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Finally, Finished

Well, it has been 2 months since I actually graduate, finished my study at UNPAR, but I haven't actually touching my thesis revision. After 2months.. 2months! when my other friend finished it only by  weeks, or even days. haha

 This photos were taken when I was on my way collecting signatures that required as I was going to register for the Graduation Ceremony , which will be held on October 20th.

Anyway, after doing this extra hard super fast work finishing my final thesis to be submitted, finally I got it hard covered! for some expensive money I have to re printed some of the pages because of the typo of one of the lecturer's grade diploma -_-. Anyway, I chose express hard covering, and here it is. My White SH*T BOOK of 4 years burden.

 After it got covered, I actually got two signatures for the confirmation that I have finally revised my Thesis and it may go to the Library as the prove that I HAVE PASSED my study in UNPAR.
Two signatures has been achieved so lightly. But the last one , as you can see below , he was not available at the time, because he has to manage his expired driving license. Because of him, I have to go back the day after to finish the requirement. It was just only one step left. But makes a lot of difference. I have to wait now till next week to submit my Thesis, because of this campus activity, BAKDES, many lecturers, and Administration workers , which I need to see to, were not available as well till next week.

F you BAKDES, you make me have to go back to this city next week, which I have planned not to, I want to spend some whole week in Jakarta, just this one. For toefl test in UI . But, what ever. Maybe it has been destined . ahahha
 I can't believe that I have passed 4 years study in Bandung. I can't imagine that I'm actually going back to Jakarta for good in a second. huuff,, that makes me, literally, sad.
That LULUS word, is my pride to my Mom and Dad. Here, I have achieved something that I don't actually willing to do. I finished something that I don't interest in. But I manage well, and thank you, for your support as this is not some cheap thing to spend on me.

But next step , I WILL CHOOSE MY OWN PATH! I will be a success musician, I will get out from this country, and I will build my own life out there. I still need your support now, but I will make it as little as possible. You may just feel like I don't live in Jakarta. I wont bother you. I will talk to you. but I wont say to much word if it wasn't that necessary.

Let me enjoy my life. I will work as hard as I can to make you happy. But not here, not in this country.

Bonne Nuit!

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