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5th Song from ClockWise

I was actually spending this night alone, with kinda.. I don't know. I just feel like to do it. so here it is
a cover from Damien Rice - 9 Crimes.

ClockWise - 9Crimes (cover Damien Rice)

have fun listening to it. haha

this is the lyrics

9 Crimes - Damien Rice

Leave me out with the waste,
        C          G
This is not what I do.
         Am            F
It's the wrong kind of place
      C           G
To be thinking of you.
         Am    F
It's the wrong time,
    C        G
For somebody new
       Am    F
It's a small crime,
         C      G
And I've got no excuse.

        Am    F
Is that alright?
C       G                  Am
Give my gun away when it's loaded.
Is that alright, yeah?
C            G                             Am
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it?
Is that alright?
C       G                  Am
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright?
        C            G
Is that alright with you?

-End Chorus-

         Am           F
Leave me out with the waste,
        C          G
This is not what I do.
         Am            F
It's the wrong kind of place
      C           G
To be cheating on you.
         Am    F
It's the wrong time,
    C        G
She's pulling me through.
       Am    F
It's a small crime,
         C      G
And I've got no excuse.

        Am    F
Is that alright?
C       G                  Am
Give my gun away when it's loaded.
Is that alright, yeah?
C            G                             Am
If you don't shoot it how am I supposed to hold it?
Is that alright?
C       G                  Am
Give my gun away when it's loaded
Is that alright?
        C            G
Is that alright with you?

-End Chorus-

        Am F C G
Is that alright?
        Am F C G
Is that alright?
        Am               F C G
Is that alright with you?
Is that alright?
Is that alright?
        C            G
Is that alright with you?

Am F C G

Am F C G 


Journey to Sigur Rós


well, here the story goes.

I was triggered by Cassey's blog post about when she watched Sigur Rós live in San Francisco, and I was aware that Sigur Rós will also touring in Asia, which the closest on was in Singapore and Malaysia. So i decided, I will go to Singapore to watch them.

I was really excited, i started to collect all of my wages and salary and tried not to spent big expenses so I could buy the plane and the concert tix. And there was I , buying all the thing my self, don't care if I can't hang out with the guys, or even thou i went out, not spending to much money so I could save more for this thing.

I bought the airplane tickets, the cheapest on, roundtrip and yes, I was proud of my self that I could actually get the promo price when I really indeed need the cheapest fare as well. So i paid the cost with no hesitate, I don't even want to think how much I just want to be relief that I had this airplane tickets , means I am , I was prepared to go fly to Singapore. I am prepared!

And then for the concert ticket, there was a little bit of drama for this part of the story. Most of it I was actually not fond of telling or even remembering what had happened. But I did, I did, I bought the ticket, a groups ticket which the other one was used by Athe, a friend of mine, whom actually is my best friend' x-girlfriend.

Cut to the case, moving to the Singapore journey story. Here it goes.

So It was Thursday, my flight schedule was on 17.55 pm. But days before, I was called by some HR person from Metro TV, and was called for a job interview on the same day as my flight. So I called them back and reschedule the interview so I can go to airport without rushing, because Metro TV was quite far from the Airport and also, I wouldn't know yet how long that interview will go for. Was it gonna be like hours, or just minutes, and so anyway, I did get to reschedule the interview and it was scheduled earlier but still on the same day.

And so I went to this Metro TV building, it's in Kedoya, somewhere near Daan Mogot, or Kebon Jeruk. I went there, I wait alittle while but just before my appointment hour, I've already been called and followed the person, who turns out to be soon-to-be-my boss.
We talked, she asked few questions, and hand me over a test, two articles , one in Indonesia, and one in English. The task was I had to translate both articles the other language around. She gave me 20 minutes to finished the task, but actually it took me more than that, I took like almost more than 40 minutes to translate the the articles. And yes, I wasn't that focused to do the task because whats on my mind was "Sigur Rós, Sigur Rós, in a couple of hours I'm going fly to Singapore and tomorrow I will see Sigur Rós" and so I did the task not to the maximum capability, I got distracted a lot.

And after finishing the job interview also the test, I had lunch with my parents and then went straight to the airport. When I arrived, I was 2 hours early from my flight, but still I was to excited to go traveling alone and well, there was a little pain in the ass but, what so ever, I kept on my mind that I am traveling alone.

And so I flew to Singapore, and I met this guy, an Indonesian guy who sit beside me on the plane, he was also going for Sigur Rós concert. That night, I wasn't had a plan where am I going to sleep for the night. There's a problem, but hell forget about that, and I decided to went and stroll along Singapore streets to find available Hostel. This guy, named Tama, was planned to sleep at the Changi Airport. For real, he was wicked and I feel pity for him, well it was something fun to do somehow, I think I will do that sometime in the future, sleep at the airport, alone. But anyway, I invited him to go with me, to find some hostel in China Town. He never ever been to Singapore, I think that's why he planned to sleep at the airport, and will meet up with his friend in the morning. But then he decided to come along with me. We found the MRT station, and pick the tickets to China Town.

