today.

2 cups of dark coffee, without milk, and 3 bottles of coke. This really messed me up.

Afterall, Mila came to Senayan and join us to have a cup of , i don't remember what she drank.
We have this big chat of Manohara, Megawati, and things that actually, i don't understand.

And finally, we wanted to move somewhere cozier, we moved to this so-called- palm, we moved to foodcourt, and finally, we decided to go to CheeseCakeFactory in Panglima Polim.

This stupidity began just before we got out from Senayan.

I parked my car in Senayan city.
What i remember is, i parked it at B2 E-something.
So i just moved my foot to the path i remembered.
My car wasn't there.
My car wasn't anywhere.
There's no such E mark around the corner where i remembered as the corner i parked mine.

Start to panic, thank God i wasn't alone, Dita companied me.
We walk through all of the corner, searching for everysingle detail i said, we asked the Carboy or who-so-ever they're called.
Still, i dont have any clue. Where did i park my car?

Gee, do you know how it feels when you're in a middle of some test and you don't know any of the answer, anything, or you got busted for something bad, and you panic like crying (thank God,i wasn't).

And i tried to calm my self down, tried to remember anything i did before i went upstair the moment i arrived before.
And also, i called Bako first, to tell them that i missed my parking place, and the respon i get was
"Ga papa we, gw ini juga lagi ada masalah, gw ketilang polisi nih didaerah gw ga tau mana, gara2 salah 3 kali. hahahahaha"

Waw, hahaha
Me = miss-locating my car
Mila = busted by police

After another searched i made with Dita, (i really felt sorry for her because of this stupidity)
finaly, I FOUND IT!

And you know what, it's just a few meters from the escalator room, i must have turn right, but i took left right, thats why i missed navigation.

MAN you don't know how i felt, it so damnly relief !! i hugged my car for real. haha

And then i called Bako, they also had finished their problem with the policeman, without spending anymoney for pay them up.

I just don't feel like hungry anymore, i just got too panic.

But we did went to the CheeseCake Factory, Mila, Bako and Dita had their dinner there.
PLUS, now that we're home, Mila forgot to brought the cake he bought for her dad, she came back, which like JATIWARINGIN - PANGLIMAPOLIM for twice ?!?!?! (yea mungkin blom ampe jatiwaringin, maybe uda di toll mana gitu ahhaha)


We actually laughing at each other of what we have experienced today.

This is really funny thou.

I just hoping it wont happen anymore.

I will keep my self sober !

my own whispering statement

Because of this ,not little actually, big conversation i had with Jason and Kota, and also because of my last posting below this, i start to re-read all of my blogs, happens to be

was it?

a so-called mind sound that never been talked so much in reality, is that really my thought?

my very honest mind comes out when i was drunk

everybody has read

caused another perception of this and that

did i type it?

of course it's me

and i realized

it must have been read.

Seems like what i have said in reality becomes the biggest lie because i'm afraid of my self.

But also, this would be some funny experiment (STUPID experiment) i may keep as a nostalgia things many years from now.

I dont care anymore.

I'll just do what i do everyday, i wont change, because i think it wont necessary anyway.

Hope that there will be no miss understanding

Let it be just the way it is

the things that must be fixed and handled before i do something else, i'll think about it as soon as possible. And also, some action, need to be done.

I dont put much hope for this matter . I'll just live the way it has to be.
No more promises , no more lies

boys talk ?

So this day started with another boring activity i've done, woke up so late like 12 pm and still doing nothing, accept got my self any food because i was starving enough, also i had to take my med, so i got up from my lovely comfortable bed, just like about 15 minutes, and i came back to my beauty sleep.

Still sleeping till Jason's IM came, and he told me to hurry up and took a shower, and told me to go to watch transformer 2, revenge of what-so-ever, that comes out really cool afterall.
We watch it at the FX because they have all of the studios playing the same movie, so we bet there'll be any seat anytime we want.

And so i drove very fast to meet Jason there, and we bought 2 tickets for our own seat.
After we got the tickets, eventually, Cassey said her meeting with someguy at PIM already finished, then i dont actually know why, she didn't come to join us, maybe she had to prepare her departure tomorrow with her big family trip. Good luck Cas with the holiday, have so much fun there :)
And so, we grab our self food before our other friend Kota (Radit) came to join us, he also join us to watch the transformer.

This movie actually very cool, and i was amazed with the effect,optimus prime, i love youu, also bumblebee, you still cant speak, but you are so cute ! I just realized, that was a long duration movie after all. 2 and a half hours, hmmm.

And when the film just about to finished, Boncel said he's already arrived at the FX. Then we meet him somewhere , i forgot which floor was it.

We were planning to get some coffee somehow with Jason's BCA flash card his dad gave him. He totally used the card a lot, thanks to him he treat us oftenly this week. :D

And then Boncel got home earlier, and the boys (Jason and Kota) talks began sooner as he gone.

First of all, man , they talk about this PEMILU coming up at July, which i dont even care who the hell is the nomination, they said about this and that with their own perspective view about oration, or somekind of what-so-ever, which all i can say is "hmm ya ya i agree, hmm no i dont undestand, or yes yes what ever you say"

Start to feel bored by those political conversation (that always happened when 2 people from Law studier meet up and chat about law enforcement) hmm, it really is not a part of my life and i absolutely didn't put any interest on that kind of stuff, so i don't say anything. Maybe just "oh, okay, wow, etc."

And they talk about this and that, and they start to get bored by their own topics. So they change the topic.

Now, the topic was, "ME".

Okay, i start to ask my self, man, me? what should i say about my self? i dont even care about my self. hahaha

So i just smiled and asked, "what about? i dont have anything to share dude, mine just empty with lulaness and gabutness, hahaha"

"really? what about your full life story, dont you have any perkembangan??"
"till now, i dont think so"
"so what about your love life?"
"man that crucial thing, i dont even now what i need now, and lalalalalalalalaa... (im not explaining anything"

So then they started to giving me advices about how i deal with my self, why i cant do this or do that , inspite that i have a lot of chance to do so, or get some.

