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Self Serviced Broken Guitar Tuner Machine

So, it was Thursday, September 20th. I was planning to go to campus again to checked if I can submit my Thesis or not (read my previous previous post revering to this), but because of I slept to late, I overslept, so did Monang whom actually had class to attended to but didn't bother to move his big body from his comfy bed.

So I called him and asked him if he wanted to accompany me fixing my broken guitar, which has been like almost more than a year hasn't been fixed by the one who suppose to fix it, well anyway, also the electricity of our house started to beeping, which means in a minute, we would lose power.

So he said yes, he was willing to drove me around to do my thing. But yes, first we stopped by to grab some food. We were starving. So we went to this place called Kambing Soen, it was located near Pertamina Dago atas, near Sheraton too, well not an accurate position to tell, but somewhere near them.
The favorite food in that place was something I don't know what was the name of it. but it was Lamb chop. Is it lamb, or should I say goat, I don't know, either of them, which I don't eat. * X(

I ordered Beef fried rice, and Monang ordered something extraordinary. Goat(or Lamb) fried rice. I don't remember the name that described it as a gigantic size of food. And when it came, turned out to be It was so big for one person to eat by him self.

Look at that, as big as his body. (WTH - way to hype)
He said he was going to finished it, but he gave up after eating only like a quarter of the plate. haha 
So after we finished our late late breakfast, we went to picked Addo up, I asked him to accompany me to go to where I want to get my guitar serviced. Somewhere called Tiga Negeri Music House. We went there and I bought new set of Guitar acoustic tuner machine It was not that expensive as I thought compared to how much I have to pay if I have to service my violin. uu

So this is the kind of guitar I have, Yamaha classic, I have the old one, Indonesian made, It sounded so nice and played smoothly, I did sad that I have to change the setting of what it has before. Damn you Valdo, why you have to torn him up ? you broke my lovers, huh.

 Besides the tuner machines, I bought the string replacement too. As you can see above, it called Ernesto Palla. Addo chose it for me, he said it has the same sound as the previous string I had. I didn't realize the black and silver font on the front of the package was the color of the string, I thought it was the brand of the strings. But anyway, I asked to people of the music store to get it serviced, asked them to change it for me , and it would cost me quite something. So I decided to take them all back home and going to do them all by my self. Addo didn't trust me that I can do it, even he didn't want to help at the first place.

But after we got back to Addo's place, I had to go there because we didn't have electricity back home and also, we don't have phillips head set back home, and I remember Addo has it. So I did my job in his room. I struggle so hard to open the old screws because it blemished. I got wound in both of my thumbs, but I did finish it both the tuner set and string replacement. Finally!

I can play my guitar again! no more giving it to anyone irresponsible !

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