We arrived like at 2200 and we found the China Town market already closing up one by one. It was late night anyway. So I started to seek for a hostel that still opened, because by my research, not all of the hostel would give 24 hours check-in service. I tried to memorize the map I have been looking at for the couple days back. I remember there was a hostel that I like to be in, Pillow and Toast, that was the name of the hostel. So I went finding the street, it was called Mosque street. I found it, I found the hostel, we went in and just in time because in a few minutes more, the receptionist will be off to bed. We checked in, we went to our dorm, I went for a shower, and then we went out for diner.

The next day, the day of the concert, I was awake at 8, and waited till 10, but there still no words from Athe. So I took a shower, and then went down to the kitchen, and made my self a bunch of toast. It still not enough for Indonesian stomach, I need rice. haha.
This is China Town, the view was taken from MRT station exit path.

In that kitchen , I met this Germany girl, named Anastina, she was there alone because of her ear problem. She actually has gone to , i think Thailand, Vietnam, and one other Asia country but then she has to go to Singapore because she had this ear problem that caused her half deftness and cured there in Singapore hospital. Also I met this India likely person, but actually He was born in UK, but he lives in some island , small island near Africa, I don't remember the name of the island. But yes he said his great great parents are Indian.

Finally, a word from Athe came, she asked me to meet up at City Hall MRT station. Cut to the case, I met her there, she brought her cousin and one American guy, good looking guy, named Keith Bradley. She met him at the plane too, just like I brought Tama along the day before. It was so nice experiencing things like that, met a stranger, but then we can bring along that stranger to company us in this alien city. Well, lucky her, she met a handsome native guy. But I thank God thou, Tama did accompany my night so that I don't actually feel alienated.

So, after finally meeting up we walked unplanned. It was draining my strength, really was. I wasn't looking forward something like that. I want to be settled to Athe's apartment, put my stuff there, and went to Orchard road, or somewhere else to explore Singapore.

 But this girl.. is really was.. well.. cut the story, we parted from Bradley, he went to Marina Bay Sands, which I was envy a lot. I want to go there too, but it was to expensive and we don't have that much time to catch up for the concert. It was late already as what I had planned for the day. But anyway, we had lunch. I picked this menu, something called tofu something, I haven't tasted it again since I was teenager. I was so excited to finally had a chance to eat this again. It was memorable.

After lunch, we went to Athe's cousins apartment. It was at Clementi, which was far away from the concert venue. By the time we arrived there, it was really late, like we only had 2 hours to get prepared for the concert, but after experiencing some unenjoyable time, and it was a mood destroyer that just an hour before I want to get going, it was raining, a heavy heavy rain was pouring Singapore. But well, after took a shower and did some preparation, we went to the concert venue, prepared with rain (i brought umbrella -lent from athe's cousin, which actually left behind afterward) condition, and yes we were on set an hour before the concert *should be* began.

Fort Canning Park. It was huge, and we didn't actually know how to get to the entrance booth. I also didn't know where the ticket booth is. I already bought the tickets from Jakarta, but I do have to change the print out to be the actual tickets. I met few friends from Jakarta and they told me I have to go out front to the ticket booth, but we actually already in the entrance line, it was long enough i thought i could make it in time to change the ticket and back in line. But I must ran to catch up with the line, thank God i made it in time. We were in. We were in the venue. It was relieving, so much. I was exhausted enough before the concert even begin. So we bought some drinks and find a spot to sit.
And finally, after 2 hours waiting, there they were. On stage, and I was shivering to my nerves I couldn't bare to scream, but I didn't. They played the first song - I couldn't even remember the list, I was to excited and occupied with my condition. 
This is a few friend we met in the middle of the concert. We had so much fun, we scream, we laugh, we yelled together as Jonsi sang and made us gone wild.

It was phenomenal. Few last songs were definitely was magical. The rain was pouring during the songs, and it was.. I don't know how to describe it, magical. Really is magical. The sky turned to orange puffy like, and the rain drops started to pour little by little and actually it began to be a heavy rain, stroll along with the change of the atmosphere of the songs.
I couldn't say I didn't cry, I wasn't but I feel something inside, It took my feeling ups and down, as Jonsi  scream his voice out and the ambience.. oh God, I would never ever forget what I had experienced that night.

The concert done in like 2hours or so. I feel it was really soon to be done. But the time has said so, we have to go as soon as possible, the MRT soon will be closed and we don't have anything left to go anywhere. So we ran, catching up with the train, and finally end up in Little India, soaking wet, still shivering , still felt the excitement of witnessing the awesomeness of Sigur Rós.

We were stopping by the Mustafa center to meet up with Bradley, who actually was there at the concert. He was actually went to Fort Canning to meet up with us, but I wasn't aware that he called me several times, and texted me where were we after the concert finished. But yeah, we met and gathered at Mustafa center, and he brought us to his Hostel. It was so nice of him that he already asked for permission from the hostel for us to use the bathroom and also hang around till the first train start in the morning.
It was a crazy night. I couldn't believe I had experience such things. Really, It was.