*Man, i tried anything to get anything, i just cant seem to find things to proof my self that i'm a normal person that can have boyfriend that easy as easy to clap my hand.

And they started to judge my self.
"We are your bestfriend, don't do the same thing to other people as you do to us"
I never do things i did to you guys as i did to person i just known like hours zzzz
Well, they do know that actually.
Me, can i ever be more girly-er than know?

They said , "no, just be your self, and you'll be fine"


Anyway, this kind of conversation really is a very rare talk we do, i'm still confused how this conversation incidentally took place and time.

All of those chit and chat things, which i dont remember all of their words and sentences, a few points that i get is.

*I have to be honest to my self *which i know, i never do
*I have to care about what happen around me, i cant be careless anymore. *okay i'll try
*I do always have a chance, the thing is, I must not afraid to try anything than lose everything.

Well, seems like they really care about my stupidness of this crappy relationship thing, and they want me to start to have some, so, i will try all of their advices, but, how?

They said just, "Go with the Flow, but don't get to hard, you'll blown up your chance somehow"

Okay. Let me try..
Thanks for your advices guys, i appreciate it so much. Love you guys for your careness hahaha

Cheers for our gabutness


I'm just the biggest liar happened in anybody's life


Einstein's Quiz

I was given this piece of paper, it was a quiz.

I would like to write it down so you guys can try to solve the question.

It's in Indonesia by the way.

Here it goes.

5 rumah dengan 5 warna berbeda, 1 negara tiap rumah.
setiap rumah memiliki 1 minuman, 1 rokok, 1 hewan yang berbeda-beda.

Siapakah yang memelihara ikan?

petunjuk :

Inggris -> rumah merah
Swedia -> pelihara anjing
Denmark -> minum teh
Rumah hijau -> disebelah kiri rumah putih
Rumah hijau -> minum kopi
Perokok Pallmall -> pelihara burung
Rumah di tengah -> minum susu
Rumah Kuning -> rokok dunhill
Norwegia -> rumah pertama (paling kiri)
Perokok Malboro -> disebelah rumah yang pelihara kucing
Pelihara kuda -> Tinggal di sebelah yang merokok Dunhill
Perokok Winfield -> minum Bir
Sebelah rumah biru -> orang Norwegia
Jerman -> merokok Rothmars
Perokok Malboro -> bertetangga dengan peminum Air

Can anyone solve this? i'm still working on it. And i don't have a clue how! haha


New lesson

New lessons i got from a little chat i made today.

When i get drunk, i must not do :

1. Chatting.
2. Blogging.
3. Tweet-ing.
4. Driving.
5. Eating.
6. Writing.
7. Thinking.
8. Texting.

At least i don't talk much to people so it wont matter. But don't give me electronics because its the only media i would use to be annoying.

Pff i guess i need to be sober for days.

My reasons are
-If i chat with any people, i wont remember it, so it's dangerous , i may talk about anything, even people's secret. Ffufufufu
-If i blogging, i wont realized what i wrote, it may be very-very *pfff floccinaucinihilipilification (means unimportant haha)
-tweet - i'll write down my feelings right away without considering who will read all of those words - use to be pfff can't describe it.
-driving , definitely can't, i'll crushed anything around. But it's cool to drive fast when i'm drunk.haha
-Eating , definitely will throw up
-Writing, same case with blogging and tweeting
-thinking, it'll hurt my brain somehow.
-texting, still, i wont remember what i write and send to the person, once end up with anger. hahaha

Well, it depends on my mood, but better i avoid all of those routine.

This is a junk post anyway. Sorry :p


20 June 2009

Kemaren merupakan hari yang, hm gw rasa cukup berarti lah diliburan gw.

Beberapa hari sebelumnya entah kenapa ga perna kepikiran untuk gw memegang kamera gw yang udah lama tergeletak tak ter-charge. Hingga suatu ketika gw bener-bener kangen untuk menjeprat jepret lagi.

Karena itu gw memutuskan untuk membuat suatu rantai rutinitas yang akan gw lakukan dalam 1 hari.

Rencana itu gw jalankan dan alhasil gw mendapatkan kesenangan dan gw menikmati hari Sabtu tersebut. Sudah lama gw ga membuat ekspresi seperti ini.


1. Diawali dengan janjian dengan teman sebangku gw selama 2 tahun, Gerard Sebastian, yang akrab gw panggil dengan Gerry.
Dia mengajak gw untuk makan Sushi All You Can Eat di PokeSushi Pim 2. Hmmm.. ditambah lagi dengan rekomendasi dokter alergi gw yang menyarankan gw untuk memakan ikan-ikan laut dalam seperti Salmon and Tuna, maka langsung lah gw mengiyakan ajakan Gerry. Tak sabar gw menunggu datengnya hari Sabtu, *sempet gw mengira hari Kamis sebelumnya adalah sudah hari Jumat dimana gw menunggu-nunggu "besok makan sushi yey" namun ternyata masih lusa nya pfff*.

Hari Sabtu datang. Gw bangun terlalu pagi kelaparan karena hari sebelumnya gw puasa untuk menyiapkan diri menyantap Sushi sebanyak-banyaknya *lebai ya* tp, it works. ahhaha
Setelah ketemu dengan Gerry, Ano, Arlin dan Arin, menujulah kita ke PokeSushi. Tapi akhirnya yang makan cuma gw dan Gerry, yang lain memilih untuk jalan-jalan windowshopping *hmm okay.
This is the 2 last plates we ate - we're full enough.

