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No Longer a Comfortable Environment

So, this is how I feel after I graduated from my 4years study in Bandung.

Feels like an ALIEN.

Yeah, an alien apart from my routinity in this city. This 4 years totally has done something for me and for my life, but in spite of what I have expected that I may want to spend more time here in this city, I'm actually want to move out from this city as soon as possible. But getting home in Jakarta, not being the other choice as well. So , where will I go after I move from this so-all-sudden-boring city?

A friend, I thought the idea of leaving them will actually makes me sad and want to go back to this city as soon as my work time's done by every Monday each week, turns out now I feel so not have anything to do here. The thought of having holiday every week (Tuesday to Thursday) will actually make me feel great having this kind of  -having work but not so much to stress about- life. It doesn't seems like what I have interpreted. I need something more, something new, something exciting to do with this new phase of life.

I can't be still, stuck in this environment where the other still moving so slow and not walking side by side with me. I'm totally driving to some different ways from anyone I know.

It sucks but I know I'll live. This is what I felt 4 years ago, when I just moved in this city, having new exciting way of life, living alone, having stranger passing your life, new firsts experience, and else and else. Yeah, changes, that is what I need to cope with.

Time, is all I need. Adapted to new kinds of thing, understanding the way of changes, be proud of who I am, and living free as I wanted to be.

The path is rough but there is life a head so, I won't hesitate to move on faster than anyone I love back there. They will eventually be there, even slowly, they will catch up if they really meant to be in your life. If they aren't, there is nothing to be sad about, new experience will trade the lost memories and be my new focus in the future.

Hoping for sure.

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