The next morning, I realized that I lost my necklace, the 7 years necklace that already be my treasure all along, it was gone. vanished, and I couldn't remember where the last time I put that off my neck. I assumed that I left it behind in Bradley's hostel, so I went parted from athe earlier, and went back to the hostel. Just to find my necklace. But it wasn't there. I was devastated. Seriously, I felt like loosing something important in my life. That necklace had already accompanied my life and almost dying experience for the past 7 years, and I lost it recklessly. I felt so stupid, but well.. I see this as a good bye, to my old phase of life.

Yes, this is an experience that gives me a lot of learning the way I have to manage something by my own, seeing new people, strangers, being nice, being dumb, being extra careful and being very reckless. There is always advantage and disadvantage, and I couldn't step forward if I won't try any of choices I had in life.

I went back alone, I flight on my own, and arrived there at Cengkareng Airport, seeing my mom and dad waiting for me and picked me up, I feel so .. I don't know.. mellow.

well, maybe the way I'm telling this story was not as I expected, I can't make a good arrangement of the story because it was jumping all over in my head. But I feel like I have to type this down and hoping this could remind me somewhen, although I would never ever forget it.

Thanks for the chance, thanks for the fortune, thanks for everything.
Thank you Universe


Hello life!

Hey there readers, who ever or if there is any of it, haha. It's been a while since i haven't write down any thing I experience in my daily life.

So here's a thing. There is no other life after you graduated from your study. *in this I mean after you graduate from University*

I used to have a lot of thing to do, like going here and there, being invited to go here and there from my college friend. It was something for me back then. Something I felt like a routinity I have for daily life.


I feel like I have no friends, no invitation, no whatsoever that makes me feel like I have something to do in my daylight.

Ok, I have work to do, only by the weekend. WEEKEND, the time when actually people doing fun stuff, doing nothing stuff, stroll along in their bed, relaxing, give no s**t of outside life, but here I am. Over and over again. Exhausted? A little bit. Sad? No. Happy? Not really. I don't feel like I'm living right.

I don't know what is this. A transition ? Is it?

Well, I depend on my music life, I put all of my faith in my music activity. I trust it to be my number one - I-don't-care-about-anything-else- distraction of this boredom I felt just a while ago.

Yesterday, eh.. the day before yesterday, I was having this concert with my orchestra, as usual, with this unique performance ofcourse, a short so-called mini opera *I gave the name myself*.

It was soooooooooo much filling my spirit, I felt alive.

But, now.. that it has been done, I feel emptied with another nothing to do activity awaits for me in the morning everytime i wake up.

well. Life. I still seeking for the new way to get into my future path thou. Hopefully, the more I get intense being serious in this dream I have, the way will showed it self.


O yea, I was invited for a job interview from a Bank, I went for the interview, but then I turned them down because I believe, banking job isn't my field. It was a weird experience thou, I wasted some opportunity given by someone that I actually didn't expect to be invited to.
And yes, another job interview came by, I will be interviewed for a Staff Production in Metro TV, a media in Indonesia, thankfully Dita help me with the CV I gave her days before, thats why I'm invited to do the interview. This field is kinda interesting for me because somehow it connected with the major I have been studied for the past 4 years. International news segment. But I still a little bit , just a little bit doubting whether I'm gonna take the job or not. I still can't let go my teaching job. I can't imagine how am I gonna do two works at one time. Guess I have to think some way to do this without changing to much schedule I already have.

Also a coffee shop business I tried to build, just starting the plan thou, it also became something that actually will mixed up with what will happened if I got accepted for this work.

Hey , I'm not that bored, are I ? I'm actually have lots to do, and do busy -just realized it- but, why am I feeling this uncomfortably solitary ?

well, whatever.

Well, maybe this is from me for tonight. Hope that something will happen tomorrow so I can share exciting stories, not just this blabbering rubbish thing I always do. And anyway, I want to post some photos I made the other day for a freelancer job I had from my friend, but I think it was strictly cannot be posted before the magazine or the work published. So. This is it, only words, with no picture.

Good night Universe. I love you solitary life.

PS: I am not grieving for my self, I just got bored for this present time. Tomorrow will be a good day, so I will be cheerfully share a happy story next time.

Adios, Bon nuit


My first Gig with my Sister

It was 9th of November, Friday, a regular day for my Sister, as you now before, Ichyl, sing with her band in a cafe called Tokove, which located on Kemang Selatan VII, I forgot the name of the "ruko". but yea there was we.

I asked her weeks before if I can have an opportunity to jam with her, with my violin. Turned out, I only played like 3 songs, disaster one, and also sang a song with her, a cover song from Fleet Foxes, Tiger Mountain Peasant. But we sang it the way First Aid Kid way.

My parents heard our rehearsal hours before I headed to the venue, they were like amazed when finally they got a chance to hear me singing. Well, yes, I never sing in front of them, it was like my private embarrassment to show my capability infront of my own family.

I sang alot back in collage. I had a band, and actually collaborated with some bands too in our Campus events. I done the violin parts and also sings for many songs that time. But the past was the past. I left that activities when I got to the ending of my study year. It was such a lost for me to leave that part of favorite thing I had back in the life of Bandung comfortableness.

