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Fashion Started!

Hey there..

Yesterday night was a fun night to get actually. I went to this mall with my friend, we first only aiming to go for some chit chat in a coffee shop, but when we arrived, just arrived, we walked pass a shoe store.

I took a glance of the products and here there was, a pump shoes. I always wanted to buy a pump shoes but I just can't pull out my eagerness to actually buy one.

We went to the store, and actually trying this and that. Posing and walking around trying the hight of the shoes, this making me feel nuts. I wasn't that kind of person, who actually care about what I put on my body. But here I am now, a person who always want to try this thing and that thing because of wanting to look nice.

Well, it might be the time. The time has arrived for me to be girly and all.

I was actually have something more with blue color, but this time, i bought a rough red pump shoes. And it's Gorgeous! I. Love. It.

Not just buying, we actually put them on right away and have so much time walking around, hanging around and spending the night off.


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