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Hello life!

Hey there readers, who ever or if there is any of it, haha. It's been a while since i haven't write down any thing I experience in my daily life.

So here's a thing. There is no other life after you graduated from your study. *in this I mean after you graduate from University*

I used to have a lot of thing to do, like going here and there, being invited to go here and there from my college friend. It was something for me back then. Something I felt like a routinity I have for daily life.


I feel like I have no friends, no invitation, no whatsoever that makes me feel like I have something to do in my daylight.

Ok, I have work to do, only by the weekend. WEEKEND, the time when actually people doing fun stuff, doing nothing stuff, stroll along in their bed, relaxing, give no s**t of outside life, but here I am. Over and over again. Exhausted? A little bit. Sad? No. Happy? Not really. I don't feel like I'm living right.

I don't know what is this. A transition ? Is it?

Well, I depend on my music life, I put all of my faith in my music activity. I trust it to be my number one - I-don't-care-about-anything-else- distraction of this boredom I felt just a while ago.

Yesterday, eh.. the day before yesterday, I was having this concert with my orchestra, as usual, with this unique performance ofcourse, a short so-called mini opera *I gave the name myself*.

It was soooooooooo much filling my spirit, I felt alive.

But, now.. that it has been done, I feel emptied with another nothing to do activity awaits for me in the morning everytime i wake up.

well. Life. I still seeking for the new way to get into my future path thou. Hopefully, the more I get intense being serious in this dream I have, the way will showed it self.


O yea, I was invited for a job interview from a Bank, I went for the interview, but then I turned them down because I believe, banking job isn't my field. It was a weird experience thou, I wasted some opportunity given by someone that I actually didn't expect to be invited to.
And yes, another job interview came by, I will be interviewed for a Staff Production in Metro TV, a media in Indonesia, thankfully Dita help me with the CV I gave her days before, thats why I'm invited to do the interview. This field is kinda interesting for me because somehow it connected with the major I have been studied for the past 4 years. International news segment. But I still a little bit , just a little bit doubting whether I'm gonna take the job or not. I still can't let go my teaching job. I can't imagine how am I gonna do two works at one time. Guess I have to think some way to do this without changing to much schedule I already have.

Also a coffee shop business I tried to build, just starting the plan thou, it also became something that actually will mixed up with what will happened if I got accepted for this work.

Hey , I'm not that bored, are I ? I'm actually have lots to do, and do busy -just realized it- but, why am I feeling this uncomfortably solitary ?

well, whatever.

Well, maybe this is from me for tonight. Hope that something will happen tomorrow so I can share exciting stories, not just this blabbering rubbish thing I always do. And anyway, I want to post some photos I made the other day for a freelancer job I had from my friend, but I think it was strictly cannot be posted before the magazine or the work published. So. This is it, only words, with no picture.

Good night Universe. I love you solitary life.

PS: I am not grieving for my self, I just got bored for this present time. Tomorrow will be a good day, so I will be cheerfully share a happy story next time.

Adios, Bon nuit


My first Gig with my Sister

It was 9th of November, Friday, a regular day for my Sister, as you now before, Ichyl, sing with her band in a cafe called Tokove, which located on Kemang Selatan VII, I forgot the name of the "ruko". but yea there was we.

I asked her weeks before if I can have an opportunity to jam with her, with my violin. Turned out, I only played like 3 songs, disaster one, and also sang a song with her, a cover song from Fleet Foxes, Tiger Mountain Peasant. But we sang it the way First Aid Kid way.

My parents heard our rehearsal hours before I headed to the venue, they were like amazed when finally they got a chance to hear me singing. Well, yes, I never sing in front of them, it was like my private embarrassment to show my capability infront of my own family.

I sang alot back in collage. I had a band, and actually collaborated with some bands too in our Campus events. I done the violin parts and also sings for many songs that time. But the past was the past. I left that activities when I got to the ending of my study year. It was such a lost for me to leave that part of favorite thing I had back in the life of Bandung comfortableness.

Also, in that opportunity, I invited my new friend, someone called Momo, who actually has a real name Hendra Rahtomo, but somehow he has a artist name, called Rayiekha Racht, if I wasn't mistaken.
Haha, it was some big burden for me to actually play infront of new people. But, well, booze makes everything goes well. hahha

It was some huge experience for me to have guts to play spontaneously in front of stranger. I used to play with people I know, groupies -they so called. Well, if I do want to be a professional player i have to be brave enough to play solo, or being outstanding with my instrument capability. BUT IT WAS SO HARD TO ACHIEVE. Orchestra made me have this kind of safe zone, I could play whatever tune it produced, and no one will actually realized if I made a lot of mistakes. haha

I should grow any faster if I want to achieve my France dream. YOU SHOULD!