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Another not so fun day .. ?

This was the third attempt for me to get out in public with new style around.. well, still. Haven't find to perfect place to say "i had fun tonight".

It was tiring, unaccomplished plan, and else and else.

But how do we expect, it was a muslim holiday, and many hang out place are actually closed during the muslim celebration. YES WHAT EVER

I need to get out from this country, as soon as possible.

But hey, i actually took a picture of my self, wearing red lipstick, like youth this day does. haha
inside joke
actually, i mean no joke at all. haha peace man, liberty to write

In picture above, its Jessica ( we usually call her Je), and Andita (dita) on my right.

Just some trashy post.. waiting to be sleepy. Anyway, this was taken in Social House in Grand Indonesia Shopping Centre..
Not very fond of it, but well .. mainstream style, it was a hip place you should try for dining and for booze and stuff.

Night all

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