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We separated, then united, over and over again

Being old, walking another path, different path, doesn't mean that we forget what we were years before.
Changes, there will always be changes. But friendship would never die.

Tonight, I just met with Nurjana and her boyfriend Rangga. We had a little afternoon coffee in Plaza Senayan, we talked much about many missed information because we have separated for months, not knowing how we do days back. Catching up, gossiping, and many things to be talked about.

To bad it didn't last long, they had some study to do because they are going to have an examination for this PNS thing tomorrow. Many people will do it tomorrow, BEST LUCK for you guys. You can nailed it and be what you want to be. AMEN.
This is Nurjan and Rangga, such a nice couple but with complicated funny stories. I love to hear about them.

 So long that I haven't catch up with Nurjan. and she just checked out my new hair, and I assumed, she love it thou. hahahaha I miss her so much. Thank God being parted by different activities, the one that already work hard, and me that still freely work and play in the same time, but we still the same person as we were back then. uu I miss college time. SO MUCH

After Nurjan and Rangga went back home, I continued my journey this night to meet James, someone from the past, a best friend, a crazy man, freak man, but funny humorous guy I would never forget.
He was in some bar called de hooi but then I contact Athe and finally instead going to that bar, we went to 7/11 that located in Pondok Indah, near BM400 -High School- we called it 'Pertok'.
  This is James. Chinese funny , or actually we called it 'jayus' man ever alive hahaha, he looked so old now, to bad.haha kidding dad.
And this is Athe, my newest girl friend I had , she is my best friend's girl friend

I had a very random fun night, and off the record, even on substance and some booze, I still enjoy this night in sober way.

After we chatted for about hours, finally they went home one by one, leaving me alone there, I have the responsibility to waited for my sister, mba Upie, and have to drive her home with me. So, Here I am. Home, safe and sound, with happy feeling.

Hopefully tomorrow I could have the same fun gathering with my friends, which I hope, someone will invite me soon. haha, still feel like an outsider with this new phase of life.

Anyway, got a work to do early in the morning. So I guess, I'll post another story of my life sooner tomorrow.

Good night Universe. I still missed a figure for this moment, but what ever, we have our own business, aren't we?


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