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my GRADUATION day. not so much relieving day

It has been really quite a while since my last post. I was distracted by my unhealthy state being because of this tooth problem I had , still have till now tho, yes. I'm not quite well yet for the time being.

But anyways, what I wanted to share is about this momentary unforgettable event , which was a once in a life time opportunity to feel and experience this kind of joyfulness a man can have.


Yes, I just got graduated from this University I had enrolled for about 4 years far from home, yet feels like a real home for me and my 'family' in this case refer to my best best friend from the very beginning life I started in Bandung, till the very present day, oh I started to feel mellow right now.

It was 20th of October 2012. At least I did do achieve my goal, graduated before the so called dooms day on 21th December. Not that I was saying I believe on that premonition but, still a common view took a big courage to say I don't care about those thing, at all. A little of that matter still cloudy up my nerve somehow.

So, yes. My family came to Bandung to attend the ceremony of the graduation day, the day we, the students of this so not being respected UNPAR, thou I do thank you for letting me developed somekind of a never-been-thinking to have skill that I may use up for the next stage of my life.

At first, the ceremony was a total bore-some ritual, which makes us even crankier because of the heat that heating all of us while we have to use kebaya plus coated with the , what do they call it? Toga? I tought Toga was only the hat. but Anyways..

The moment of the time when usually the alumnus being given back to our parents didn't actually make a good impression here in this UNPAR' ritual. My mom and dad said, we supposed to be walking towards our parents and show them some gratitude, not just waving around and laughing like no meaning at all. Well, we were stuck by the petit place we had as the venue of the ritual anyway, so I guess, no comment for that failure.

But after the formal ritual done, we head to our own Faculty, where our beloved friends already awaits for us to give us greeting, congratulation greets, flowers, presents, and many hugs and kisses (this part wasn't my interest at all). BUT IT MAKES ME SO SAD, realizing that I am going to leave this place after all. Which I don't want to. Never. It's like leaving my life behind, even thou I do have goals to achieve, but not like this. This is too soon to be true. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Well, c'est la vie, we do have to buy it no matter what. Life goes on and on, we never stop to turn back. All we can do is to peek a little about the past, making it a joyful memory and took it as a strength to go forward on the path we see in front of us.

GUYS, I love you so much, I would never forget what we have been through together, the sadness, joyfulness, our ups and downs, our shitty problem, our shitty jokes, our routinity, our home!

Don't ever forget about this. We should stick no matter how far apart we are, we have to spare some time to gather and share our old and new story together.

I'm started to feel so mellow right now.

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