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A little serious recording I'm being part of

I have played violin since I was 14 years old and since then, I don't actually have a portfolio or what so ever I should call it. But since last year, I started to taking part in serious professional recording or what so ever they should say what to call it.


so, I got only this 2 recording that I might share, because it has been published by the owner as well so I assumed I can do it as well.

First is a song titled Sarsaparilla Dream, by Puti Chitara Sekar Kusuma. This is her own song that I took the violin part just a few minutes, or even second at the end of the song, but it still heard anyway.
if you want to check it out here it is

And the second song, i done it for a person , which I don't even know at all before I got to the recording place. His name is Arja Wawo-Runtu

This part I collaborated with my sister, She was the one who made the arrangement of the score ( my violin part) and all I have to do was play my violo nicely. well, at first I don't actually satisfied with what I have done there, but since it was a quite a while ago, just this night, I re-hearing it and it seems nice. except for the finishing tone i made. It's quite ..unfinished. for me. hahaha

But overall, I love the song. I don't know should I call it Deap Sea Explorers, or Terra Incognita but anyway, I still don't know how to post the soundcloud here.

The song titled Like the Sun

I hope they don't mind that I post these songs on my blog. I feel proud of my self, and this might be some trigger for me too to make this music path as a serious path I have chosen for my future life.

Quite a big night

Yesterday I went to work , from early in the morning till after noon, as usual, and it felt soo.soooo exhausted. But then I did remember that the night before, I made an appointment with Athe, to do something, well hang around somewhere and did a little business we actually often done it, a lot. haha

Well, after meeting her in Cilandak Town Square, we went to her friend's Apartment. It should be some even, we called 'Arisan' but when we arrived, no one there. So I sat there, ordering some salad and coke , which like the first meal I head for the day. I surely enough I had lost some weight lately. I don't know why, loosing appetite is something I always came with days ago.

Anyway, we decided to leave the apartment early, and went to somewhere else. Actually, many college friend of mine already invited me to go to Beer Garden SCBD, well, it's not that often we get along and hanging out in Jakarta, so I decided I will go there.

And the night started.

We arrived at BeerGarden around 8, or 9-ish. Still not so much people around the place. We sat and talked about things we have missed quite abit since we have separated from our sharehouse back in Bandung (uuh, hix). And actually they just got finished from this PNS (Pegawai Negeri Swasta) Examination near the place. I think the test took place in Senayan or somewhere.

Talking talking talking and nothing. But even nothing felt so fun that night. I guess I carried away with my condition, so , I would say I might be the only one who felt the world turn up side down, wavy and shimmer all around (haha)

Anyway, I took some of our photos, and I would like to share it here.
This is Me, Caca (Ardwiza), James(Boncel) and Indri

To bad it was too bright, bad iphone flash, you made us blinded by your shining bolt

I miss you guys so much, why can't we live together forever in the same shape , same life, shame activities? uhuh. we grow and we hate it.!!

There you go, enjoy