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new HAIR style

Yesterday I wasn't planning to do hair-doing at all, but then my sister invited me to join her to go for some creambath and else , I got carried away with my -curly hair-mission thingy. So I did, I got my hair curled at some hair stylist near my house.

When I got there, the people were actually talking with weird language, their language of hair style. They asked me "Mba mau kretong?" , and I was like What? But then I tried to get along with the conversation and made a long description of what I want to get for my hair to be done.

They called my name, they asked me to wash my hair and I follow the person to the chamber. This was the time I got so nervous, once they do it, I have to keep it calm and take what ever it would turns to. A big change! It has been awhile since I got my extreme look, I have been in this safe casual natural ordinary style for 2 years.

What makes me so damn wanted to have another extraordinary style was when there was this my so best senior friend amazed by my ordinary style and said "I can't stand to look at you so ordinary, I was missing you as the miring and so different you." And so I did think of it.

Is this different? Is this me?

It took me over almost 2 hours sitting on the chair with this rolls in my head covering by every piece of my hair and was washed with the curly chemical , which so hard to explain how hurt it taste in my skin, and reading to second book- Fifty Shade Darker- and waiting.. and waiting .. and waiting.

Till it's done!
Here it is, my new hair

I love it. Do you ?


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