Puas !! Itu yang bisa gw gambarkan. 8 macam fushion sushi kita lahap. Rencananya sih mau lebih tapi porsinya besar-besar banget jadinya ya, yauda deh. Sebisanya, kalo maksa kena charge malah rugi.
Gw dan Gerry iseng menghitung harga sushi yang kita pesan. Ternyata makan berdua kalo a la cart , nyampe Rp.600.000,- hahahaha . PUAS! hihi
This are the sushi we ordered, include the price fufufu:

spider roll 72.4
shrimp tempura roll 53.4
crunchy dragon roll 73.4
sishamo tempura roll 43.4
half baked roll 102.4
rainbow roll 78.4
2x crunchy spicy salmon roll @48.4

the price was in 1000rupiah

2. Setelah makan, akhirnya gabung lagi sama si cewe-cewe itu. Kita memutuskan untuk berkaroke ria di Music Pool. Memang sih lagu-lagunya ga up-to-date tapi buat seru-seruan lagu jadul pun kita embat. hahaha
New place to karokean - baguslah buat ngerekomendasiin temen-temen lain. hihihi
Asik kan goyangan gw. fufufu


3. Menghormati undangan temanku tercinta Pradnya Cendani yang berulang tahun beberapa hari sebelumnya, datenglah gw ke sebuah restoran di daerah Kemang yang bernama D'Cost. Tempat makan yang sangat ramai terkenal dengan murahnya harga seafood-seafood yang enak ( too bad gw uda ga makan seafood, hix )
So, gw janjian ama Ratna Maylinda yang ternyata datang bersama temannya *dang gw uda lupa lagi namanya hauaheuaheua maaf ya. Dan, eng ing eng Ratna memakai hadiah ulangtahun dari keluarga Mafioso, Ratna menjadi canteeek dan berubah nama jadi Mbak Siska hihihi
Disana, kita ketawa-ketawa ampe gila. Dan membuat dosa ( meniru gaya Manohara versi juling dan *********** di sensor kelebihan biar ga ketebak. ahhaha )
ini kita juling loh hahaha
finally gw bisa ketawa seperti itu lagi dihari-hari gw yang membosankan ini. fufufu


4. Karena Aya dan kawan-kawannya pergi dan Ratna diculik oleh ibunya *haha diculik? hmm, maka gw melaju kembali sendirian di jalanan, sesaat setelah itu datanglah ajakan dari Menathi Gantari Purba
"Wew, come here, i'm at a classic bar, i treat you a glass of beer. Come!"
*yaa semacam itu lah ajakannya, gw ga inget hahaha
Sooo melajulah gw ke daerah Pondok Indah , kesebuah bar bernama DeHooi. Cozy , nice, and many Bules are in the house *apasih zz.
So, gw kenalan dengan teman-teman paduan suaranya. Disana juga ada kembarannya si Iya, we chat and talked about things, many things, fun indeed.
That's kinda funny, knowing their daily routine before they got their rehearsal, or even when they just about to perform, they used to drunk, oftenly. hahaha cool rite?


Ini 4 hal yang gw lakuin di Sabtu kemaren, begitu menyenangkan, tapi tetep aja ada yang kosong.
Well, pelipur lara lah atleast, hhehehe.
Setelah itu gw pulang dan melakukan rutinitas seperti biasanya kembali.

Looking forward for another happy hours. Boncel is coming home. Ayo cari tempat yang seru lainnya ! hehehehe



Ini cuma sekedar wacana yang muncul disaat gw lagi bengong-bengong di tengah kebosanan gw akan liburan yang ga menyenangkan ini ( belom menyenangkan sih sebenernya).


What is that word?

Pertemanan yang bisa lo temuin disegala macam bentuk kelompok sosial di setiap daerah , setiap kegiatan, dimana pun, tempat kuliah, tempat les, tempat apapun yang mempertemukan lo dengan berbagai macam orang dari berbagai daerah.

Tapi apakah yang lo sebut dengan teman itu sebuah exact word?

We all know. It does not.

That kind of word bisa diartikan hanya sebagai simbol, ato bahkan berarti yang sangat dalam. Hahaha sebenernya omongan gw ga berbobot tapi, i just wanna do something in this boredom hours.

Okay, kalo dari pandangan gw, yang gw sebut sebagai teman itu memang seseorang yang gw anggap begitu penting, sepenting-pentingnya tu orang sampai bisa ngebuat gw lebih mentingin kepentingan orang itu dari pada kepentingan gw.

As my father said, "Hubungan pertemanan itu bisa ngebuat kamu jadi bodoh, menyingkirkan hal logic demi mengutamakan hubungan pertemanan tersebut. Yang namanya sahabat itu ga baik kalo dilebih-lebihkan."
Yaa kira-kira seperti itu lah.

At first i thought the same way, gw ga mementingkan pertemanan, turns out gw malah menjadi orang yang sangan sombong yang acuh banget ama orang yang menurut gw ga berguna buat gw ( SD, SMP) well, actually i found 1 person sih dari SD dan SMP yang gw anggep beneran teman gw, karena we shared things, and dia ga merugikan gw, malah , gw mendapat banyak advantage dari dia, her name is Cynthia Bunga Idaman Manurung, she's my very first person i called as a BestFriend. Gw dan Cynthia uda pisah dari SMA, dia ke SMA 70, gw ke SMA 6, tapi hubungan kita ga pernah putus, eventhou kita ga kontak2an tiap hari, tapi, we still have a really good relation. Now she's gone to study abroad in Canada. How lucky she is. I envy her so much.
This is her picture with her new boyfriend, Sean.
I just miss her so much, she'll be home on this December. I can't wait fufufu.

And so, came along in my highschool. I changed a bit. I'm in this TRUPALA organization, which is very precious to my life, i learned about much things, i met a very various personality. And then i have this brother-sisterhood that really made my days. I call them as Family.
I met this Jason , Cassey, Nikki, Apsi, Deni, Odonk, Latif, Dimi, Kota and other precious Friend.
I don't care about anyother friend, even my class mate, except my 2years chair mate, Gerard, oo i miss you guys so damn much.