Also, in that opportunity, I invited my new friend, someone called Momo, who actually has a real name Hendra Rahtomo, but somehow he has a artist name, called Rayiekha Racht, if I wasn't mistaken.
Haha, it was some big burden for me to actually play infront of new people. But, well, booze makes everything goes well. hahha

It was some huge experience for me to have guts to play spontaneously in front of stranger. I used to play with people I know, groupies -they so called. Well, if I do want to be a professional player i have to be brave enough to play solo, or being outstanding with my instrument capability. BUT IT WAS SO HARD TO ACHIEVE. Orchestra made me have this kind of safe zone, I could play whatever tune it produced, and no one will actually realized if I made a lot of mistakes. haha

I should grow any faster if I want to achieve my France dream. YOU SHOULD!


my GRADUATION day. not so much relieving day

It has been really quite a while since my last post. I was distracted by my unhealthy state being because of this tooth problem I had , still have till now tho, yes. I'm not quite well yet for the time being.

But anyways, what I wanted to share is about this momentary unforgettable event , which was a once in a life time opportunity to feel and experience this kind of joyfulness a man can have.


Yes, I just got graduated from this University I had enrolled for about 4 years far from home, yet feels like a real home for me and my 'family' in this case refer to my best best friend from the very beginning life I started in Bandung, till the very present day, oh I started to feel mellow right now.

It was 20th of October 2012. At least I did do achieve my goal, graduated before the so called dooms day on 21th December. Not that I was saying I believe on that premonition but, still a common view took a big courage to say I don't care about those thing, at all. A little of that matter still cloudy up my nerve somehow.

So, yes. My family came to Bandung to attend the ceremony of the graduation day, the day we, the students of this so not being respected UNPAR, thou I do thank you for letting me developed somekind of a never-been-thinking to have skill that I may use up for the next stage of my life.

At first, the ceremony was a total bore-some ritual, which makes us even crankier because of the heat that heating all of us while we have to use kebaya plus coated with the , what do they call it? Toga? I tought Toga was only the hat. but Anyways..

The moment of the time when usually the alumnus being given back to our parents didn't actually make a good impression here in this UNPAR' ritual. My mom and dad said, we supposed to be walking towards our parents and show them some gratitude, not just waving around and laughing like no meaning at all. Well, we were stuck by the petit place we had as the venue of the ritual anyway, so I guess, no comment for that failure.

But after the formal ritual done, we head to our own Faculty, where our beloved friends already awaits for us to give us greeting, congratulation greets, flowers, presents, and many hugs and kisses (this part wasn't my interest at all). BUT IT MAKES ME SO SAD, realizing that I am going to leave this place after all. Which I don't want to. Never. It's like leaving my life behind, even thou I do have goals to achieve, but not like this. This is too soon to be true. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Well, c'est la vie, we do have to buy it no matter what. Life goes on and on, we never stop to turn back. All we can do is to peek a little about the past, making it a joyful memory and took it as a strength to go forward on the path we see in front of us.

GUYS, I love you so much, I would never forget what we have been through together, the sadness, joyfulness, our ups and downs, our shitty problem, our shitty jokes, our routinity, our home!

Don't ever forget about this. We should stick no matter how far apart we are, we have to spare some time to gather and share our old and new story together.

I'm started to feel so mellow right now.

the oddest people on the world


A tune of Contemporer Jazzy style

Yesterday I went to this event called Grammy Award Winner Oran Etkin that was held at @amerika, it's in Pacific Place Mall. I went there, of course, with Dita. I bet she doesn't really know who Oran Etkin is as I do not know about him at all too. haha

Oran Etkin is a jazz musician, I thought he only plays saxophone, but after I went there, I learnt that he plays clarinet, an instrument that still rare to be played here in Indonesia. Of course I do know about it because in TYO -orchestra I involve in present days- has two clarinet players.

I noticed this event from my orchestra, which got an invitation but the only person who excited to go there was just me. Therefor I invite Dita to came along companying me.

This Oran Etkin, I think he was a European musician. But the more I learnt about him, I knew that he came from US, New york. He introduced his music as a New Orleans wave, Afro jazz, and combine it with traditional instrument of Indonesia, Kendang (sundaness instrument)

Etkin teaches children music classes, he taught that the instrument we played talks our heart out. One of the song he played that day, was a song origin from Indonesia, and played by his style perfectly cool and jazzy groove.
The song called Gambang Suling - I think, if I'm not mistaken the title of the song - and what he told us about this song, that the Suling was represent our voice, our brain, the Gambang, represent our heart beat, our feelings, so the Gambang and Suling conjoined together, with the heart and the brain conjoined together, making such a good out put, a great music from deep inside our heart and spoken out loud so freely as the groove , the hear took the place it self on the beat.

It was a cool perspective I believe. He is a cool guy.

After watching Oran Etkin, we went to BeerGarden near the mall, and waited for the traffic jam to got off the street, and then went home. Still, even thou I went home at 7, I arrived at 9 - such a long traffic way to go to my house. This is tiring.

#AMNGIGS twelve at Pisa Kafe Menteng

It was Saturday night, I was gathered with some friends and invited to this event which I don't know for sure what was my intention went to this event, was it for the gigs, was it for the sake of my friend , or finding love as I was hoping some one I am truly crush on will be there doing his work, photographing and doing the gigs' report.

