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something unexpected

Kemaren gw ga sengaja , melakukan mm bukan kebodohan sih. Sesuatu yang ga gw kira bakal gw omongin ke nih satu orang yang crucial banget sebenernya untuk diomongin. She's like a key point for me to have this chance. Tapi, it did happen.

I was a bit of drunk when the night before we had a simple chat.
I was to drunk to even remembering all of the conversation. All i remember she asked me what is my relationship with hmm, well actually i cant write the name here.

I dont remember what my answer was. But all i remember was what i told her, is a new beginning of my own story.

The next day when i was a little bit sobber, i don't know why i did that actually, i told the guy that our friendship being questioned.
It's quite geek by the way, the situation getting odder.

Then when the night came i told the 'girl' that i told the 'guy' (im sorry guys i just cant mention the name) about what she asked me about.
Thats started another conversation.

She began to ask me the same question , that finally i answered with a long story telling. She finally knew what my feelings are.
Was it something good or bad, i didn't know yet.
Hopefully this unexpected conversation would be a great opportunity for me to start another chance to be with him.

I'm really longing to have him.

Right now i just cant think about anything including the one person problem yang berhubungan sangat penting ama hal ini.

Gosh, i just don't know what to say to her. I just wishing, if this is my chance, then let it just be mine.

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