This picture taken at my house on Christmas home party 2008

Gw sangsi bakal menemukan orang-orang se-special mereka di lingkungan lain. fufufu You guys just so much awesome. Cassey come home sooner ! I'm bored here ! :(

Lalu berkembanglah gw ke lingkungan perkuliahan. Suatu lingkungan yang gw yakin lebih besar dan luas dari yang gw hadapi di SMA. Tapi ternyata, orang-orang yang gw temuin di Unpar, Bandung, ga jauh-jauh dari lingkungan SMA juga. Memang awalnya gw ga peduli siapapun yang bakal jadi temen gw, ato malahan, bakalan punya temen kah gw di kuliah? karena gw uda ga ikut OSPEK, (denger dari senior-senior katanya kalo ga ikut ospek ga bakal punya temen, dan lalala) tapi akhirnya malah, gw dapet teman yang orang-orangnya sangat get along, bahkan bisa dibilang, gw cukup populer, ga se-Nerd yang gw bayangin. Hehehe

Tapi, pada dasarnya gw orangnya cuek, ga pedulian, kecuali memang orang itu uda gw anggap sangat-sangat penting seperti yang gw jabarin di atas-atas.
Yaa ampe sekarang, gw sudah mendapatkan sekelompok orang yang bisa dibilang, penting buat gw. I called this girls as my Mafioso Family.
Ga semua member ada di foto ini. hehehe

Ya gw berharap orang-orang ini yang bakal menemani gw untuk terus berjuang di UNPAR. hehe
We're good till now, hopefully forever.
Also , selain gw memiliki orang-orang ini. Gw juga menemukan seseorang yang bisa dibilang "wow" banget perjalanan hidupnya, dan gw bangga karena gw dipercayakan boleh mengetahui semua cerita hidupnya. His name is James Conrad Gumulya, called Boncel, but i called him "dad".
I call him as my very good friend, the only one yang bisa gw ajak kemana-mana, bisa berbagi apapun, ga malu mo se-ngilfilin apapun. We're good. Hope it'll last forever too.
Also, Atha Purba, she always company me anywhere, everywhere, thank God i may know her well, she's very helpful.
This are Boncel and Atha.

Well, masi banyak banget sebenernya orang-orang yang belom gw temukan dan belom gw sebutkan. Tapi saat ini mereka lah orang-orang yang gw sebut sebagai "teman". The people i would run to when i'm sad, the people i would share my happiness , people i would laugh with. And they are the people i care of.


Looking forward to see you guys soon! Love love


well, i shall call it "cool" thou

Tanggal 17 ga disangka gw laluin dengan wuih seru sekali. haha

Jadi , pagi hari nya gw bangun dengan masih sedikit rasa penasaran yang ditinggalkan dari sms-an yang gw lakuin dini hari sebelumnya.
Well, i called it "ya udah lah" toh orangnya juga uda santai-santai aja, i guess. ( He's a sleep now, pfff kangen)

Trus gw baru sadar kalau finally, gw bangun sekitar jam 10an. Haha.
Hal yang pertama gw lakuin ya, buka laptop lagi, nyalain internet, buka FB, main Restoran city, buka-buka blog, nge-tweet, dan hal yang biasa gw lakuin setiap harinya.

Rencana gw hari ini adalah hari Ga Mandi. hahaha

So i just start my day, tanpa plan, not going outside, anywhere, just me and McBlake.
So then gw meninggalkan lappy ku sebentar , untuk sarapan, dan hal-hal kamarmandi, and when i got back, ada chatting dari Mba Upi (she's my sister, you can see her blog). She said dia bingung dengan keadaannya dan dia bosen sama rutinitasnya dan dia mengeluh tentang bocor di kamarnya yang menyebabkan dia harus menggeser-geser kasurnya dan kecapaian akhirnya ga bisa bangun karena kelaparan dan belum ngambil duit , dan segalanya.

Okay, all i can say cuma "sabar mba, minum air dulu, abis tu makan" dan bla bla bla basa basi lainnya.
Actually gw kangen banget ama Mba Upi, havent seen her like a month because she's doing her thesis in her kos , which is somewhere in Depok territory.

Sambil berbincang-bincang, finally gw nyeletuk
"Mba, aku pengen banget nonton My Bloody Valentine dong yang 3D, tapi ada nya di Blitz, and i don't get anyfriend to watch it. Pulang mba, ayo kita nonton"

and she answered
"Film paan tu? pesti ga jelas"
"Ya ilah mba au dah film apaan yang penting pemainnya JENSEN ACKLES mbaa si ganteng nyum nyum"
"OIYAAA??? Ayo aku pulang sekarang juga. Tunggu ya aku ngurus bocornya dulu .. lalalala..."

Okay, i got her. Haha

Sembari menunggu kedatangan Mba Upie, tertidur lah gw sambil nonton Dvd berjudul Home, tentang keadaan bumi kita gitu, betapa indahnya pemandangan di kemasan film tersebut, tapi , akhirnya pun gw tertidur.

Finally gw kebangun dan langsung mandi (hancur plan ga mandi day nya) dan datenglah mba Upi bersama pacarnya Hendra, yang ternyata kehilangan henponnya, entah ketinggalan di kampus, ato di kosan, ato di taksi, yang pasti 3 hp nya vanished. Kasian.

Tapi semua kepanikan berakhir disaat tiba waktunya kita berangkat ke Mall of Indonesia.
Jensen telah menunggu. Hahaha

Setelah beberapa saat tertidur di perjalanan, akhirnya sampai lah kita di Kelapa Gading, daerah yang jarang sekali gw jamah , hanya untuk mengejar harga tiket yang lebih murah dibandingkan Grand Indonesia, yaiyalah.

We bought the tickets, and then we wait in the smoking area, then we got into the studio.
W O W, 3D yang mendebarkan. Beberapa kali gw ikutan nunduk gara-gara reflex dilempar barang ama si aktor2nya. ahhaha sedikit kampung, ditambah lagi studio sepiii, kita duduk di tengah tapi termasuk orang yang duduk paling depan. Yaudah lah ya. Yang pasti tu film, gore abis. Seru. haha

Setelah film selesai, karena mall nya juga udah tutup, langsung kembali lah kita menuju rumah.
Hendra di drop di daerah tanjung priuk, which is gw tambah ga tau lagi daerahnya, sepertinya daerah keras, hahaha.

