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So this little story about my organization that I have not been updated. As i remember, it was about somewhen in febuary, held the inauguration of new members who counted as a member in 2009. The number of candidates who gave real surprise to us, the old members, who expected the successor of the membership number at the inauguration of this year. it was only 3 people who will be inaugurated as the new members. well, actually it was good that there are members who will be inaugurated somehow. But, anyway, there was this ordinary ceremony we were doing to inaugurate them.

look how dashing they are

Young member 2007 performed this ceremony. As usual they use our outdoor outfit, our beloved Orange Jacket. Unfortunately, i don't bring mine, and neither i used indoor outfit, i uses ordinary casual long t-shirt, sorry guys. hehe

Among, one of the 2007, perfectly tended to be the commander of the ceremony, along with Ferry who tended to be, well,( whats the word? ) - pembina upacara.

Lots of attenders from many years, not too much, but at least still there were several of still-concerned-members that joined the ceremony.

No separation between the old members ( which literally the old ones ) and the young one

After we pass this official ordinary flag ceremony, then came the inauguration time.
The three new members stepped in front of the line.

They washed down with coconut water for the purpose of baptism by the oldest member who attended and then given a scarf as a sign of the inauguration. So there they were, the new member of TRUPALA 2009. (actually i forgot the names, i'll be back for that someday)
After the ceremony finished, we gathered around , drank some "cendol" and we ate some snack brought by the committee. We chat one to another, individually, then to group of old friends, reminiscing the old memory back.

It's been to long for me to meet and be with this old bestfriends, together spending the time like there's no tomorrow, laughing our fat ass off, mingle like we don't care where we were.
I miss those time, i miss the guys.

Can we go back to that time? of course not.

I have a life here. i don't regret what i do here, now, and then.

It was just a little rewind of my old memories. It wont be a big concern. Life just goes around as it is.

but so you know, i did miss the old days


its been so long ey , i just got back with another spirits since i just lost it somehow after i lost my soul somehow.
pathetic , yes, that was the word.

you know , well, several people known how i survived in my stupid love life. i have went through some similar mistake then. and i was like repeating all over again. i realized that i have enough with my self somehow. its not that i was angry or fed up with my self, i still love my self, i just longing to have another chance , to proof my self that i can do so much better, i can avoid another stupid decision, stupid theory, i just want to feel ordinary love, which i haven't felt till now.

several so-called relationship, thou never been in a real status somehow, but i did feel love, loving, loved and whatever you want to call it.

somehow the only thing that made me feel like there's missing pieces in my daylife, its only one thing. love. never had the real thing for once.

i have much friends, i have much activity, i never felt bored, i play a lot, instead, i was too much cool with anything. everything felt like nothing was wrong, it was like it fits the way they were. to perfect till i don't recognize whats missing.

somehow, yes , i do admit what my bestfriend said, i was too much careless , i should atleast be sensitive for a little bit, but i wont change the way i am thou.

im hoping this would be the last lame post about love love things. i will come back with great experience, angry, joy, sadness, anything but blaming my self.

we should keep our spirits alive, will you? you should! :D