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sakit peyuuut

i take this from my other blog in mySpace
March 28, 2009 - Saturday 
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes
Udah beberapa bulan setelah gw melewati masa2 turun beberapa kilo secara drastis yang membuat gw bangga akan tubuh gw (am i sick??) yea but, anyway..

Almost 1 year i live in Bandung, i cannot maintain my body weight, it keep increasing extremely even though i rarely eat!


I'm afraid of being overweight, but HEY, look at me! JE SUIS PETITE!!

Is this an eating disorder?

I keep avoiding food, i may eat once a day, in a very petit amount of the food.

And yesterday, i felt very weird, my stomach so ill and it started to make weird sound , until know, it still really hurts! 

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