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Shopping Time!

Yesterday, I went to this place called Cimol Gede Bage, located somewhere in Bandung , I think the area called Ujung Berung, but I can't tell you for sure where was it.

This market sells second handed stuffs, or maybe tripled and so on handed. Hahaha

So I went there with Jason, Monang, and Icha (Jason's GF). Actually me and Monang didn't plan to go there or joining Jason because this is his plan from the day before. But the more we realized we got nothing to do for the day, we decided to go along with them.

We picked up Icha at her house around 12 at noon, while waiting her appeared, Monang (the hungry bear) bought some meatball ( we call it bakso keliling ) and instead eating it from its bowl, he wrapped it in a plastic. I wonder how difficult it was to eat a full hot soup in a plastic. But I did bought that too. haha , but just for your information, I didn't use the soup, I just asked for the meatballs. It was quite delicious. Well.. can't lie, just so so.

After that we went straight to Cimol, we arrived around 1 and started the hunting position.

We parted as Jason went alone, so did Icha, I went with Monang because I'm scared of strangers, especially crowded places such a market. I won't live If you put me to those condition alone, I might hysterical.

So, I followed every steps Monang made. I follow to every part of the market, and actually I found a few good pieces of clothes. I bought 4 sweaters, which is 10.000 IDR each piece, and one mexican.. I don't know what was the name, the one that worn by Ted in How I met Your Mother, a sweater with a hood, with mexican pattern. What was the name ?

I think it called Baja Hoodie. (I did a little research for a second ago :D) It looks like this (not exact the same hoodie I bought, just to show what Baja Hoodie look like.)
 Beside those sweater, I bought I black mini dress, which quite proper to be used on my concert someday. But I do have to re-fit it, haha it was to big for my size, but what ever. 10.000IDR only!!

okay I am a cheap stuff freak. I don't really care about brand or high fashion. I just want something unique.

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