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My first Sudden Wedding Gig

It was started on Friday morning, when I was preparing my self to go back to Jakarta. Someone texted me, I didn't know who that is. Her name is Nora. She said she got my number from my sister. She needed a violist for a wedding gig, which will held on Sunday. 2 more days. Well, I feel like I will do any job right now, I will take any chances in order to gather the money for Sigur Ros concert in November.

So I took it. I took the offering. I was willing to do anything they want me to. Practicing in the middle of the night the day before the even start. Doing anything i can't with no professionally in order, *I didn't quite comfortable with this kind of rehearsing because I always do score reading and not much of a spontaneous creativity play*.

I thought this girl have already prepared the list of the songs, or whatever so I can rehears my self to do my violin part. That rehearsing night, was such a waste. I became cranky but well, I tried to be calm and permit my self to go home as soon as possible. And it was 2 in the morning.

The Wedding day.

It was Sunday so I had my own orchestra rehearsal in the morning before I had to go to the wedding, which located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. The Place called Damai Indah Golf and Country Club.

After my rehearsal done, Nora had appeared in front of my rehearsal building. We packed our equipment, my violin and her keyboard, and went straight to P.I.K by the freeway , I guess it called kebon jeruk tol or something. Wow, this was the few early time I drove my self in free way road. It was exciting, yet so nervous.

We arrived safely. Made a few wrong turn inside the complex before because we really had no clue where Damai Indah Golf and Country Club is. We asked to about 4 people for the direction. Our google map technology quite not helping since this place really have bad signal provider.

It was 2 pm, and the event said will be started at 4. But as we went inside the country club, there was no decoration yet, they still make it and I was like 'what the hell, is this going to be on time?'

But what ever, it wasnt my job to think about the decoration, I had to concentrate about what am I going to do for the play. I was feeling unprepared, but whatsoever, I was there anyway, so I would do anything I can do to perform well.

We were changing our clothes and did some make up before 4 oclock, and as we were still preparing, the event had started.
1st : The wedding ceremony. The ritual of Christians having blessing from the priest for their marriage and stuff. It was located near the lake of Hole (I didn't know what the number is). It was beautiful thou, the scenery, the atmosphere, to bad I didn't take a picture of it.
And so we rushed to our stage, preparing for our turn , which we didn't know yet when.

2nd: The coming guests and what so ever they called the session

We started to play, and it was 6pm. We were so bored from 4-6, doing nothing. But when we start to play, we did draw their attention, oh yeah, I forgot, there was one more personnel, saxophonist named, I forgot. haha
We did the this and that  as the even flow and just wait for the cue from the MC. We played we played we played for the Wedding cake session, Kissing ceremonial session (this is weird), Champagne session, Diner session, and  Door prize session.

We actually was told that when there were Fire work session, we had to play Firework by Katy Perry, but I don't think they would pay attention to us anyway, so we didn't play it.

After the session has came to past, the last session was arrived. We have finished our job, and doing some research for the booze, snacks, food , anything that comes around.

Booze, yes. The last session was a DJ mix house party kind. They provided beers, champagne, Whisky and stuff. And so I stole a few sip of it (a glass I mean). hahaha
Well, it ended at 9 Pm, but the party still going on until I don't know, I just want to get back home.

Another Google map problem, it got me lost for almost one and a half hours. We took the wrong turn, we made a turn that showed up on the map but not in reality. We went round and round and finally, I chose to go to the very first name I recognize . Kota.

well, It was quite far away from where we suppose to be by the nearest track but, anything .. I just want to go home.

I got home at almost 12 midnight, I went straight to my bed room. I want to play the sims, but my eyes can't support me anymore. I think I dropped my phone like 4 times already because of the sleepiness while I was playing game on my phone. Im sorry Phoenix, I didn't mean to hurt you. huhu

Well, thats it. Thats my story of my first wedding gig.

Hoping I could have some more.

A tout a l'heure