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Break a Vow

I said that I won't say any word to anyone anymore, but unfortunately, just a few minutes ago, I started to babbling about someone's story to another person.


I can't stand not to say a thing, a story, or anything that suppose not to be told.

How am I going to handle my big mouth?

I tried not to, but it has already done. Should I apologize? But to whom?

Apparently , this is something that can not be avoided by human being. I do need to talk, to share things, that actually clouding up my mind.

I was hoping I could fix this as soon as possible, so I won't hurt anyone else, anymore.

I still have problem in losing faith of my bestfriend, I don't wont this last longer than it's already has.

Not by this blog, not by writing, I do want to make it in a real action.

I misses the old us.

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