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hey there. Here I am, a 22 years old girl, who never actually spend to much money on shopping for beauty make up, good dresses, fancy shoes, and other thing that actually this age suppose to be doing, or some of them, i guess. And now, I am actually starting to put some interest on that kinds of thing, having good dress, a good and expensive high heels, but still not for that unreasonable bags. What I'm interested on now is about make over. For plenty years, I've been rolling around with a very boyish kind of style, I don't really care what i was wearing, basically , i have nothing but natural color. Unconfident ? Yes. i think i was. But starting this year, I've tried much of colorful wardrobe. Such as New look skinny jeans.
This jeans (above) changes my confidence and i started to mix and match few more colorful thing i have in my closet. haha a little start, ey, hope i could actually change and turn into some ugly duck to a swan .. yea yea what ever. hahaha if you guys have any comment and respond about style and how do casual edgy styling with a friendly budget, i would like to hear some of yours. sincerely, soon to be new person