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POTRET- a new way to renew my day :)

i'm very happy to join this activities with a group called potret parahyangan, an organization which have more enthusiasm. Basically , i joined this group, because i have more interest in photograph, and i also really really don't know what am i suppose to do to spend my time if i'm not being busy with my assignment.
The first day of potret's activity, we were having this introduction of the senior who will guide us for the first lesson of photographing.
I saw one boy, who really did attractive. I have once met him before, when i was seeking for the register form, he was so contemptuous , unfriendly , with a high voice, very very uncomfortable. I started to mocking him like an hour, because he made me having a little bad time.
But when i saw him introducing him self, i don't know why, i felt so weird, i can't take my eyes off of him. I really watching him from the moment he was there until we dismiss the diklat. Ow, i feel so weird.
That night , he was all over my mind, i cant stop asking who is he, what is his name? It feels so awful, making me nervous and its really-really uncomfortable.
Today, my group should have a meeting in Potret's Secretary room. I went there all by my self, i was hoping he was there, but unfortunately, he wasn't.
I waited with some senior, we watched DVD, and there HE CAME.. haahha
My heart pumped so fast it was like i'm going to threw my heart out of my chest. He came with 2 seniors, the other two was introducing them self, but not him! i still didn't know what his name is! Even he was sitting beside me, i still can't talk anything! ow it was so embarrassing. 
Then when they was talking, i tried to catch a name, and finally someone called him! now i know who he is! ow, i'm so happy.
isn't it obvious, just by knowing his name, making me smiling like over an hour, haha, i feel stupid for my self.
I really looking forward to see him every time and every day. Im hoping i could have a chat then a relationship with him. ahhahahaha
POTRET, i love you.. you make the sun shine brighter everyday! give more to have fun.
see you guys sooner :D


love as i seen is very confusing

I'm really curious about friendship things,especially in relationship word.  I have this friends, this two people were not connected each other until i found out yesterday.
So there was this Febby and Kanni. Kanni is my senior, in my organization, we had this numbering things, and each year which has the same number would be having like a connection as a brother and sister, so Kanni is my brother in number.

And this Febby is my junior, but she's in a different number with mine. We were not to close to each other, not until i moved to Bandung and she started to greet me oftenly by Msn, so as much as i get, it could be called we are close enough to share some story. Actually, she like to share her love story, she had this bad timing relationship with her boyfriend, which is now her X, she kept telling me that she was so sad loosing him like this and that, she didnt wanna loose him and she wanted him back for sure, but as the time goes by, and as i told her to gave up to an empty hope as she told me, she finally said that she made up her mind, and wanted to move on, i told her, thats a great thing she has chosen.

But then, finally i was contacted by kani, he said he wanted to tell me a good news he got on the day he was celebrating his birthday, he told me that he was just having a new fresh relationship with someone that i actually new but he said i'm not close enough to her. Apparently i was thinking, Kani was just broke up with a sad ending term with his x, he got me listen to his story over and over again which only telling me that he still didn't accept his lost. When he said he already have a new relation, i started to ask, how come people change easily, i though they will stay in their last (as they say) "true love" but in a second, they made up their mind!
The more thing that shocked me up, that Kani's new girlfriend is Feby! how the hell they were attached one to another, they even didnt know each other not until Kani met her accedently when Feby was just dismissed from school.
But when they told me that their in a relationship, what can i do? is their decision, i cannot messed around on their business. All I can say just may they have a long last relation.
they thank me. Actually, i'm not saying it deep down from my heart, there's still something hanging in my brain that i thought about them, but i dont much care about it.

Today, Kani asking me, and telling me, that Febby's boyfriend was asking her about their relationship. As i know , they were broke up so febby can have some time to proove to her X that she can change, (febby had a little mess personality). But then her X was disapointed, when he found out she already with Kani, the man that she knew just a day ago, well, if i was her X, i totally will leave her instead, but because febby have told me her feeling, i know deep down in her , she really want to go back with him. Now is her problem for making this such unwise decision, i cannot much help, i only can make this a lesson for all of us, think about what we want to do and what we wanted to have wisely, because second chance may will not come again. I feel sory for you guys for having that much of problem.

Shark meat eating day

today i finally try to eat a shark in some "warung" near my living house.
i thought i would be not much, as Shark is a expensive word to heard.
but the fact, its realy big, i full my self right now.haha and it also very delicious. rupiahs  , worth to have a delicious dinner, haha
i really want to bring my family to eat there.
well i guess another perfect time would do,hehe


weird funny experience

Today, i went back to bandung by travel , as usual, it was departed at 12 o'clock and arrived at 2.30 pm.
i usually searched for a taxi to go back to my crib, but i wanned to try angkot, a city transportation. i've waited for about 20 minutes, and there's none of it came along.. i started to be impatient, and i saw 3 old folks waiting beside me too. One of them asking the direction to me, as well as i know, they were heading the same way as i did.
Minutes by minutes and no angkot arrived, so i called a taxi.
I've already got into the taxi when suddently the old folks asking me, can they join me in the taxi together, well, somehow i felt i know they're tired and need lift as soon as possible, so i told them, sure they can. So we drive along the road chatting and talking, thank God they were nice people, they told me to pay just 5000 rupiahs then they continued their way.
As i get to my room, i realized, i missed to get my change from the travel ticket i paid. How stupid i am forgetting things so easily. 10.000 rupiahs is a big amount that i could used it for other things indeed, so i called the travel agent and told them that i forgot to asked for the change. and they said i can have it anytime i go there. hehe
Everytime i traveled along Jakarta- Bandung, i always had different experience. I'm looking forward for another trip. :)


first post


This is my first time to do blogging things. the reason is i was just so bored and i think, writing my story would be fun.
so here it goes..
today is my 28th days live in bandung.. its not much to say, because i really don't have much things to do here, i don't have cars, and its caused much trouble for me, because in here, especially along the way to ciumbuleuit ( this is the name of my area ) have city transportation only until 6 pm. after that, its so hard to find any transportation to go back home, so i rarely go for hanging out.
It's so boring, every night just stay alone in my room, doing not much things such as watching tv , again and again and again. Chatting with some friends who is not every time showed up. I was hoping i could get my car sooner.

Today, at the campus, i made a few photos with my new friends. I don't really remember what their name is, its so hard to remember, because some of them have the same name, but different
 nickname. Sometime I think, how do I have to say to make me seen  more friendly, because i have this personality which if they don't know me well, they would say that I'm  unkind and unfriendly. It's just i don't feel much comfortable yet with this new situation. But I admit that, they are cool. I could have some fun with them.
At night, i attended Capoeira , it's the second time i attended the practice, its a lot of fun. Learning how to do the acrobatic move is very fun, but also giving me a lot of preasure, i cant lift my body easily! ahahaha i need more practice , because practice makes perfect. Tomorrow I'm going back to Jakarta until Monday. I guess that's what i need, to go home and see my family, i think i'm a little bit homesick in here. 
So, the day almost over, i guess i'm going to finish today's story, see you in my other story.
Good Nite, :)