The #AMNGIGS was a short term for Amild Music Nation Gigs. A place for , I think Indie labeled musicians to show how they grow and how awesome they are.

It was Tuesday the 9th of October, I went there with Dita, but before we went to the cafe, I finally watched Premium Rush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt you are so awesome. And yes, I went there only the two of us, me and Dita, the girls who has no activity this week, who will go to any event that available as long as it cheap, actually free, and not demanding much from us, we will be there. Haha pathetic.

We came late as the event supposed to be started at 9 pm. We arrived at 10. But turns out it just started not long before we arrived. There was 5 bands performed that night. This one band, was a band from our college, UNPAR. It was called Teman Sebangku.

I don't actually recall the names of the bands, but I can try to remember it hard and tell you what are their names. I think the third band was Semak Belukar, I thought this was a heavy metal band. But they were playing so nicely in this awkward attitude and the genre was actually .. hmm what should I call it, it was like Kasidahan songs, but they have this wonderful color because they use Accordion which makes the band unique.
I forgot the two earlier bands' name, but the last band played, was totally nailed it. Luky Annash, he played the piano so groovy, soulful and the guitar played so, so .. well I don't know how to praised it.
They are good. Awesome.

The night closed successfully,  and then me and Dita went home straight after the event finished.

Thank you for the night, it was something new for us.
Experience Experiment.


Words, still need to be followed by action, mon amie!

So, what I was going to achieved the day before yesterday night, was destroyed by some inappropriate action that came towards the word I have said to restate the condition I was willing to fix about.


Can't say much because I don't want to write that down , but, I just want to express how I was disappointed by human capability of saying words and doing unreasonable action.

Words are so meaningful, they can bring so much joy also so much devastating moment to someone. But why one can not express it, load it out, speak it out loud, think about it and just say the word how the one feel about it.

Why must one be the victim of the vagueness the other does and should be the one who suffer from the impact *mentally over thinking anything overtime*

Why is everything so complicated when what I was offering is so simple to be done? Why is it has to be like that?!?!?!?!

The plan that I have made destroyed, and still I couldn't manage to bring my self to the state of comfortableness one could ever get from a very longing old friend, that has been skipped for about months because of some accident, wrong decision, of I don't know which side. *strongly approve that it wasn't mine to be blame*

So. Please ladies and gentleman, put your head away behind the bars and keep your words flowed like a river to tell anyone anytime anywhere what is on your mind. That is a really big thing that could impact your either relationship, friendship, famillyship (I just made this word up) anything -ship you would like to have, loved to have, kill to have, whatever to have.

Don't make the same mistake as you kept your feeling down to your self and hoping somebody else would understand how you feel, SCREAM THEM OUT LOUD SO THE UNIVERSE WOULD UNDERSTAND YOU! -no just told it to the one that needed to know, not everybody needs to know. Gossip kills a lot of people thou. haha

Well, thats all I can say this night. Soon will be followed by some other loathing words of disappointment.

Just kidding.

See you in my other experience, Bonne Nuit!


Wine Philosophy

The cheapest one doesn't mean anything to wine lovers, might be just something to drink to waste some time, or they might just hate it and think they rather not drink it.

Local wine, some cheap wine that produced in our own land, make believe, to show how we love our own land and use or consume our product. Still, valued as a cheap wine.

so.. here it goes.

Wine philosophy (my own perspective - don't mend it)

A bottle of wine, usually said is good when it is old, kept for so long, for years - depends on what kind of the grapes thou - and, brand, the country that produce it, so on and so on.

Local Wine from Bali, Indonesia. Named Hatten Wines - Aga Red.

So new local wine, produced in this year, means it still so young, no bitter taste, only sour and sweet, and just like that. When you keep it longer, either it will change to something good, or it will waste away(forgotten), i don't know for sure.

So, what i want to describe is that, this new produced wine symbolize a new beginning. Give it to someone, with some intention, either only a gift or some offering. But why cheap? my reason, because I don't know if it's worth to be something expensive for something that I don't now for sure how the outcome will occurs to be.

If the one who receive it drink it all in a second, well, it might turns to be he/she does not think any meaning of the gift. But if he/she keep it, and try to wait until the wine turns to be good, better taste, then he will get the good outcome from the gift.

This is some philosophy referring to some action I'm going to do, but I don't think what will I do is necessary to be told in here, so. Just some thought, of a wine, which I don't really expert in, not at all actually. haha

So, when there's some changes, I will be grateful. If it doesn't, I had nothing to loose.
Let the good be good, and the bad goes away.

sincerely, mostly, apologize manner, hopefully will be accepted.


4th Homerecording

Today, again, I had nothing to do so I chose to start taking another recording track for another cover song. This time ClockWise with the so called album Home made, recorded for covering Sheryl Crow ft. Sting - Always on Your Side song.

