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Divertion, Ethnic, Family

I was just got to Xtrans, I'm going back to Jakarta this noon because I have work to do this afternoon.

On my way here, I used city transporation from Jason's house. I actually have to change car for about 3 times in order to get to Xtrans. The third ride was actually kinda creepy first time I got in. There was this guy, Ambon as we said to these ethnic people, He was talking to a girl opposite his seat but I didn't feel like the girl knows this person. It was like a flirting or some affection I captire from the man towards the girl. I tried to be cool and started to listen to their congersation.

She was awkward, she was trying to be polite answering every questions he asked. And finally he stoped talking. I didn't realize what he was doing but the moment afterward, he actually gave some money to the girl, she refused at once but he insited so strong will that she has to take them all. He said it was "sangu" in our language.

So nice, or creepy?

Then I started to look at the girl's face,  she is one of his etnics, no wonder he was so excited to talk to the girl. I bet it feels like meeting family member from a very far hometown they have.
She was more relax after ,I guess, knowing his intention to make a connection with her was a good intention. I do still feel that it is weird, a total stranger giving you money on a public trqnsportation, which I will , and I actually did think of this might be some psyco or a perfert (I'm too insecure for strangers) but anyhow, I was happy that soke culture did alive with their own way.

Javanesse people are to individual these days, we are too much and to selfcentered that we don't want to make a good connection with our own race. But, hell, it is not safe anyway. There are too much ceinal out there, guess we can not be careless cant we?

Be safe, hipe this will be a quick ride.
A tout a l'heure mes amies

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