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my own whispering statement

Because of this ,not little actually, big conversation i had with Jason and Kota, and also because of my last posting below this, i start to re-read all of my blogs, happens to be

was it?

a so-called mind sound that never been talked so much in reality, is that really my thought?

my very honest mind comes out when i was drunk

everybody has read

caused another perception of this and that

did i type it?

of course it's me

and i realized

it must have been read.

Seems like what i have said in reality becomes the biggest lie because i'm afraid of my self.

But also, this would be some funny experiment (STUPID experiment) i may keep as a nostalgia things many years from now.

I dont care anymore.

I'll just do what i do everyday, i wont change, because i think it wont necessary anyway.

Hope that there will be no miss understanding

Let it be just the way it is

the things that must be fixed and handled before i do something else, i'll think about it as soon as possible. And also, some action, need to be done.

I dont put much hope for this matter . I'll just live the way it has to be.
No more promises , no more lies

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