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a little shocking day

It was started with early alarm clock that should be wake us up before 8 oclock, but somehow, because we were went to sleep to late, we missed our plan schedule this morning. No one actually wake up on time.
Audi missed her class, I missed my travel.

But, well, we kept it cool. somehow this isn't so much problem for us. just relax and enjoy the life.

Unfortunately, when i went to my travel, it was full with bunch of family, traveling together and I didn't get any seat, I started to panic. It was 11 oclock, and I need to be in Jakarta befor 3 oclock. Where should I go next, which travel I have to try to look if they had any space available for me. And the way from Audi's house to 1st travel has cost me 15 thousand rupiah. Finally I grab a taxi, and spent another 15 to go to Dipatiukur, cititrans.
I was really hoping that I could make it on time and got any seat for that 11.15 departure schedule.
When I arrived, bad feeling occur. There was tooo many people there, I assumed, I wont get seat, again.

But then I tried to call another travel, Umbara , Baraya, else and else. I started to panic, I got a new job *sudden new job* that actually quite inappropriate for someone like me who live in 2 cities, I should have been warned before, not the exact same day that I had a new class started an hour before my regular student on Friday. HMMMMMM'

Finally, I tried to booked the 11,15 departure but I only get to the waiting list, which I believe I won't get a chance to get a seat by it, Then I decided to take dipatiukur-bintaro way, say that I don't even know how Im I going to go back home by that route, and I have used almost all of my money .

Then I decided again, to took public transportation , destenation to Bus station near Pont square, leabk bulus. But because i have to teach in about an hour after I get to the station, I took OJEG, a bike taxi I saw the first person I meet on the street.

It cost me 35thousan to went home, and when I got home, no one is there. well i have got used by it since I was alittle.
After working, I went to warning, grab some breakfast, at 2 pm *what kind of a break fast it was?* then I waited for Athe, because she needed to be companied today, so I volunteer to hang out with her.

After doing some stuff, we went to DIVA Karaoke, in pejaten village, I don't even know that there was such thing like that.

I arrived at home with no balance at all at my wallet, but. WHAT EVER. they said they were always disturbed by me. Wait till I move and live abroad. you wont even think about my life anymore.

So we , athe and a few friends of her karokeing in Diva. IT was quite fun.

Not Im really sleepy. Work to do since i9 oclock. hahhhh
well, so hectic I am today, but I  live. Im homow bow

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