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Malam takbiran

Ya, hari ini merupakan hari terakhir sebelum hari raya idul fitri di tahun 2012,, jalanan.. sepi , hanya di day light. when the night comes, i don't feel like jakarta has a life. I can't go anywhere, cafes , restaurants, hang out places was closed about at 8 pm, because everyone doing the takbiran night, lalala This is not a muslim country, isn't ? kita yang bukan muslim ga bisa melakukan kehidupan normal ? -only my point of view- .. it feels like a new years eve on the road, people do this fire works here and there, making a huge heavy traffic jam, when we suppose to feel freely from traffic hours that usually occurs in jakarta's night life. pffff, toleransi beragama ? well, this is not necessary to be so much all out and disturbing other religion activity. ... only some concern , I'm just blabbering Good night universe, see you tomorrow, when the road is officially freed from traffic. AMEN

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