Lalu saat melaju di jalan tol, mba upi ngerokok.
I haven't smoke like days, and i was tempted to ask for it.
So i asked "mba, can i have one?"
"WHAT? You Smoke?" (uda siap diomelin, tapi tiba2..)
"Ofcourse nih"
Uwew, santai sekali dia. hahaha kirain bakal ada omelan-omelan lalala cing cong yang uda siap gw trima. Tapi karena santai, ya, bakar aja.

Gw ga perna nyangka bahwa ternyata ya kondisi Mba Upi pernah seperti yang sedang gw alami sekarang. Smokes, drinks, w*eds, and another bad things we consumed.
We shared our story, ya ga semua nya gw critain sih. But i relief, i have a cool sister indeed.
So, karena ternyata kerjaan kita sama, we promises one each other, sometime, we'll get some fun together, i can't wait for it. It must be very fun, hanging out with your own sister, don't have to worry about safety. We can rebuilt our relation which i may say was decreased because we live in 2 different cities and we rarely meet.

It's a great night indeed.
Now we're ready to sleep.
It's nice to share my story somehow, i'll see you guys in the next post.
I'll write sooner.
Night :D


I'm tired of my health.
Once i don't care , i just need to do what the doctor said, and i was hoping i'll be better sooner.
But the fact is, the more i consume those pills, tablets and stuff, the more i got weird.

Still i can hold those reaction.

But not this time.

I just finished taking my shower, then i just can't held the pain that gain because of these wounds.
It hurt so bad.
I hold the pain till i cried.

I've told my parents all they can do is just calming me down.


Why do i have to feel this. Why do i have to have this terrible allergy ?

I'm tired of my self just because of this.


story of the day

So, here's my today's story.
I woke up around 9 am, finally i didn't wake to early. I took a brief breakfast, and do my internet routine till 12 o'clock then i done some private creambath (hmm my hair look shinier hihi) and then i took a shower.

3 oclock i prepare my self because i've already have a date with Dita, we were going to watch StarTrek in FX. I was excited.

I got to FX at 4 and i wait for Dita's arrival in XXI.
She finally came just in time, and we bought our tickets.
We have to wait for about a half hour before the movie started, so we went downstair and we bought Sour Sally, hmm its so yummy.

After had a little chat about this and that (thank God she didn't force me to tell her that story that i believe she's longing to know about) and then we went to XXI again to hit the studio.
We watched the movie and we had some fun.
It's a nice film by the way. I'm entertained.
But weirdly, we felt tired to see the action and the effect thingy. But it's fine anyway.

After we watched the movie, we started to feel hungry so we began to search a place to eat. But , peewhh there's just too many places that makes us confused, finally we just wait Petra to choose where did he want to eat. His choice was Japanese, or Italian which are both very expensive. But, well, it worth with the food. Then we finally decided to hit Japanese restaurant. Me and Dita order the food first while we wait Petra to arrived. When he arrived, HAHA i just laughed, Petra has his hair cut. Nice, but just seems funny, i havent get used to it.

We ate, i ate (finally again) and still, we had this talk about many things, then finally Dita's dad ready to pick her up, so we went downstair, and say good bye to each other. And we went home.

Mean while i was still unsatisfied because it's still 9 oclock and i got nothing else to do. So i just hit the road and take a few turn to spent the time before finally i get bored and really went home.

I got home, and i started to think about him. I texted him, but hey he didnt reply.
I wait for about an hour then his sms came. He said he was sick, o God, i'm soo worry about him.
Now he's having his supper and i'm just doing my chat and FB-ing thing.
My he gets well sooner.
Text me more please i'm still longing to know how you are.


o noo

I've wait long enough to play this Goddamn THE SIMS 2
BUT my lovely leopard just can not accept this CD, my o my

I have to uninstall all of the sims 2, so i got nothing to play for now -_-
ha ha ha 
cuma itu kata pertama tiap gw mengalami 2 kejadian yang mewarnai Pagi ini.

Semua berawal dari bunyi Hp gw di pukul 07:brapa lah gw lupa, means i still had 2 hours preparation to go to my rehearsal. Jadi gw kembali memejamkan mata. Lalu *tok tok* nyokap masuk membangunkan "Wen, it's 9.3o already, don't you have your rehearsal ? Wake up, you're late"

Okay , so gw buru2 mandi blala cing cong siap-siap and duar its 10.10 already, another 20 minutes menuju tempat latihan ditambah kemacetan dan blom isi bensin,, yaa perkiraan telat 20menit lah .

So gw langsung cau, tanpa makan, (perut lapar) panasin mobil, langsung ngebut ga liat-liat jalan. Alhasil hampir nabrak motor, hehe.
Sampai di satu-satu nya pom bensin yang ada di arah menuju BBS, gw baru inget, "wah gw blom ngecek e-mail jangan-jangan ga ada latian"
And so sambil nunggu bensin terisi, gw keluarkan lah si Sonyericsson tercinta. Dan gw buka email gw,dan ternyata "ha ha ha" YAK benaaaaar

TYOers, maaf, tapi karena suatu urusan penting yang mendadak besok mas Eric harus keluar kota. Jadi besok kita batal latihan tutti ya. Latihan diganti dengan sectional woodwind (Pak Juhad) dan perkusi (mas Sonyol) di BBS jam 10.30 - 13.00. Bahan tolong tetap bawa part william tell, academic & wagner. Thanks.


oke deh, padahal tinggal 1 kilo lagi gw nyampe ditempat latihan. Oh noo.
Merasa sedikit bete karena udah buru-buru dan kesel uda bentar lagi nyampe, males banget pulang lagi, akhirnya gw cari aja deh kegiatan lain.
Sambil muter balik gw memutar otak mencari tujuan. Dan akhirnya gw memutuskan, ke Ratu Plaza aja ah nyari the sims 3. hehe

Sampai lah gw di Ratu plaza, parkiran masi sangat sepi dan menyenangkan.
Masuk ke dalam gedung, wuiih sejuk.
Naik ke lantai satu dan masuk ke iBox 

"mas, the sims3 uda ada belom ya?"
"wah produknya si emang uda ada dek, tapi tokonya belom ngambil, ga tau deh tu kapan ngambilnya"

Oke, zong

Naik lagi gw ke lantai 3, nyari game laen. Alhasil yang gw beli adalah the sims 2 dan expansion pack nya. Well not bad.

