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people's point of view ( about ? )

I actually don't know how to write this down, but i really do curious about people's view about love.
I know the love thing may defined by thousands words depends on people's thought. So then i became more and more curious.
In my point of view, love is something you have, you own, when you have someone that definitely really "IN" to your self.
How am i describe the "in" thing ? hmmm lets see.

Basically, by theories, human always needed someone. In reality, human really do searching for someone to company them, either friends, best friends, boy/girl friends, even husband/wife.
Let's make this simpler.

People's needs are different, but they have one point of goal, companion.
I may see how girls talk about "o he's so handsome.." "he's so cute" "i want to be his" and else, this is based on what i feel too. Hehehe :D What i want to write down is all based on my opinion, my point of view, which i may say, the 1000 points of view, my ideologic, and the reasons why I'm so difficult to find a boyfriend.

I never describe love as a static things, it always be a dynamic feeling people have. Love is an abstract feeling. *I cannot describe about this feeling. Somehow when people talks about how they love someone, i could just say that they just care or interest on the person they talk about.
How come a person may say "i love him/her" when they just about knowing each other in hmm 1 or 2 weeks or even only count of days?
How come he/she knows that its a real feelings she/he has when they even barely know the person they interest on.

Here's a simple example that i thought very pity.
Once i know about this girl. She has an attractive personality, but in mean while she also has a very pessimistic personality inside her.
She's in love with someone that actually close enough to her.
Why can she just tell him that she like him, i know the guy will give a good reaction indeed.
She's just keep telling other people about her feelings without thinking about what will she does to maintain or even taking a progress to her approach.
She keeps willing and longing. But nothing.
I'm afraid if someone getting closer to the guy and the guy seems to attached to the new girl , she'll lose the guy in a matter of second. Then she'll cry like a baby for days. But that wont change a thing.
Well, i guess its all her matter anyway.

I found out another theory of my self. I may be in love with someone who i've been around like everyday for about a year or less. Means i may love someone who i know inside and out. I know every single story , every dark hours , all the sadness and the joyful he shared with me.
Somehow i just feel like if you want to know me well, i must know about the person first.
I just dont want to be care of if i dont feel comfort with the person.
I just want to care about the person without being disturb by what should they do to me. Let me just give and take nothing.
Normally i would realize if i had fall when i don't see him around a week and i feel a big lost somehow. That's a sign that he's the most important person that i have.
Or there may some other reason , the thing is, i need to see the person.

But anyways. It's only a theory, it may change by the time i found something else..

It's just so much fun knowing love condition by searching and looking at people's relationship.
I may learn to prevent bad things happening to me because of those love thingy.
Actually, many people still remind me to not fall in the same trap each time i say "i like this guy"
pity me.

Well, this is the 1st part i would like to publish. Maybe some other i will write about another theory of mine.