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Another stage of life to be ride on

I'm 22 years old. I just past my final university assignment and i graduated well, with an 'A' grade and 3.34 GPA. Four years was a really short term to be wasted around. Remembering my journey since 2008, living alone in a strangers city apart from my family, with only few acquaintance to hope they can be my family there, and yes, i live with it. So much pain, so many joy and happiness happened and will never be forgotten. Time fly so fast yet you don't wont it to be gone, still hoping for so much pleasure for this early stage of growing old but duty calls so hard till i can't imagine how fast i will give this youth up. Age is just an age, it's just marking how long we have live in this world, but maturity tells something, and really, i'm not ready yet for it. After this graduating thingy , i will have to choose the path for my career, for a professionalism path to be meant. I have to do something, be something and be successful in my future job so that i can actually give a living to my mom and dad. Such a dream for me for this present day, i really want them to stop working and enjoying live, for sure. It's sad, watching us growing old, but saddest moment is when i realize my parents is older than ever, but still working so hard, still keeping us, their children in their care, never let go of any fortune to make us happy, to fill us every day, yet in this time of moment, many old people should be relaxing at home, playing around with their old friends, having a really good time spending their days with what ever they wanted to do, not based on have to taking care of us, three mature enough girls. Its just something i really wanted to achieve, but am i ready to loose my music path?

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