Merasa puas ngliatin game-game yang mahal itu, langsung menuju mobil kembali untuk go home as soon as possible, mo maen the sims ! hehe

Sampai di mobil, gw langsung mencet kunci alaram.
Klik.. siiiing .. not open yet, no sound, no reaction.

I click it again, again again again again again. Still, ga bergeming. 
Mulai panik. "ha ha ha"
Udara mulai memanas, matahari makin terik dan ga ada pohon sama skali di sekitar mobil gw. Damn. I just want to go home.

I tried again. Sambil kelilingin mobil, gw pencet-pencetin tu alaram..
Gw ga brani buka pake manual karena alaramnya bakal bunyi dan gw ga tau cara matiinnya.
10 menit uda berlalu gw masi mencet2in tu kunci.
Gw ga mau nelp mom or dad, karena gw ga bilang ga ada latian, dan ga bilang kalo gw malah pergi ke entah mana ngambur2in duit. eheh
tp karena udah ga tau mo ngapain lagi, i called my mom. And she just laughed. HAHA helping a LOT. zzz

Akhirnya gw braniin buka manual. dan, wew, ga bunyi alaramnya. again "ha ha ha" tau gitu dari tadi gw buka.
Langsung buru-buru gw balik ke rumah. Nyampe rumah gw diem sejenak. Dan, sekarang gw mo nginstal The Sims2 dulu ya. hehehe

Talk to you later guys


Last day kost, hello kontrakan

Hari ini gw awali dengan packingan seperti yang gw post di postingan sebelumnya.
Gw mulai dengan mindahin kulkas dan segala macam itu lah yang ada. Thank God, Atha Purba sang penyelamat tiba-tiba menawarkan jasa memindahkan segala macam yang ada di kamar gw. hahaha Akhirnya semua barang keangkut dan telah dimasukan ke kontrakan. 
YEAP. Today is the last day i'll step inside my old kos, oh sedih jadinya. Tempat nista berKW-an ria. Tempat dinginepin (akhirnya gw brani masukin orang) oleh Ratna dan Boncel. Sudah, tidak akan ada lagi HBO seharian. Tidak ada ngulet-nguletan tanpa peduli satu orang pun yang berisik diluar kamar.
Ngga ada lagi rasa takut ketemu pak satpam yang galak tenan gara-gara gw pulang pagi mulu dan mbangunin mereka mulu.
Ngga ada lagi, semua, semua rutinitas yang ada di kamar itu.
ooh, ga terbayang tapi sudah terjadi.

Sekarang yang akan gw hadapi kehidupan baru di kontrakan itu.
Sampai saat ini sih uda pewe banget gw menginjakan kaki di ruang tengah , membuka kamar yang masi berisi dus-dus tapi berbau wangi, ga sabar buat stay disana, tp buat apa di bandung kalo ga ada kerjaan? ahahaha lets see how it works deh.

Akhirnya jam 3 gw uda selesai nurunin semua barang. Gw dan Atha duduk-duduk di ruang tengah, sambil menunggu kedatangan Boncel yang, hm lama banget jalannya.  ahaa
Akhirnya gw memanggil Jason untuk ke kontrakan juga. Dan setelah itu, berangkatlah gw dan Jason ke Jakarta.

Now, I'm home.

a few more hours

I'm writing this post while i'm doing my last packing.

A few more hours before i go home and won't touch Bandung (hopefully) till August 2009.

My room is getting cleaner then ever. It's quite good to see this room that used to be full of junk and things that really dusty and now i may inhale freely. Haha
I wish my new room will be clean like even more. Remind me to make a cleaning time table.

And so the last stuff i must bring down and in to kobel are :
refrigerator (my how heavy will it be?)
TV (yea its still small enough)
My religious kind of stuffs
and another round of my clothes which is VERY much.

I was hoping someone will help me with this things but, yea.. i can manage my self.

And so i just have to take a shower and start another pack. And wait for Jason, because he'll be the one to drive me back home.

Home, *sigh , another boredom, sickness and sadness.
well , i'll write even sooner to talk about what i expect to see and do in Jakarta, my *rock city.

I want to go home, i really do, but the fact is, i don't want to leave.

This is the hardest part for the end of this day. Another week, or even month. I'll be missing this a lot.


