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He'll be home soon ! even thou not going to see each other, atleast we'll be in the same town so i could feel him ! haha

hopefully wont bored

Today is the 3rd day i haven't seen him since he gone to that shitty camp thing, i must say yesterday was a tough day because i can not receive any message from him because of those trees jack the signal. Sad and grief but yea, who the hell care anyway ?

So this day to prevent the boringness , i ask Gery, my 2 years chair mate to company me to spend the day off. So we will having this kinda date, we will watching Pocong at pim 1 at 15.35. 

I'm really hoping this will be a blast day.


my gosh

Bored bored and bored.
After 1 week since the holiday starts i began to feel boring just this past 2 days.
Boncel left to Bandung for this camp logistik thing, his departure makes me feel sad because he's the only one i got for playing. Warning is no longer becoming my second home. There's no such thing called second home since i lived in Bandung. fvck head.

Yea yea, do i miss him? of course i do! 
Why was that? Because he is the only easy going person i have ever met and i haven't found another friend that can company me that easily.

Girls stuff? Gees, i have to think twice to go with them. It seemed like if i wanna go and have some fun, they still got this and that and make their self late like hours. It really didn't make me refreshed but desperately make me cranky.

But anyway, we wont see each other like about 1 week, but i know, we always think about each other anyway, so, hopefully every time i think about him he'll think about me too. And send me those sms please, i wanna know how do you do there.


i don't know !

i really having an absurd feeling for tonight. I cannot sleep because of a curiousness that gained by a friend of mine.
It started just when i was about to returning him home. We were talking about nothing , but then he gave a statement that surely makes me awake till now. I'm still wondering what was that all about.
Till i open this internet, i keep asking to him, still no answer.
Okay i gave up.

This man, i don't know actually what kind of feelings that i have and gave to him.
Weird and irrevocably said that i'm in love, or just care.
Started at nowhere, unknown business , our friendship become stronger.
But if i may say this is a "love-like" things, then i can't help my self around.

She, a woman that crazy in love with him, keeping me out of his range. She's afraid, of losing what she thought she has already got.

Tonight, in my car, was the last time i ever doubt that i do not love him. I DO. i really do.

Afterall, i check out a fun girl's blog. Included the name of a person i care about.
I read all about him. I felt like i was crying. I envy her situation, the situation that over come also being mine, but i can not have him the way she had. 
Apparently, because of reading that blog, i really realized my feelings on him, and i want to have him. But how suppose i say to this one mankind that overdoing of her approach to this one i love?

He's off the line, and started to steal my very mind, becoming to dream of my nite, even i can not leave the nite.
started to feel sick and hopeless, but finally i still hardly pray for something, keeping us still close and be the closest friend in the universe.