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so hard to make on a living

So much on my mind of looking for a job, finding a good career that actually fit my will to do and not on pressure. But until now, I still can't imagine what to look for.

For the past several night, i just got so eager to produce some living , besides my teaching job, so i click on every possible internet online job.

lame , are I ?

but then, after all the blablabla but then i should pay for the program, i start to close them all one by one. Only one site that i actually still open, till now actuall., an advertisement page that you only have to click every each of the Ad, and you will gain $0.005 per Ad,so small ? but well, its good to fill up my boring day.

If you guys actually want to try on, this would do me good,

My account

click and add me as your referral, let's see how that works
best regards,
a little bit bored almost not unemployment

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