rabu abu yang menegangkan

another post i take from my other blog

February 25, 2009 - Wednesday 
Current mood:  adventurous
hari ini, 25 Febuary 2009, gw bangun pagi2 tanpa ada perasaan ato pikiran apapun tentang ritual keagamaan sbelum paskah ini.
Jam 9, gw dateng ke kampus bertujuan untuk rapat Gintre 2009 bersama sang ketua Wafa Taftazani, di sebuah tempat yang disebut "balok" dideket GSG Unpar.
Selagi menunggu para panitia inti berkumpul, duduk-duduklah gw, Petra, dan Wafa. Tiba-tiba gw melihat si bapak dosen bernama Ulber Silalahi melintas, ada suatu keganjilan gw lihat di mukanya. ABU.. and i was like "WHAT THE.. emang ini hari apa? Rabu Abu?"
and Petra menjawab dengan gampangnya, iya we. hmmmmm yaya
Gila, ga ada yang ngingetin dari Jakarta sana.. Untung ada si Bapak dosen yang memberi peringatan ke gw, "thank God" (wew, hari ini gw jadi agnostic dibanding indifferent)
Mulailah gw memikirkan, bagaimana cara gw mo ke Gereja , sendirian, tanpa tau jadwal misa dibandung nan tak kukenal ini.
Ditambah lagi, jam kuliah gw , wah, gak terkoordinir dengan baik. Kelas-kelas dimulai bersamaan dengan jadwal misa yang gw tau.
Berpikir keras lah gw, dan mulai tergoda untuk, 'yaudah lah PIHI nya bolos aja, gw lebih mementingkan gereja'.
Tapi.. ga ada temen. Gimana gw kesana, mo naik apa, pulang naik apa. hmmhhhhh
Yasudahlah akhirnya gw tetep masuk kelas PIHI dan pasrah untuk melewatkan Rabu Abu tahun ini.
Ternyata, petuah muncul. Ada seorang gadis (ceilah) membawa kabar baik, di gereja Setia Budi ada misa jam setengah 8 malam. YES!
Tapi tetep aja, mo naik apa?!??!?!?!
Gw mencoba untuk membooking semua teman yang gw inget punya kendaraan bernama motor, tapi entah kenapa, mereka semua beralasan masing-masing dan ga bisa nganterin gw. Ok deh, i thought i'll find some other way. TAPI APA !?!?!??!
Akhirnya gw melewati beberapa saat menuju jam misa dan memutuskan akan naik apa bersama Mila dan Bako, kita main di letter T, main CAPSA, hahaa pertama kali gw melihat anak 2008, cewe-cewe maen kartu be3 aja di taman. SENDIRI yang laen uda pada pulang. hmm hebat. hahaha
Sampai akhirnya, tercetus lah kebaikan dari Mila, dia mau ke GEREJA. hahaha Mila tobat.
Akhirnya kita berangkat naik taksi, dan mila mengikuti perjamuan ekaristi, Mila dan Bako ikut serta menerima berkat ABU di jidat bertanda Salib. Pengalaman seru kan Mil? deg-degan ke depan. hahaha
Akhirnya setelah misa selesai, kita melanjutkan hang out ke NgopDul di depan BEC. (harusnya kan puasa kok malah nongkrong we? ckck )
Finaly, kita mencari taksi untuk pulang di jalanan yang amat sepi tak ada mobil yang lewat, tapi karna Tuhan selalu cinta pada hambanya, akhirnya lewatlah taksi berARGO, dan selamatlah kami di rumah masing-masing.

Thank God you gave me a chance to have this ABU blessed. We love you, i love you even thou i have a indifferent point of view for my religion. Catch you latter :D

sakit peyuuut

i take this from my other blog in mySpace
March 28, 2009 - Saturday 
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
Udah beberapa bulan setelah gw melewati masa2 turun beberapa kilo secara drastis yang membuat gw bangga akan tubuh gw (am i sick??) yea but, anyway..

Almost 1 year i live in Bandung, i cannot maintain my body weight, it keep increasing extremely even though i rarely eat!


I'm afraid of being overweight, but HEY, look at me! JE SUIS PETITE!!

Is this an eating disorder?

I keep avoiding food, i may eat once a day, in a very petit amount of the food.

And yesterday, i felt very weird, my stomach so ill and it started to make weird sound , until know, it still really hurts! 


something unexpected

Kemaren gw ga sengaja , melakukan mm bukan kebodohan sih. Sesuatu yang ga gw kira bakal gw omongin ke nih satu orang yang crucial banget sebenernya untuk diomongin. She's like a key point for me to have this chance. Tapi, it did happen.

I was a bit of drunk when the night before we had a simple chat.
I was to drunk to even remembering all of the conversation. All i remember she asked me what is my relationship with hmm, well actually i cant write the name here.

I dont remember what my answer was. But all i remember was what i told her, is a new beginning of my own story.

The next day when i was a little bit sobber, i don't know why i did that actually, i told the guy that our friendship being questioned.
It's quite geek by the way, the situation getting odder.

Then when the night came i told the 'girl' that i told the 'guy' (im sorry guys i just cant mention the name) about what she asked me about.
Thats started another conversation.

She began to ask me the same question , that finally i answered with a long story telling. She finally knew what my feelings are.
Was it something good or bad, i didn't know yet.
Hopefully this unexpected conversation would be a great opportunity for me to start another chance to be with him.

I'm really longing to have him.

Right now i just cant think about anything including the one person problem yang berhubungan sangat penting ama hal ini.

Gosh, i just don't know what to say to her. I just wishing, if this is my chance, then let it just be mine.


i called it A GREAT NIGHT

Hari ini pengalaman seru abis!

Ga kepikiran dari hal yang sebenernya bener-bener gw anti-in, pertemuan diplomatik ama orang PBB yang gw lakuin karena gw respek ama permintaan Nurji. Tapi ternyataaa berakhir dengan amat sangat menyenangkan . UWAW banget deeh. hahaha

Jadi hari ini, gw bangun amat sangat pagi. Jam 7. Dengan perasaan sebenernya, hmm males banget ada janji harus pergi ke hotel borobudur untuk kepentingan GINTRE.

Jadi, akhirnya jam 12 siang gw berangkat naek TransJakarta menuju ke Pondok Indah, perhentian rumah sakit pondok Indah, trus gw lanjut pake Taksi menuju Cilandak Townsquare.
Disana gw ketemuan ama Nurji di Baskin Robin, tapi akhirnya kita makan es krim New Zealand. ahhaa MAnis banget, kirain bakalan kecut zzzzz
And then, ketemu sama Sky, dengan kulit muka yang nglupas nglupas nglepek-nglepek karena panas terik nya Jakarta nan JAHANAM ini.. well i know how it feels, ow Poor Sky. hehehe
Lalu kita berangkat ke Hotel Borobudur,lewat jalan TOL. OOHH tetap aja kita kena macet hahaha
Jam 2 teeeng kita masi di lampu merah deket hotel, dan itu lamanya ya ampuun ga ijo-ijo. Deg-degan on strike.