Chek it out here Sheryl Crow ft. Sting - Always on Your Side cover

Always on Your Side

My yesterdays are all boxed up and neatly put away 
But every now and then you come to mind 
Cause you were always waiting to be picked to play the game 
But when your name was called, you found a place to hide 
When you knew that I was always on your side 

Well everything was easy then, so sweet and innocent 
But my demons and my angels reappeared 
Leavin' all the traces of the man you thought I'd be 
Too afraid to hear the words I've always feared 
Leavin' you so many questions all these years 

But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear 
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear 
Or are you left to wonder, all alone, eternally 
This isn't how it's really meant to be 
No it isn't how it's really meant to be 

Well they say that love is in the air, but never is it clear, 
How to pull it close and make it stay 
Butterflies are free to fly, and so they fly away 
And I'm left to carry on and wonder why 
Even through it all, I'm always on your side 

But is there someplace far away, someplace where all is clear 
Easy to start over with the ones you hold so dear 
Or are you left to wonder, all alone, eternally 
But this isn't how it's really meant to be 
No it isn't how it's really meant to be 

Well if they say that love is in the air, never is it clear 
How to pull it close and make it stay 
If butterflies are free to fly, why do they fly away 
Leavin' me to carry on and wonder why 
Was it you that kept me wondering through this life 
When you know that I was always on your side


a Little so-called-Exhibition Night

It was Friday 21st, was just got back from work and went to Kemang as I already made a date with Nurjan to go to this event called Park(ing) Day at Kemang89. First I had to picked her up at her office, at Grand Kemang, where actually *i just got notice* is opposite of Belyn's apartment. So she did came along too. We went to the events, we really didn't have a clue where was Kemang89 was. And there we were.
 This event was actually Nurjan's time to show her work at the photo exhibition. This one below is her creation.
 While I was looking around , I meet this guy, my senior in Highschool which I was actually kind of having crush on that time. HAHA
I greet him and he didn't know me, not a clue, even I have said about who my sister is, which he was in the same class year, but he buy my warmness and he took my picture, a lot, I don't know will he use it for his report on his work for some journalistic thing he was doing back there. ehehe *flattered

After we finished our coffee on the so-called park, we went to BirdCage to meet up with Andita. There was a live band, two girls singing beautifully, one of them playing violin, I envy her. I want to be brave like that. Wish I had a great voice, not just this so-so voice I can use for singing in the bath room. huhu

So, there it goes, the 21st September , Friday Night , hanging out time with my Bandung Best Friend. Hopefully we could do this a lot more further in the future.

Bonjour! Jusqu'à ce qu'un autre chance!


29th Anniversary of marriage

Sunday, is my orchestra day. Yesterday I started my routinity like as i always do, I woke up early at 8, hit the shower, and get prepared for leaving to Kebon Jeruk, where the rehearsal always held on.

I didn't put much attention that yesterday was September 23rd, which is my parents wedding anniversary, until I read whatsapp family chat. My mom typed 'Today mom and dad want to gather our children and go to the church together to celebrate our anniversary..(and so on and so on)"

And I was like, F*ck! I forgot the date again.

I tried to set a reminder on my on brain that this month , on the 29th, is my parents anniversary. I kept reminding my self don't forget to say congratulation, even just saying a greetings, not for buying presents or whatsoever. Still , I forget about that. Stupid me.

So after I got finished my rehearsal, my plan was going to this skin clinic to do some treatment near my house, but I thought I had to change my plan. So I called Audi and set a date to did some afternoon coffee while waiting for the church, St. John the Evangelist, schedule which at 6.30pm.

Zara was came along too, and we spent a little time chatting for yea, standard conversation and this and that and then when the time came, I dismissed my self and went straight to the church. We do the ritual as usual, I prayed a lot about my stupidity and forgiveness of my sin and everything else (this is the first time I actually came by the church since like more than a month ago).

After church, we celebrate at Pisa Kafe near the church, the one at Mahakam road. We shared our prayer, the grateful of our lives over this 29years or their marriage. Their children, who had a lot of situations, my mom strength keeping us together each and every day from the very first year till now, and so on , and so on.. * I think I started want to cry but I keep it to my self -haha*

After our great prayer, we had our diner, enjoying conversation, which really rare for us now to have it like that, and finally, went home.

Because I brought my own car, me and mba Upi split with Mom dad and Ichyl. I took different route with them, I took Antasari road. By the time we reached Ciputat, heavy rain started to poured and the street started to flooded. But because my driving skill *hahaha* we got home safely, and fast.

The rest hasn't arrived yet. They got stuck by the flood and thought we were way behind them and started to worried the BMW will get jammed and would be troubled. But after I said we were already home, they got relieved.

So thats the story of my family life. A little, just a cover of my Jakarta life.

Anyway, again. Joyeux vingt-neuvième anniversaire de mariage ma mère, mon père. Je vous aime, je te souhaite toutes les années a venir vont aller plus fort ensemble !


Self Serviced Broken Guitar Tuner Machine

So, it was Thursday, September 20th. I was planning to go to campus again to checked if I can submit my Thesis or not (read my previous previous post revering to this), but because of I slept to late, I overslept, so did Monang whom actually had class to attended to but didn't bother to move his big body from his comfy bed.

