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Words, still need to be followed by action, mon amie!

So, what I was going to achieved the day before yesterday night, was destroyed by some inappropriate action that came towards the word I have said to restate the condition I was willing to fix about.


Can't say much because I don't want to write that down , but, I just want to express how I was disappointed by human capability of saying words and doing unreasonable action.

Words are so meaningful, they can bring so much joy also so much devastating moment to someone. But why one can not express it, load it out, speak it out loud, think about it and just say the word how the one feel about it.

Why must one be the victim of the vagueness the other does and should be the one who suffer from the impact *mentally over thinking anything overtime*

Why is everything so complicated when what I was offering is so simple to be done? Why is it has to be like that?!?!?!?!

The plan that I have made destroyed, and still I couldn't manage to bring my self to the state of comfortableness one could ever get from a very longing old friend, that has been skipped for about months because of some accident, wrong decision, of I don't know which side. *strongly approve that it wasn't mine to be blame*

So. Please ladies and gentleman, put your head away behind the bars and keep your words flowed like a river to tell anyone anytime anywhere what is on your mind. That is a really big thing that could impact your either relationship, friendship, famillyship (I just made this word up) anything -ship you would like to have, loved to have, kill to have, whatever to have.

Don't make the same mistake as you kept your feeling down to your self and hoping somebody else would understand how you feel, SCREAM THEM OUT LOUD SO THE UNIVERSE WOULD UNDERSTAND YOU! -no just told it to the one that needed to know, not everybody needs to know. Gossip kills a lot of people thou. haha

Well, thats all I can say this night. Soon will be followed by some other loathing words of disappointment.

Just kidding.

See you in my other experience, Bonne Nuit!