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5 July 2009

Here is my story of the day.
Remember from the last post i said i'm going to do something today .. ?

Well.. this is the report.
Started at ordinary rehearsal for this Great Overture concert coming up on August somewhen , then going to ITC permata hijau all by my self, bought new DVDs and doing a little bit window shoping (hmm at itc?), then i got home at 2 pm.

Ichyl was still sleeping somehow from last night party we had at SOHO Citos, but then i just woke her up and asked her to company me to do this today's project.



Yes, i just had my hair cut at Cyber Salon , expensive but really did worth for the price.
My idea was just, i don't want to look a mess but, i want to be extraordinary, it's in my blood, i just started to feel bored of my self because of this ordinary look. Well, my bad i guess. Hahaha

So, I just went to the salon without any plan what kind of hair style i would like to have.
Then, suddenly, i just did this talking with the "mbak2" and then, came along this idea. She started to cut my hair, and well done, it is very very NICE ! hahahhaa

Extremely COOL for me, but i don't know what people will say about this, but Ichyl said she likes it,and i wouldn't care about people's opinion anyway. hahahaa

These are the pictures of my hair look haahahahaa

this is from the right side , still look the same right ?

and this is from the left ixixixixi i love this side

And this is from the Back aheahea

and this how i look from the front

So how do you think my hair do is? ahehaehahea
let me know guys.

After i got this hair cut i stroll along with my sister, which now has kinda the same style as mine. We're sibling afterall.

We done this hang out with somekind of old Komplex friends, we had a blast night meal and night chat with them.
We're going to have next reunion sooner.

After that, we hang around Barito park to have a late night meal with our parents.

This taken by Ichyl, oo i'm a punk'er aheaheha LOL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

weee..wig nya miring tuh. Hehehee..coba dibenerin lagi.

Hehehe...its cool dude! Unique!