So I called him and asked him if he wanted to accompany me fixing my broken guitar, which has been like almost more than a year hasn't been fixed by the one who suppose to fix it, well anyway, also the electricity of our house started to beeping, which means in a minute, we would lose power.

So he said yes, he was willing to drove me around to do my thing. But yes, first we stopped by to grab some food. We were starving. So we went to this place called Kambing Soen, it was located near Pertamina Dago atas, near Sheraton too, well not an accurate position to tell, but somewhere near them.
The favorite food in that place was something I don't know what was the name of it. but it was Lamb chop. Is it lamb, or should I say goat, I don't know, either of them, which I don't eat. * X(

I ordered Beef fried rice, and Monang ordered something extraordinary. Goat(or Lamb) fried rice. I don't remember the name that described it as a gigantic size of food. And when it came, turned out to be It was so big for one person to eat by him self.

Look at that, as big as his body. (WTH - way to hype)
He said he was going to finished it, but he gave up after eating only like a quarter of the plate. haha 
So after we finished our late late breakfast, we went to picked Addo up, I asked him to accompany me to go to where I want to get my guitar serviced. Somewhere called Tiga Negeri Music House. We went there and I bought new set of Guitar acoustic tuner machine It was not that expensive as I thought compared to how much I have to pay if I have to service my violin. uu

So this is the kind of guitar I have, Yamaha classic, I have the old one, Indonesian made, It sounded so nice and played smoothly, I did sad that I have to change the setting of what it has before. Damn you Valdo, why you have to torn him up ? you broke my lovers, huh.

 Besides the tuner machines, I bought the string replacement too. As you can see above, it called Ernesto Palla. Addo chose it for me, he said it has the same sound as the previous string I had. I didn't realize the black and silver font on the front of the package was the color of the string, I thought it was the brand of the strings. But anyway, I asked to people of the music store to get it serviced, asked them to change it for me , and it would cost me quite something. So I decided to take them all back home and going to do them all by my self. Addo didn't trust me that I can do it, even he didn't want to help at the first place.

But after we got back to Addo's place, I had to go there because we didn't have electricity back home and also, we don't have phillips head set back home, and I remember Addo has it. So I did my job in his room. I struggle so hard to open the old screws because it blemished. I got wound in both of my thumbs, but I did finish it both the tuner set and string replacement. Finally!

I can play my guitar again! no more giving it to anyone irresponsible !

really, 3rd home made recording

Hello, I'm back in Jakarta tonight, with a lot of things to do first from morning till before my travel time.

Anyway, this is my third Home made recording,my band, Clockwise, but it was only me and runde who made this recording because of Je was out somewhere I don't actually know.

 So here it is, check it out Distance (cover Christina Perry ft Jason Mraz)

Distance - Christina Perry ft Jason Mraz

The sun is filling up the room

And I can hear you dreaming
Do you feel the way I do right now?
I wish we would just give up
Cause the best part is falling
Call it anything but love

And I will make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long can we keep this up, up, up?

And please don't stand so close to me
I'm having trouble breathing
I'm afraid of what you'll see right now
I give you everything I am
All my broken heart beats
Until I know you understand

And I will make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long can we keep this up, up, up?

And I keep waiting
For you to take me
You keep waiting
To save what we have

So I'll make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long can we keep this up, up, up?

Make sure to keep my distance
Say "I love you" when you're not listening
How long til we call this love, love, love?



3rd home made cover song

this night, finally i have done the song that on my previous post was actually failed because of my mac capability.

tonight, it finished! me and runde worked that out for about 2 hours and with low creativity tried to master mix it, but turns out yeahh, not that "wow" ing. but at least , another song to post. but nit tonight, I'll post it later. now, I'm just trying to get some sleep. with no internet connection. damn it you wi fi


Finally, Finished

Well, it has been 2 months since I actually graduate, finished my study at UNPAR, but I haven't actually touching my thesis revision. After 2months.. 2months! when my other friend finished it only by  weeks, or even days. haha

 This photos were taken when I was on my way collecting signatures that required as I was going to register for the Graduation Ceremony , which will be held on October 20th.

Anyway, after doing this extra hard super fast work finishing my final thesis to be submitted, finally I got it hard covered! for some expensive money I have to re printed some of the pages because of the typo of one of the lecturer's grade diploma -_-. Anyway, I chose express hard covering, and here it is. My White SH*T BOOK of 4 years burden.

 After it got covered, I actually got two signatures for the confirmation that I have finally revised my Thesis and it may go to the Library as the prove that I HAVE PASSED my study in UNPAR.
Two signatures has been achieved so lightly. But the last one , as you can see below , he was not available at the time, because he has to manage his expired driving license. Because of him, I have to go back the day after to finish the requirement. It was just only one step left. But makes a lot of difference. I have to wait now till next week to submit my Thesis, because of this campus activity, BAKDES, many lecturers, and Administration workers , which I need to see to, were not available as well till next week.

F you BAKDES, you make me have to go back to this city next week, which I have planned not to, I want to spend some whole week in Jakarta, just this one. For toefl test in UI . But, what ever. Maybe it has been destined . ahahha
 I can't believe that I have passed 4 years study in Bandung. I can't imagine that I'm actually going back to Jakarta for good in a second. huuff,, that makes me, literally, sad.
That LULUS word, is my pride to my Mom and Dad. Here, I have achieved something that I don't actually willing to do. I finished something that I don't interest in. But I manage well, and thank you, for your support as this is not some cheap thing to spend on me.

