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a few more hours

I'm writing this post while i'm doing my last packing.

A few more hours before i go home and won't touch Bandung (hopefully) till August 2009.

My room is getting cleaner then ever. It's quite good to see this room that used to be full of junk and things that really dusty and now i may inhale freely. Haha
I wish my new room will be clean like even more. Remind me to make a cleaning time table.

And so the last stuff i must bring down and in to kobel are :
refrigerator (my how heavy will it be?)
TV (yea its still small enough)
My religious kind of stuffs
and another round of my clothes which is VERY much.

I was hoping someone will help me with this things but, yea.. i can manage my self.

And so i just have to take a shower and start another pack. And wait for Jason, because he'll be the one to drive me back home.

Home, *sigh , another boredom, sickness and sadness.
well , i'll write even sooner to talk about what i expect to see and do in Jakarta, my *rock city.

I want to go home, i really do, but the fact is, i don't want to leave.

This is the hardest part for the end of this day. Another week, or even month. I'll be missing this a lot.

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