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story of the day

So, here's my today's story.
I woke up around 9 am, finally i didn't wake to early. I took a brief breakfast, and do my internet routine till 12 o'clock then i done some private creambath (hmm my hair look shinier hihi) and then i took a shower.

3 oclock i prepare my self because i've already have a date with Dita, we were going to watch StarTrek in FX. I was excited.

I got to FX at 4 and i wait for Dita's arrival in XXI.
She finally came just in time, and we bought our tickets.
We have to wait for about a half hour before the movie started, so we went downstair and we bought Sour Sally, hmm its so yummy.

After had a little chat about this and that (thank God she didn't force me to tell her that story that i believe she's longing to know about) and then we went to XXI again to hit the studio.
We watched the movie and we had some fun.
It's a nice film by the way. I'm entertained.
But weirdly, we felt tired to see the action and the effect thingy. But it's fine anyway.

After we watched the movie, we started to feel hungry so we began to search a place to eat. But , peewhh there's just too many places that makes us confused, finally we just wait Petra to choose where did he want to eat. His choice was Japanese, or Italian which are both very expensive. But, well, it worth with the food. Then we finally decided to hit Japanese restaurant. Me and Dita order the food first while we wait Petra to arrived. When he arrived, HAHA i just laughed, Petra has his hair cut. Nice, but just seems funny, i havent get used to it.

We ate, i ate (finally again) and still, we had this talk about many things, then finally Dita's dad ready to pick her up, so we went downstair, and say good bye to each other. And we went home.

Mean while i was still unsatisfied because it's still 9 oclock and i got nothing else to do. So i just hit the road and take a few turn to spent the time before finally i get bored and really went home.

I got home, and i started to think about him. I texted him, but hey he didnt reply.
I wait for about an hour then his sms came. He said he was sick, o God, i'm soo worry about him.
Now he's having his supper and i'm just doing my chat and FB-ing thing.
My he gets well sooner.
Text me more please i'm still longing to know how you are.

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