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A little man inside my car

So, this story is about how shock I was while driving back home just this afternoon.

Everything was going so well , no weird sound, no bad engine, nothing . Just me and my lover Junkie driving along the road.
But suddenly, something touched my left leg.


Automatically, I raised up my left feet and try to clean the weird touch that left in my skin.
I was still wondering around, what the hell was below my seat. Is it something like cockroach, or a lizard, or what ever. I still can't believe that there was an animal inside my car. An ANIMAL!

But then after I put my feet back to where it belongs, I started to feel insecure so I lift and put it over and over again.. until.. finally the last time I put down my feet, I feel like i stepped on something chewy. And it made loud sound too. IT'S A MOUSE! INSIDE MY CAR!

Gosh, if I had a heart attack because of it, I might have caused accident because I started to panic and I pull both of my legs, but just in a second I remember I was driving so I put my right foot back to brake and surely trying not to put my feet on the ground.

O my gosh it was scary.

Is it that trashy? I know my car has been used for my family business, taking care of foods, supplies and stuffs, but, A MOUSE?

Totally unacceptable. PFFFFFFTTT

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