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Long Lost Cubic of SilentPeace

Too long missing this most comfort solace

Break a Vow

I said that I won't say any word to anyone anymore, but unfortunately, just a few minutes ago, I started to babbling about someone's story to another person.


I can't stand not to say a thing, a story, or anything that suppose not to be told.

How am I going to handle my big mouth?

I tried not to, but it has already done. Should I apologize? But to whom?

Apparently , this is something that can not be avoided by human being. I do need to talk, to share things, that actually clouding up my mind.

I was hoping I could fix this as soon as possible, so I won't hurt anyone else, anymore.

I still have problem in losing faith of my bestfriend, I don't wont this last longer than it's already has.

Not by this blog, not by writing, I do want to make it in a real action.

I misses the old us.

New Drawing

This my new drawing, still a sketch, but with a little editing with my phone, it turns out to this.

Okay, how to describe this picture?

First, I was thinking about me. Some feeling I had for several months backward, a loneliness that actually appears inside my soul..
Not actually lonely but, some kind of that feeling occur because the transition in my age life, from teenager, partying people activity, to some growing up girl, moving to a serious way of life.

Not there yet, but on going.

Nature, something that I was living in, "Pecinta Alam" if you said so.

Now, I'm being this city girl, hanging out and wasting so much money with friends that has this kind of life style.. doesn't really suit me well, but I did try to get along with it.

Dragging my self out from that routinity makes me an alien, as I said in my other post back then.
Alone, sad, lonely, but... I stand to live with it.

I miss being the part of nature, I miss being me, the carefree me.
Childish but responsible. Now, I'm talking mature, but not actually doing the same way.

FAKE. Yes, but this is what I can do now.
I still don't know how to act properly to be an adult, to be something , someone for my family.
My dream -> being an ARTIST. MUSICIAN. Will I achieve it?

I will. In my hardest will , strongest will, I will actually giving all of me to walk the path I want to walk in.

I love arts, and it is who I am.
I wont give it up.

I'm sorry to be this stubborn but I know, I will, and always will keep a good intention and a good work to be where I belong to be, successfully,  will make my parents happy. AMEN. God, hear me out, and make my wish come true.

Midnight talk.. but I wont forget my word

Welcoming New Play List On Itunes

So tonight I went back to Bandung, and straight ahead to my friend's crib in Ciumbuleuit (I don't know I just don't want to go back to Cigadung yet tonight.)

So, I traveled from Jakarta at 7.15pm, and arrived here around 9-ish. I called him, and no answer. It got me like several minutes to finally may entered the building, asking the guard if I was allowed to go there my self, with no escort.

No clue where the room is, I just went straight down stair hoping I could meet someone I knew to mingle for awhile , waiting to Handy to appear out from unknown.

I went to Suryo's room, and in a second, finally everything went so fun. He told me about many new albums of some band that actually never heard about. He told me he search it from some website, I dont recall the name, which contains so many bands, singer that actually already has a name internationally, but not in Indonesia community.

Few of them basically ambience band, woman vocals, and a lot of American singer, but also Indonesian band that if you don't recognize them, you would say it's native people.

Young Magic, Twiggy Frostbite, St. Vincent, Rumer, Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson, Paul Thomas Saunders, L'Aphalpha, and many many many more.

I took them all to my itunes new playlist.

Let's hope it will be great.

Good choices dude! Thanks a bunc