But next step , I WILL CHOOSE MY OWN PATH! I will be a success musician, I will get out from this country, and I will build my own life out there. I still need your support now, but I will make it as little as possible. You may just feel like I don't live in Jakarta. I wont bother you. I will talk to you. but I wont say to much word if it wasn't that necessary.

Let me enjoy my life. I will work as hard as I can to make you happy. But not here, not in this country.

Bonne Nuit!


My first Sudden Wedding Gig

It was started on Friday morning, when I was preparing my self to go back to Jakarta. Someone texted me, I didn't know who that is. Her name is Nora. She said she got my number from my sister. She needed a violist for a wedding gig, which will held on Sunday. 2 more days. Well, I feel like I will do any job right now, I will take any chances in order to gather the money for Sigur Ros concert in November.

So I took it. I took the offering. I was willing to do anything they want me to. Practicing in the middle of the night the day before the even start. Doing anything i can't with no professionally in order, *I didn't quite comfortable with this kind of rehearsing because I always do score reading and not much of a spontaneous creativity play*.

I thought this girl have already prepared the list of the songs, or whatever so I can rehears my self to do my violin part. That rehearsing night, was such a waste. I became cranky but well, I tried to be calm and permit my self to go home as soon as possible. And it was 2 in the morning.

The Wedding day.

It was Sunday so I had my own orchestra rehearsal in the morning before I had to go to the wedding, which located in Pantai Indah Kapuk. The Place called Damai Indah Golf and Country Club.

After my rehearsal done, Nora had appeared in front of my rehearsal building. We packed our equipment, my violin and her keyboard, and went straight to P.I.K by the freeway , I guess it called kebon jeruk tol or something. Wow, this was the few early time I drove my self in free way road. It was exciting, yet so nervous.

We arrived safely. Made a few wrong turn inside the complex before because we really had no clue where Damai Indah Golf and Country Club is. We asked to about 4 people for the direction. Our google map technology quite not helping since this place really have bad signal provider.

It was 2 pm, and the event said will be started at 4. But as we went inside the country club, there was no decoration yet, they still make it and I was like 'what the hell, is this going to be on time?'

But what ever, it wasnt my job to think about the decoration, I had to concentrate about what am I going to do for the play. I was feeling unprepared, but whatsoever, I was there anyway, so I would do anything I can do to perform well.

We were changing our clothes and did some make up before 4 oclock, and as we were still preparing, the event had started.
1st : The wedding ceremony. The ritual of Christians having blessing from the priest for their marriage and stuff. It was located near the lake of Hole (I didn't know what the number is). It was beautiful thou, the scenery, the atmosphere, to bad I didn't take a picture of it.
And so we rushed to our stage, preparing for our turn , which we didn't know yet when.

2nd: The coming guests and what so ever they called the session

We started to play, and it was 6pm. We were so bored from 4-6, doing nothing. But when we start to play, we did draw their attention, oh yeah, I forgot, there was one more personnel, saxophonist named, I forgot. haha
We did the this and that  as the even flow and just wait for the cue from the MC. We played we played we played for the Wedding cake session, Kissing ceremonial session (this is weird), Champagne session, Diner session, and  Door prize session.

We actually was told that when there were Fire work session, we had to play Firework by Katy Perry, but I don't think they would pay attention to us anyway, so we didn't play it.

After the session has came to past, the last session was arrived. We have finished our job, and doing some research for the booze, snacks, food , anything that comes around.

Booze, yes. The last session was a DJ mix house party kind. They provided beers, champagne, Whisky and stuff. And so I stole a few sip of it (a glass I mean). hahaha
Well, it ended at 9 Pm, but the party still going on until I don't know, I just want to get back home.

Another Google map problem, it got me lost for almost one and a half hours. We took the wrong turn, we made a turn that showed up on the map but not in reality. We went round and round and finally, I chose to go to the very first name I recognize . Kota.

well, It was quite far away from where we suppose to be by the nearest track but, anything .. I just want to go home.

I got home at almost 12 midnight, I went straight to my bed room. I want to play the sims, but my eyes can't support me anymore. I think I dropped my phone like 4 times already because of the sleepiness while I was playing game on my phone. Im sorry Phoenix, I didn't mean to hurt you. huhu

Well, thats it. Thats my story of my first wedding gig.

Hoping I could have some more.

A tout a l'heure


food and food

Well, because I have this saladfreak habit, This caesar salad was quite good for a choice if you like to eat vegetables, salad, and stuffs.

This is one of the menu at The Commune cafe Bistro. It's located on Suryo rd. number 25th, second floor. Kebayoran Baru- Jakarta Selatan

This place kinda cozy, quite expensive but commonly as the other cafe around this street range cost is like wise.

Spending evening, or having dinner with friends, this place may be said as the 'hip' place these days. haha

well, just for an information if you want to try to come here.

until next post.. ☺