Tapi akhirnya oh akhirnya sampai juga kita. Bertemu dengan Dayu, Wafa, dan Laulau, entah lah siapa itu namanya.
Dan bertemu lah kita dengan orang dari Deplu, yang mengantarkan kita untuk menuju ke lantai atas bertemu dengan MARTY NATALEGAWA. Uwaw, He's the most Gorgeous person i've ever met deh. ahaha i love him.

Finally kita berbincang dan menjelaskan tentang maksud kita mengundang dia ke acara "say Hi" untuk Gintre 2009. He gave us a good respond anyway. Dan kita diperboleh kan ikut SIDANG United Nation Asian Pasific Meeting on the QUESTION of PALESTINE. A VERY COOL EXPERIENCE!!!

gw makin tertarik untuk jadi serius di H.I. GOD PLEASE HELP ME!


Trus akhirnya kita ikut Coffee break nya. Trus kita ikut juga Reception Cocktail nya. DAN INI YANG MEMBUAT GW BAHAGIA ahahhahaa.

I drank 5 glasses of wine. 4 White wine. and 1 red wine. I also ate a lot of food, finally i ate and didn't throw up. Sushi, dim sum, and lots of other things.

I drunk , but i'm happy. Thanks to Nurji for all of this, this encourage my holiday without seeing him.
I went home by transjakarta, again. Thank God gw ga nyasar.

Tomorrow, i'll be back to bandung, to have some other fun of course, ga mo cuma terpaut sama itu-itu aajaa!!

Well, its time to get some rest. i want to have a very good rest and hopefully i'll get some good dreams.

THANKS for the night. Have a Great Night. 

another day

Kemaren gw ke dokter kulit, untuk cek dan suntik , lagi. Dan hasilnya, suntikannya makin banyak.
Bekas suntikan ? Gw kasih obat, baaah yang namanya nahan sakit ampe mukul2 tembok, dan akhirnya, gw muntah lagi.
My o my, my life is this hard just because of this stupid face. 
Yah obat2an gw makin banyak ditambah suplement dan laen-laen. Yang penting hidup sehat lah gw ga peduli lagi.

Hari ini, ada rencana bersama Nurjanna Eka Putri, kita mo ketemu sama, gw lupa sih siapa, ama orang penting lah untuk kita undang supaya dateng di acara Say Hi buat Gintre 2009 ntar.
Kita rencana akan bertemu dia di Hotel Borobudur.
Karena itu kita mo ketemuan dan kumpul di citos dulu jam setengah 1.


anyway, i havent buy fireworks for dad. Ntar aja deh.

Besok ke Bandung? kok udah ga semangat lagi ya?
Pokoknya pindahin barang, trus udah, i'll my self some fun. Gak usah mikirin yang aneh-aneh.

Oke sekarang saatnya bergerak. I have to take a bath. okay see you then.




I'm not in the mood for Bandung-ing, padahal kemaren gw pengen banget stay disana.
I just don't have the guts for seeing those parade of shitty things.

I admit, i'm JEALOUS.

Not because i can not have those, but i dont want to SHARE it !

I tried not to hurt my self because of this bored, but i just found that this is fun enough.



Bako's Birthday party

Kemaren , tgl 5 Juni, adalah ulang tahun nya Jennifer Bako, yang dari bulan-bulan sebelumnya tuh si Bako, the birthday girl, uda minta-minta untuk dikasi surprise.
Ternyata oh ternyata, tanggal 4 menuju 5, sama skali ga ada surprise, anak-anak kokon dan kobel cuma say, "happy birthday" as ordinary as it is. HAha i wonder how she felt that time.

Tapi ternyata, kita merencanakan plan lain. Malem nya Bako kita kasi surprise. heheehe

Dari jam 5 kita , anak-anak kobel, membersihkan dan mengepel kontrakan, oia , btw, gw uda mulai masukin barang looh, my books and bookshelf uda gw masukin ke kamar baru akuu. ehhee

Abis itu kita ke borma untuk beli gembok karna mobil gw tinggal di sini, besok gw kembali ke Jakarta untuk seketika, heaa

Abis itu kita beli peralatan buat pesta bako.
We bought martabak, yg beli si mike, alias koko na.
We also bought mentega and tepung (which hasil nya kaya adonan di muka Bako).

Jam 8 malem , bako datang tanpa curiga, lalu melayanglah semua adonan-adonan yang uda kita siapin.
Kita makan martabak, kita ngambil cake tomodachi, dan makan-makan mcD. Sekaligus ada ospek dari kami untuk cowo-cowo yang ada, si Bimo dan si Mike. I wonder why dad's name started to get mentioned a few times -_-.

And then after we got our self full of dinner, we get back to our own home sweet room.
Tadinya sih mau nginep kontrakan. tapiii, yaudah lah.

Smoga kijang aman2 aja. Tolong jagain kami ya TUHAN. AMIIN.

It's late already,Ratna nginep tapi langsung tertidur pulas, besok dia balik pagi.

I'm started to get sleepy too. But i might sleep a few more hours.
See you guys.
Nite2. :)


Starts my Packing day !

Hari ini tanggal 5, gw harus udah mulai packing banget nget nget ga boleh enggak !

Packing? buat?

Jadi, mulai Juni ini , gw bakal tinggal di kontrakan di jalan Ranca Bentang 11, deket sama kos dad, deket sama kontrakan anak-anak.

Kontrakan gw dinamain "kobel" means kontrakan sebelas, and kontrakan anak2 "kolam"means kontrakan lama. Haha, a bit weird but unique so lets use it.

Trus, kemaren tuh gw uda mbantuin Ratna mindahin isi kamarnya and she did it like only about 1 or 2 hours. I dont even know where do i have to start to pack my things up. It's all just messed up. hahaha my bad.

Yes, this month will be the last month i play like shit in my only boredsome room.
Hopefully kobel be the best place and choice for me to grow up and have some fun.