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Waiting for New Chapter

So here it goes.

I have quitted my job at Metro TV, and decided to spend a few moments to stay unemployed and just relaxing around for a while.

I did not let go my teaching job because I think it will make a good support, since I still need to get some money in order to have a splendid holiday for the end of the year.

And so here I am. Spending my weekdays sleeping around, not wanting to go and hang out because I realize my friends are not available to play, or just not available to play with me, I don't know. Yea but I don't feel sad, I feel comfortable with this.

Staying around at my own house, watching my family do their activities, makes me realize how much I have missed knowing anything about my family. Even like the smallest thing. I missed them all, while I was too busy with what I called 'doing obligation' and 'working my as*-off'. I find it annoying, yet relieving.

But, hey... I do need to find another job soon. I started to make a list of activities, like wanting to go to another course, for violin, or even for new thing; saxophone. Yes, I want to learn new thing ahead.

But those things cost a lot. I do know that I need to find a job by the beginning of 2014. So I think I will start looking for available job.

Oh but I've been very grateful having my parents and their business, because by helping them selling our products, gave me a few cash, just to provide me enough entertainment to fill my days for this 3 months, or so.

Well, I think it's enough for this time mumbling, I will find something else to do now.
See you next time.