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boys talk ?

So this day started with another boring activity i've done, woke up so late like 12 pm and still doing nothing, accept got my self any food because i was starving enough, also i had to take my med, so i got up from my lovely comfortable bed, just like about 15 minutes, and i came back to my beauty sleep.

Still sleeping till Jason's IM came, and he told me to hurry up and took a shower, and told me to go to watch transformer 2, revenge of what-so-ever, that comes out really cool afterall.
We watch it at the FX because they have all of the studios playing the same movie, so we bet there'll be any seat anytime we want.

And so i drove very fast to meet Jason there, and we bought 2 tickets for our own seat.
After we got the tickets, eventually, Cassey said her meeting with someguy at PIM already finished, then i dont actually know why, she didn't come to join us, maybe she had to prepare her departure tomorrow with her big family trip. Good luck Cas with the holiday, have so much fun there :)
And so, we grab our self food before our other friend Kota (Radit) came to join us, he also join us to watch the transformer.

This movie actually very cool, and i was amazed with the effect,optimus prime, i love youu, also bumblebee, you still cant speak, but you are so cute ! I just realized, that was a long duration movie after all. 2 and a half hours, hmmm.

And when the film just about to finished, Boncel said he's already arrived at the FX. Then we meet him somewhere , i forgot which floor was it.

We were planning to get some coffee somehow with Jason's BCA flash card his dad gave him. He totally used the card a lot, thanks to him he treat us oftenly this week. :D

And then Boncel got home earlier, and the boys (Jason and Kota) talks began sooner as he gone.

First of all, man , they talk about this PEMILU coming up at July, which i dont even care who the hell is the nomination, they said about this and that with their own perspective view about oration, or somekind of what-so-ever, which all i can say is "hmm ya ya i agree, hmm no i dont undestand, or yes yes what ever you say"

Start to feel bored by those political conversation (that always happened when 2 people from Law studier meet up and chat about law enforcement) hmm, it really is not a part of my life and i absolutely didn't put any interest on that kind of stuff, so i don't say anything. Maybe just "oh, okay, wow, etc."

And they talk about this and that, and they start to get bored by their own topics. So they change the topic.

Now, the topic was, "ME".

Okay, i start to ask my self, man, me? what should i say about my self? i dont even care about my self. hahaha

So i just smiled and asked, "what about? i dont have anything to share dude, mine just empty with lulaness and gabutness, hahaha"

"really? what about your full life story, dont you have any perkembangan??"
"till now, i dont think so"
"so what about your love life?"
"man that crucial thing, i dont even now what i need now, and lalalalalalalalaa... (im not explaining anything"

So then they started to giving me advices about how i deal with my self, why i cant do this or do that , inspite that i have a lot of chance to do so, or get some.

*Man, i tried anything to get anything, i just cant seem to find things to proof my self that i'm a normal person that can have boyfriend that easy as easy to clap my hand.

And they started to judge my self.
"We are your bestfriend, don't do the same thing to other people as you do to us"
I never do things i did to you guys as i did to person i just known like hours zzzz
Well, they do know that actually.
Me, can i ever be more girly-er than know?

They said , "no, just be your self, and you'll be fine"


Anyway, this kind of conversation really is a very rare talk we do, i'm still confused how this conversation incidentally took place and time.

All of those chit and chat things, which i dont remember all of their words and sentences, a few points that i get is.

*I have to be honest to my self *which i know, i never do
*I have to care about what happen around me, i cant be careless anymore. *okay i'll try
*I do always have a chance, the thing is, I must not afraid to try anything than lose everything.

Well, seems like they really care about my stupidness of this crappy relationship thing, and they want me to start to have some, so, i will try all of their advices, but, how?

They said just, "Go with the Flow, but don't get to hard, you'll blown up your chance somehow"

Okay. Let me try..
Thanks for your advices guys, i appreciate it so much. Love you guys for your careness hahaha

Cheers for our gabutness

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